Redmi TV | The most honest review | 2021


Redmi TV comes with the same Redmi OS but there is no significant change in Android OS 10 than Android OS 9. Patchwall 3 interface on Android 10 and it is not much laggy in this TV.

redmi tv

Generally, Patchwall leads to lags but because it is a new TV that is optimized OS, that is why it is not laggy. Along with 4k resolution and 60Hz Refresh Rate, Redmi has used reality flow technology which is present in MI QLED (basically MEMC through software and not a chip).

“You must have heard about things you get in box but let me tell you that wall mount is not there in the box. It needs to be purchased separately for INR500 so add this amount in TV’s cost. “


Redmi TV comes with 8 bit+FRC VA DLED panel. Redmi claims that it supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby vision but its brightness haven’t been disclosed.


“According to us its brightness level is between 200-250 nits”

Nothing can be said about the contrast ratio. Now moving on to video features, you get ‘vivid engine picture technology’ which is a proprietary technology of Xiaomi MI TVs. The good thing is ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode).

Let’s talk about the most publicized specification- ‘wide colour gamut NTSC 85% and DCI P3 ratio 92%’. Every TV that supports HDR definitely has ‘wide colour gamut. Some brands focus on NTSC and DCI P3 ratio whereas some focus on other specs for publicity. NTSC is only good if it is more than 100% because only then do you get good colours. 

redmi tv

Redmi TV comes with 8 Bit+FRC VA DLED Panel which supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision and according to us, its brightness is between 200-250 nits only.

Talking about audio, the Redmi TV 55-inch has 30W bottom-firing box speakers. Watch our entire video for a completely honest review.


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