Samsung Frame 2022 Review- Samsung Frame 2022 vs 2021


Samsung Frame 2022 review

best tv in india 2022 55 inch

Samsung launched the 2022 model of its Samsung Frame TV and we are here to make a Samsung Frame 2022 review. Samsung Frame TV 2022 model, best 55 inch TV 2022, looks like a painting on the wall of your house. But is there any difference between Samsung Frame 2022 and Samsung Frame 2022 model? Yes! There are many changes done in Samsung Frame TV 2022 which we discuss in this Samsung Frame 2022 review article. And by the end of Samsung Frame 2022 review, you will be able to decide which one you should buy.

Looks- Samsung Frame 2022 review

samsung frame 2022 vs 2021 - Looks

We extensively did Samsung Frame 2022 review and found that its looks are magnificent. The frame comes in a slim bezel design. In wall mounting, it comes near to the wall but doesn’t entirely stick to it. However, once you place it you will not realize whether there is a gap between the TV and the wall or not. It connects to the connecting box with a single wire. This box contains all hardware and connectivity options.

Connectivity options of Samsung Frame TV 55 inch model

You get all kinds of connectivity options. There are 4 HDMI ports, an optical port, and USB ports. HDMI eRAC 2.1 port is given in one connect box. There is 1 HDMI high frame rate port for 4K @120 Hz for gaming (120Hz VRR).

DesignSlim Bezel Design,
Plastic Body,
Metal Stand
Resolution4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 50Hz to 120Hz Variable Refresh Rate
Panel8 Bit FRC VA ELED QLED Panel,
Peak HDR Brightness 690 Nits;
HDR 10+ (Content & Gaming) and HLG;
Quantum HDR; Matt Panel
FeaturesQuantum Matrix LED,
Neo Quantum 4K Processor,
Wide Color Gamut DCI P3 – 100%,
Motion Detection in Art Mode;
Ambient Sensor;
Brightness Sensor;
MultiView Screen
SoftwareTizen OS;
Apple AirPlay 2;
Google Assistant,
CPU GPUQuad Core CPU Dual Core GPU
RAM Storage2.25 GB RAM 16 GB Storage;
Audio40W speakers and Subwoofers,
Dolby Digital Plus;
SpaceFit Sound Tech;
Connectivity Options4 HDMI (1eARC + 1HFR High Frame Rate 4K @120Hz),
2 USB, Optical Audio Port;
Bluetooth 5.2;
Dual Band WiFi
Price₹ 96,000
Best 55 inch TV 2022

Remote Control- Best TV in India 2022 55 inch

The remote control is smart, sleek and of minimalistic design with solar charging. It has Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and Samsung TV hotkeys and it supports Bluetooth 5.2 and dual band wifi.


It comes with Tizen OS and has Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby support. You can choose anyone as your primary voice support. It also has Apple Airplay support to cast Apple devices.


It has an 8-bit FRC VA ELED QLED panel with a matt display and zero reflection. We tested it in the studio and all lights were on this TV. But we couldn’t see any reflection. ELED i.e Edge light LED is not of lower quality. Samsung is the leading manufacturer of ELED panels and they make the best ELED panels.

samsung frame tv 55 inch - panel


Its peak HDR brightness is 690 nits. The brightness is impressive and shows fantastic picture quality. Such good brightness shows magnificent colors. Samsung made this significant upgrade by using mini LEDs. Mini LEDs are 1/40th size of a backlight LED. These are brighter and they must be used in huge quantities. Mini LEDs enhance the brightness and that is why their brightness is fantastic.

"We tested the Indian model and not the US model of this TV to make Samsung Frame 2022 review. We tested peak HDR brightness on Default Dynamic mode and that brightness was recorded as 690 nits"

Grey Uniformity:

We were awe-struck by its grey uniformity. We tested it at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% and its performance was superb. We will rate it as 9/10. Greys are uniform.

Video formats:

It supports HDR, HDR10+, HLG and Quantum HDR. Quantum HDR helps to show even the minutest details in both darkest and brightest scenes.

We tested it with HDR10+ content on Amazon Prime and the content that we saw was highly detailed. HDR10+ is Samsung’s own format and this TV show is fantastic. We played another scene to check the color variations and to our surprise, they were super clear with no bending.

This panel doesn’t support Dolby Vision but still, we tested dark scenes in Dolby Vision content. As a result, the content visible was highly detailed.

Variable Refresh Rate:

It comes with a VRR of 50 Hz to 120 Hz which is good for gamers. If you connect your gaming console to a high frame port then it will be amazing. Unfortunately, there is no Freesync.

Motion Blur:

There was no motion blur as the motion blur was highly controlled. Even during the car racing, there was no motion blur.

