Sony 80J Review: Sony X80J vs Sony X80AJ


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Sony TVs are either highly underrated or highly over-rated. So do people pay for their picture quality or do they pay for the branding alone? To answer these questions, we tested the Sony 80J 65-inch TV for 2 months after buying it and after that we reviewed it. This article will review the Sony X80J 65-inch TV most authentically.

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1. Installation and Design- Sony 80J review

Sony’s team installed the TV as we bought it. X80J or X80AJ comes with documentation and remote control with batteries. For all sizes, a wall mount will be provided by the Installation team. Sony X80J or X80AJ (which are almost the same TVs) have amazing built quality.

It has a slim design & a plastic body. For table mount, there are metal stands. If you want to wall-mount, then the Installation team will do it.

2. Panel- Sony 80J review

It has an IPS DLED panel. Peak HDR brightness is not declared by Sony but in VM-One testing, it was between 480-500 nits (awesome). It supports HDR10, HLG & Dolby Vision with both dark & bright modes. The dark and bright modes will enhance your viewing experience.

Resolution4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 50Hz Refresh Rate
Panel8 BIT FRC IPS DLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 400 Nits; HDR 10, HLG & Dolby Vision (Bright & Dark)
Features4K HDR X1 Processor, X-Reality Pro; Live Color Technology; Triluminos Pro Display; Motionflow XR 200, Object-based HDR; Frame Dimming; Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
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3. Features – Sony 80J review

It has a 4K HDR X1 Processor with an X-Reality Pro engine. There is Trimluminos Pro Display with Motion Flow XR200 which is a chip-based MEMC named by Sony. Object-Based HDR is used which will automatically (without your knowledge) illuminate those scenes where more brightness is required (extremely good).

We observed it we must say that it was very pleasing. This TV has Frame dimming and dynamic enhancer technology.

4. Hard Testing – Sony 80J review

The results during the hard testing were quite satisfactory. The results were good in the stress test even after turning Motion Flow XR off. It performed well in contrast or stress test despite being an IPS panel which is its beauty. It comes with Android 10 out of the box and Google OS with Chromecast support.

There are no lags. Google OS comes with Android 9 or above OS. The Android’s performance is lag-free. It supports Apple Airplay 2 & Alexa.

CPU and GPUQuad-Core CPU, Dual Core GPU, Input Lag- Unknown
RAM and Storage16 GB Storage; FREE 4 GB
best tv in india 2022

The bad part is it’s only 4.4 GB of usable storage. Good thing is that storage can be increased via USB & apps can be downloaded directly. Nevertheless, by default, it has 4.4 GB storage.

We also tested SD & HD channels in this 6.5-inch TV. The performance of SD & HD channels played via HD set-top box is good. SD channels were average as it is difficult to upscale SD channels on the big screen however, they are watchable. They are absolutely fine but don’t expect the clarity of 4K Resolution. HD channels were fantastically upscaled in comparison to other TVs.

The upscaling of 720p, 1080P, and 4K content was amazing. There were no lags & no issues in upscaling. Videos will be smoothly played via USB.

We avoid Samsung for Sony due to Dolby Vision. After thorough testing of many days, we can say that Sony’s Dolby vision performance is Marvellous. Both light & dark modes perform super awesome. No other TV of this range can give better performance.

We tested HDR10 performance on Amazon Prime and in one word- it is Magnificent. It outperformed our expectations. Its amazing picture quality can’t be defined in words. The sand’s colour was separated from the colour of cars and this is what is called HDR. The content looks fantastic due to its awesome colour calibration. It was important to test the viewing angles of this IPS panel.

The same video was recorded from the front and from extreme sides. There was not more than 5% colour or brightness loss even on extreme sides. Content can be enjoyed even from corners. There will be no colour or brightness loss.

5. Picture Quality- Sony 80J review

An IPS panel can’t give the deepest blacks. IPS panel can’t give such deepest and darkest blacks like that of VA panel. But its colours are better than that of the VA panel.

The colour optimization is far better than even the QLED TVs. After testing Sony X80J for 2 months and after comparing it with other TVs we purchased, we can definitely say that it is the best.

The colours are natural. No colour- RGB is over-saturated. There is no tint of any colour which is the beautiful part of this TV. One complaint- it doesn’t have the darkest & deepest blacks. Solution- use Faux lights on the back. It will create an illusion of deep blacks. This is what everyone does.

6. Audio Quality- Sony 80J review

Its only 20W speakers sound amazing. Its audio quality is good and no soundbar is required for SD and HD channels. But for a proper cinematic experience, a soundbar is necessary. It will enhance the viewing experience and will give proper cinema feels.

Audio20W X-Balanced Speakers with Dolby Atmos Support
sony 80j review

7. Connectivity Options – Sony 80J review          

It has 4 HDMI ports (1 HDMI 2.1 eARC port), other USB ports, an Optical port, Bluetooth 4.2, and a headphone jack but unfortunately, The HDMI 2.1 eARC port doesn’t support ALLM. For gamers, it might not be the best option.

4 HDMI (1eARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port, Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 4.2; Dual Band WiFi
sony 80j review

8. Motion Blur – best tv in india 2022

But what about Motion Flow XR200? We don’t think it makes a difference. Avoid it if you are buying it for this reason. However, motion blur is controlled and there is no need to turn it on. Despite its 50Hz refresh rate (65-inch), there is no motion blur. This is wonderful.

Warranty1 Year Product Warranty, and 1 extra year on Panel
sony 80j review

9. Pros & Cons


1. Sony 80J or 80AJ has good picture quality with an absolutely natural picture profile. No color is un-natural. The green colour of leaves will neither be too bright nor dark.

2. Red, Blue& Green are neither over nor under-saturated which is the best thing. There are no disappointments.

3. We were even satisfied with its blacks. Blacks perform well. They are not as pitch black as the VA panel but they are satisfactory. They don’t look dark blue or dark grey.

4. This is how Sony does the colour calibration and their optimization. Last but not least- it is the best for bright rooms and for wide viewing angles like in living or drawing rooms. This IPS panel of Sony has good viewing angles. Its panel won’t reflect in light (good).


1. The Motion Flow XR tech is just over-hyped. It is not required.

2. The motion blur is already controlled. It lacks ALLM which is a big con.

3. It is an expensive TV & ALLM was essential for gamers. But sadly it lacks ALLM.

4. Its 4.4 GB storage is less but it isn’t a big con. We tested a 4TB hard drive and it worked absolutely fine.

5. All sizes of hard drives are compatible and that is its beauty.

10. The big question of Sony 80J review – sony x80j vs sony x80aj

Should you buy Sony 80J or 80AJ?

There is one difference- 80J has Motion Flow XR200 whereas 80AJ has Motion Flow XR100. Otherwise, they are exactly the same with the same features, same panel and same speakers. Sony 80J is available both online & offline but 80AJ is only available on Amazon. 80AJ is cheaper than 80J. Buy the cheaper one. So are Sony TVs overrated or underrated? In my opinion, the picture quality of Sony TV is underrated whereas its price is over-rated. It is one of the best options for Dolby Vision & HDR content.



















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