Restriction on Laptops Expanded to Cameras and Printers


A few days ago, Indian government imposed restrictions on the import of laptops and tablets. This restriction is further imposed on other gadgets like cameras and printers. This can be anon on laptops issue for the manufacturers who are involved in the export and import business As per the announcement, this limitation will be implemented from the next month. However, the government is still considering adding a few more items to add this list which means that the list that has to be restricted is not decided yet. 

The Indian government is on the way to promote ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign in order to support and encourage local manufacturers. Another reason behind this is that the government wants to reduce the country’s dependency on restriction on Laptops imported goods rather is emphasizing producing within the boundaries. 

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The laptop producers must take short-term permits to continue in the same field. The decision to increase the list of gadgets that should be restricted to get imported will ultimately strain the brands in India to buckle up their manufacturing speed. On the other hand, we as customers might also face some issues till the policy is implemented correctly. 

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There was a meeting between the officials of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and some leading industrialists of the Manufacturing Association of IT Hardware (MAIT) and the India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA). The companies like HP, Dell, and Apple have asked the government to prolong the targeted time from 1 November 2023 until next year for the acquirement of the license; the reason they mentioned was that it would take time to set up manufacturing units following the new guidelines for Restriction on Laptops.

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