CloudNordic in Tough Spot as Ransomware Attack Impacts Hundreds of Customers, Read More


CloudNordic is a Denmark-based cloud provider company. The company has recently come into the limelight as it faces a nasty ransomware attack leading to an overall cease of communication and loss of systems along with servers. The breach occurred on Friday, 18th August 2023.

The experts have called this strike a worst-case scenario for the company as CloudNordic may have to shut down forever or may not be left with any customers until they can fix the issue. The official website of CloudNordic contains more details related to this attack. 

Is CloudNordic Suffers Deeply From This Attack ?

The company reported that they are trying to recreate all the data that is within their reach and can recreate, but unfortunately, they may not be able to recreate more data. Most of the customers have lost all of the data associated with CloudNordic. The attack was reported to the police, and an investigation is going on.

Meanwhile, the company has refused to oblige to the attacker’s demands. It is reported that the hackers are asking for six bitcoins ($ 157,914) for access to all the data they have stolen from the company.

With the sister company AzeroCloud also suffering from a similar breach, the company is on the verge of being closed. 

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All We Know So Far

According to the CloudNordic website, the attack happened by encrypting all disks for all virtual machines. The hackers shut down all systems, including customer’s websites, email systems, customer systems, etc. An attack of this magnitude cannot happen overnight; the attacker can either be extremely lucky or have been in the process of planning and doing this for months.

Tech experts have commented on this situation by saying that the attack happened when chances of leaving a vulnerability can happen, e.g., data centre migration.

Many components are set in motion during the migration, and a singular error can lead to a cascading disaster like this. CloudNordic commented that the hacker has no access to the data but to the administration system, which can encrypt the entire disk. No evidence of a data breach has been found yet.

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