Reason Behind 72 Lakhs WhatsApp Account Ban in India


Reason Behind 72 Lakhs WhatsApp Account Ban in India: We are well aware that cybercrime in India has been at its peak for the past few months, which has been a matter of concern for the users as well as the officials. For the highest number of times, WhatsApp happens to be the epicentre of these crimes where people are trapped in working-from-home job scams and financial frauds.

Many such cases have been reported by the people raising their concerns. To resolve the problem WhatsApp under the conformity of new ITI rules 2021, banned approximately 72 lakh Indian accounts in the month of July itself. 

WhatsApp releases a monthly report about the whatsapp account it will ban because of the violating rules. According to this report, 23,897,000 accounts were banned from 1 July 2022-31 July 2022; action was taken to minimize the rate of scams in India. The company mentioned that it deleted many accounts before receiving reports. 

“We are an industry leader among end-to-end encrypted messaging services in preventing and combating abuse. In addition to our safety features and controls, we employ a team of engineers, data scientists, analysts, researchers, and experts in law enforcement, online safety, and technology developments to oversee these efforts,” the meta-owned platform stated in the monthly compliance report.

The messaging service platform also explained how they tackle all the abuse and grievances, mentioning that they enable users to ‘block contacts and to report problematic content’ and contact the users within the app. “We pay close attention to user feedback and engage with specialists in stemming misinformation, promoting cybersecurity, and preserving election integrity,” WhatsApp account included. 

The Central Government of India recently established a new committee Grievance Appellate Committee(GAC). This panel will work towards countries’ strengthened digital laws. 

WhatsApp account asked its Indian users to report spiteful accounts because the users were getting malicious calls and messages from unidentified numbers from different countries, creating a trap.

Regarding the same, a WhatsApp account spokesperson said, 

“Blocking and Reporting suspicious messages/ calls is an important step to effectively combat scams and when users receive calls from unknown international or domestic phone numbers, WhatsApp provides a convenient way to block and report suspicious accounts…..”
Hopefully, you were well informed by the WhatsApp scam prevailing in India, and the reason behind the ban of 72 lakh accounts is clear after reading this write-up. For more such information, reach out to our Tech Updates.

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