Reliance on Paytm’s Footsteps- Speculation on Development of Pocket-Sized Soundbox


Reliance on Paytm’s Footsteps : We all have encountered the sound from the Paytm soundbox validating a UPI payment, which provides the confirmation to the seller. Unified Payment Interface (UPI), being one of the most popular methods in India, also makes this soundbox important and used by the sellers.

Now, the reports speculate that Reliance is commencing a pocket-sized speaker for the payment confirmation, following in the footsteps of Paytm. 

A soundbox is a device with Bluetooth and a speaker that can be easily connected to your SIM, relieving you of the hassle of WiFi. The purpose they fulfill is that they voice notify regarding the payment by mentioning the amount received, which makes it very convenient for the sellers and the buyers. 

Not only do they give audible notifications to the users, but they can be used to play music when connected to your mobile phones via Bluetooth. 

Update on Reliance pocket sized Soundbox –

It is said that Reliance is currently in the phase of testing this pocket-sized soundbox with its own employees, by using Jio Pay as the mediator. Not to mention that it is still a mystery whether this product will hit the market or not. This is just any testing that is done by the companies before launching a product in the market. 

Paytm has gained immense profit from this device in the Indian market, because of its convenient usage and availability. The soundbox also has a 7-day battery backup and offers many regional languages for ease of use, making it more approachable. 

The Reliance pocket-size soundbox is still in the testing phase, and all further decisions on this device will purely on the feedback and outcome given by the employees of Reliance. 

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