”Recent History Sharing” Feature for New Group Members might be Paving the Way to WhatsApp soon.


Recent History Sharing: WhatsApp has introduced many features to make the user experience and messaging more secure and convenient. Now, it is preparing to add a new feature—Recent History Sharing—which will allow new group members to view the chat history of the group they have just joined. Reportedly, this feature is at present in the works and will be operated under the beta version of Android.

The recent history-sharing feature aims to better understand previous conversations and help new members catch up quickly. According to WABetaInfo, this feature will allow the newly added group members to see 24 hours of chat history from the moment they join the group. However, only group admins can grant access to this feature and decide whether or not to enable it for new members.

The feature is expected to enhance the overall user experience and facilitate smoother communication within the group. 

Why the Implementation of the Recent History Sharing Feature?

To see the messages that were sent before they joined the group, giving them context and ensuring people who have recently joined don’t miss out on any important information. As it eliminates the need for existing members to repeat past conversations or explanations, this feature will be especially beneficial for larger groups or groups with frequent discussions, a.

On top of that, it will foster a sense of inclusivity and cohesion within the group by ensuring that everyone is on the same page from the start.

WhatsApp, a Meta-owned platform, has added an array of features for a seamless user experience, covering a screen lock for the desktop app, short video messages, screen sharing, and is all set to integrate a new AI upgrade and more. These features further enhance the overall functionality of the platform, making it a versatile communication channel for both personal and professional use. 

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Anam Khan


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