OnePlus 7T Review

OnePlus 7T Review

OnePlus 7T Review: OnePlus launched the 7T just after 5 months of launching the OnePlus 7, on 29th September 2019. I ordered it on the first day itself, and have been using it since. I will review every important aspect of the device to tell you if this phone is worth the upgrade.

Screen Size-OnePlus 7T Review

OnePlus 7T has a 6.55-inch tall AMOLED display with a next-generation in-display fingerprint scanner underneath. It comes with a lower screen resolution, 1080p instead of 1440p on the 7 Pro, and it has a teardrop notch for the front-facing camera, which is smaller than the one you get on the OnePlus 7 and 6T. You don’t miss the 1440p display in the 7T because of the 90Hz display, but it’s not the best of the panels.

Connectivity-OnePlus 7T Review

OnePlus 7T has dual WiFi 5, and it supports all major network bands in India. I faced no issues in terms of connectivity or signal strength in areas where a normal phone would give up.

Processor, GPU & RAM-OnePlus 7T Review

OnePlus 7T uses Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855+ processor, which has a slightly faster and high-performance KRYO 485 CPU, than the 855, while the other seven cores remain the same. Qualcomm claims 15% better GPU performance, thanks to a higher clocked Adreno 640 GPU.

8GB of RAM is now standard across both variants. You only need to decide whether to get 128GB or 256GB of storage, which uses the fast UFS 3.0 as standard. Performance-wise you can’t expect anything better.

Camera-OnePlus 7T Review

The phone’s triple rear camera setup is encased in a large circle, reminiscent of Nokia Lumia or Motorola Moto phones. The triple camera set-up is a combination of a 48MP main sensor, a 16MP ultra-wide sensor and a 12MP telephoto lens and offers Hybrid Image Stabilization. Photos taken with the main rear camera in the daytime had great overall details. 7T was able to capture fine textures with its newly added macro mode. The colours are well balanced and there is natural depth even without using Portrait mode. At night the noise was generally well under control and details were very well preserved.

Night Mode does make a big difference, bringing out detail in shadowy areas without blowing out the highlights. But don’t expect a Pixel or an iPhone out of OnePlus. Once again, the telephoto camera did a decent job, while the wide-angle camera was quite a bit weaker. Selfies came out looking great, as I had hoped, with balanced exposures even in the background, and very good detail on the face. Even at night, the front camera did quite well.

This isn’t the greatest selfie camera on the market, but for a notch that was shrunk by 30%, it’s pretty decent. Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with the camera system in this device. At this price range, it’s hard to beat this shooter unless you compare it to the Pixel.

Video-OnePlus 7T Review

You can switch between all three cameras even in the middle of shooting a video clip at 1080p, and I’m very happy with the quality of video taken while I was walking on an uneven surface. Stabilization clearly works very well at 1080p. But keep in mind that when the camera is set to 4K, only the primary camera offers stabilization.

Also, the other two cameras, wide and telephoto, aren’t as good with video at night as their elder sibling; they cause a bit of jittering and jerkiness. What surprised me the most is when I saw stark differences between the video quality at night from this phone and last year’s OnePlus 6T. Clearly, 7T’s sensor is capturing more light into it, which in return gives a brighter video quality with a lot more detail. 6T was my primary phone to go, but not anymore.

Battery-OnePlus 7T Review

The OnePlus 7T suffers from so-so battery life. The capacity is bumped 100mAh, but the combination of the 90Hz display and high-energy processor makes this phone deliver a little over average battery life at best. Most days I was needed to give my phone a jump if I planned to go out for the night. But the best part is the WARP charger. It really gave 70% juice in half an hour as claimed. Which is incredible, I don’t need wireless charging.

Audio-OnePlus 7T Review

The 7T doesn’t have a headphone jack, and I honestly miss it. But it does have dual stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos and APTX support with Bluetooth 5, and they get super loud. When I tested them against the OnePlus 6T and iPhone 10, they were noticeably louder and didn’t seem to distort at all, even at max volume. All in all, I really like these speakers, and I think now I can listen to music without an external source.

Verdict-OnePlus 7T Review

For 38000, the OnePlus 7T offers a ridiculous amount of value. The specs in this device best nearly every Android phone on the market right now. It’s a perfect fit for those who want the smartness of the OnePlus 7 Pro at a much lesser price in a slightly compact form factor. When I compare 7T to any other phone right now, even the 7 Pro, I’m not sure anything can touch this combination of display, performance, and price.

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