Samsung 57-inch Odyssey new G9 dual UHD (One Screen) for All the Gaming Experience


Another entry in the market list with the new Samsung 57-inch Odyssey new G9 dual UHD gaming monitor. Samsung is a famous tech company that has a great reputation in the market. It is a Korean-based company that always comes with new marvellous features; this time, they tried to enhance your gaming experience. Recently, they launched their new Samsung 57-inch Odyssey new G9 dual UHD gaming monitor

Let’s take a closer look at the new Samsung 57-inch Odyssey new G9 dual UHD 

  • It has a Mini -LED panel that comes with (Contrast of 1,000,000:1)
  • It has two 4K sitting side by side.
  • 1000R curve to help in a better viewing experience.
  • It comes along with a Dual UHD resolution (7680X2160)
  • It supports HDMI 2.1.
  • This adopts display Port 2.1
  • VESA display HDR 1000 certification.

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Design and Build -Samsung 57-inch Odyssey New G9 Dual UHD 

We all aspire to have the latest and greatest technology in gaming monitors, so here we have the Samsung 57-inch Odyssey new G9 dual UHD. It has two monitors on one screen with no bezel, giving it a more seamless look.

Which One is Best to Buy Samsung 49 – inch Odyssey New G9 OR Samsung 57-inch Odyssey New G9 dual UHD

So in the right corner, we have Samsung 49′ OLED G9 with a (3440X1440)resolution with a refresh rate 240Hz to make your gaming experience fast and smooth, and on the left side, we have Samsung 57-inch Odyssey new G9 with a resolution of (7680X2160) and refresh rate is 240Hz same as Samsung 49” OLED G9.

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