Matt Screen:

In this Samsung Frame 2022 review, we noticed that no matter how bright your room is, there will be no reflection. Even with N-number of lights or direct Sunlight, there will be zero reflection on this matt screen.

Color Optimization:

Its Wide color gamut DCI P3 ratio is 100%. Samsung’s color optimization is best in the budget section. Colors are close to natural color profile but blue and green are slightly over saturated. The colors are vivid and punchy. They are lively and improve the overall picture quality.


The upscaling of SD channels is normal. HD channels were brilliantly upscaled.

The upscaling of HD and FHD content played via USB is just average. There will be pixelation. The pixelation decreases in 1080p content. The 4K content, however, was the best and perfect.


best 55 inch tv 2022 - blacks

You can get the best blacks from this VA panel provided the brightness is less. At full brightness, the blacks will not be that dark. The Quantum HDR filter works even with less brightness. Hence keep the brightness low and let the Quantum HDR filter do its job.

Ambient Sensor:

The ambient sensor will adjust the brightness according to the room as well as according to the scene. Switch it on when you watch this TV. The light sensor will adjust TV’s brightness as per the light in your room.

Art mode:

Its Art mode is magnificent. Just turn it on after wall mounting and you will be astonished. It is a matt panel and there is no reflection. The light sensor enhances the overall art mode. However, it is rechargeable.


Frame 2022 has a 40W speaker and subwoofer combination with Dolby Digital Plus and SpaceFit technology support. It also has a Q-Symphony feature which means that the Q series soundbar can be attached to it to get sound from both the TV speaker and the soundbar. The SpaceFit sound technology will automatically adjust the audio quality as per the acoustics and size of your room. You get this technology in only the most reputed audio systems.

The audio quality is satisfactory but not cinematic. A good soundbar is essential for a cinematic soundbar. We connected a Dolby atmos soundbar and it was directly decoded. The atmos can be decoded even without a soundbar. Play an atmos content and you will see atmos badging. However, a good Dolby Atmos soundbar is a must for a cinematic experience.

Pros & Cons:

thumb up PROS

  • Its HDR performance is magnificent. The HDR10+ support can be seen in gaming as well.
  • The ALLM and VRR are amazing. This is a delight for gamers.
  • The peak HDR brightness along with Quantum HDR support shows detailed content. Quantum HDR works well even in low brightness.
  • The best part is the matt panel with zero reflections. In the debate of the Samsung Frame 2022 vs 2021, we found that 2022 option is a much better option than the 2021 model. The 2021 model shows a certain level of reflection in bright rooms but that doesn’t happen with this TV.

thumbs down CONS

  • The upscaling of 720p and 1080p content is not that good. Avoid the TVs with VRR if this type of content is your priority
  • Its viewing angles are not that good. They have improved from Samsung Frame 2021 model due to micro LEDs but they are not the best. It is understandable as it is a VA panel. But up to 60°, there is no color or brightness loss.
  • The multi-view screen option is good but there are not many apps. Samsung TV contains some annoying content that can’t be turned off permanently.

Should you buy it?

After doing Samsung Frame 2022 review, we highly recommend Samsung Frame 2022 over any other TV in the same segment as-

1. It has brilliant peak HDR brightness along with its unmatched quality of micro LEDs.

2. The HDR performance of this TV is outstanding. No budget brand can offer such kind of color optimization.

3. There is always some extra credibility with the Samsung brand.

Extended Warranty:

An extended warranty is a must. We recommend Go Warranty as it is the best. It is not insurance but an actual warranty package. Buy it from anywhere you want.

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SAMSUNG FRAME 2021 & 2022




Samsung Frame QLED 2022 43 Inch

₹ 61,990

Samsung Frame QLED 2022 50 Inch

₹ 73,990

Samsung Frame QLED 2022 55 Inch

₹ 91,990

Samsung Frame QLED 2022 65 Inch

₹ 1,27,600

Samsung Frame QLED 2021 43 Inch

₹ 51,990

Samsung Frame QLED 2021 50 Inch

₹ 64,990

Samsung Frame QLED 2021 55 Inch

₹ 83,190

Samsung Frame QLED 2021 65 Inch

Not Available



















1. Which panel do you get on this TV?

It has an 8-bit FRC VA ELED QLED panel with a matt display and zero reflection

2. What kind of colors do you get?

Colors are close to natural color profile but blue and green are slightly over-saturated.

3. Do its speakers support Dolby Digital Plus?

Frame 2022 has a 40W speaker and subwoofer combination with Dolby Digital Plus and SpaceFit technology support. It also has a Q-Symphony feature which means that the Q series soundbar can be attached to it to get sound from both the TV speaker and the soundbar.

4. What is the cost of Samsung Frame 2022?

It costs ₹ 96,000


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