OnePlus Y1S Pro TV Review: Best 4K TV Under 30000?


Many successful mobile phone brands are trying to replicate this success in TVs. But is this possible? Can successful mobile brands turn their success of phones into the success of TVs? To answer these questions, we bought OnePlus Y1S Pro 43 inch TV and 50 inch TV to make the OnePlus Y1S Pro TV review. While making the OnePlus Y1S Pro TV review, we also noticed a couple of differences between them which are mentioned below. Scroll down to read the truest and most authentic OnePlus Y1S Pro review.

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best 4k tv under 30000


one plus y1s pro tv 43 vs 50

Both OnePlus Y1S 43 inch and 50 inch TVs have slim bezels which are almost negligible. They have a plastic frame and plastic foot stands. For the wall mount, you need to pay Rs 400-500 to the installation team. There are no far-field microphones. Connectivity options are good- 3 HDMI ports (1 HDMI 2.1 eARC port), 2 USB ports, and all other ports. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wifi. The remote control comes with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Hotstar hotkeys. All in all, the looks are satisfactory.

Panel and brightness:

They come with 8 bit of FRC VA DLED panel. OnePlus Y1S Pro 43 inch model has 405 nits and 55 inch has 430 nits peak HDR brightness. In certain cases, the OnePlus TV Y1S Pro 43 inch model showed more brightness which is both good and bad. None of them support Dolby Vision. They support HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG.

oneplus tv y1s pro 43 inch - colors

Video Format Testings:

We tested HDR10+ content on Amazon Prime and their performance was not the best, but it was good. According to our OnePlus Y1S Pro TV review, the 50 inch size showed better colors and sharper images. The 50 inch TV, the best TV under 30000 in India 2022, has better color optimization. Their brightness is apt but their color optimization is different.

They support the same video formats, but their panels produce different colors as their color reproduction is different. Hence, in our OnePlus Y1S Pro TV review we came to the conclusion that their panels are of different qualities. Brand optimizes colors in the same way for a particular range. That is why their panels are of different leagues.

“This is a misconception that TVs that don’t support Dolby Vision can’t play it. Dolby Vision content will be played in 32 inch TV also but not in Dolby Vision format. It will be played in HDR.”

Dolby Vision Testing and Upscaling:

The Dolby Vision content got played in HDR and it looked fine.

Details and colors will be absolutely fine. The difference in their color is because their panels are of different leagues. OnePlus Y1S Pro 50 inch TV, the best 4K TV under 30000 produces more vivid colors. The performance of SD channels is good. We are satisfied with upscaling of SD channels.

Upscaling of HD channels was better than expected. Its upscaling of the content played via USB was good. Both the TVs upscaled and played 720p content amazingly. Upscaling of 1080p content was good and that of 4K video was fantastic. All upscaling is good including SD, HD, and USB content.

OS and Storage:

Both the TVs come with Android 10 out of the box with Chromecast, Miracast, and OnePlus Connect support. Oxygen Play is a skin given over Android 10. It is similar to Xiaomi’s patch wall skin. It shows suggested content and live channels. You can choose whatever you want- Android or OnePlus skin. OnePlus’ highly publicized multi-cast is quite problematic.

As per the brand, with the help of multi-cast, screens of 2 OnePlus phones can be cast at a single time. This feature doesn’t perform well due to a bug in OnePlus connect app. TV shows that phone needs to be updated and phone shows TV needs to be updated. The app has a bug due to which the TV can’t recognize the phone. However, with Miracast support, you can cast one phone at a time easily.

They have 2 GB RAM but 8 GB memory. The usable memory is only 2.3 GB. Other brands of the same budget offer 16 GB storage and 10-11 GB usable storage.

Color Performance:

best 4k tv under 30000 - one plus Y1S pro review- blacks

OnePlus claims a 5000:1 contrast ratio. While making the OnePlus Y1S Pro TV review, we checked the blacks and they were amazing. Both TVs produced deep blacks. You will enjoy them a lot. However, 50 inch size shows deeper blacks as compared to 43 inch. Colors and blacks of 50 inch are more vivid, punchier, sharper, and more detailed.

43 inch TV performs well but 50 inch is better. Both panels show good colors but 50 inch TV is the one that catches your eye. 43 inch also has good colors.

Audio Quality:

During the OnePlus Y1S Pro TV review, we tested its 24W speakers that support Dolby Audio. They did not perform bad audio. They were average. The audio from these speaker sets will suffice for small rooms. However, a soundbar worth Rs 5000-Rs 6000 is essential for a cinematic experience. A good soundbar is a must.

Viewing angles:

best 43 inch 4k tv in india 2022 - viewing angles - one plus Y1S Pro TV

As they come with a VA panel, do not expect the best viewing angles. However, they are not that bad either. They have decent viewing angles. There is only 10%-15% color and brightness loss even at 60°. It is because they have more than 400 nits brightness.

Pros & Cons:


  • It has amazing peak HDR brightness but that couldn’t be completely utilized in this TV. Due to good brightness, its viewing angles are fine.
  • In default picture mode, colors are dull. But they can be changed manually either by calibrating colors or by changing the picture mode. You can make colors sharper and more vivid to enhance picture quality.
  • Since it is a VA panel, its blacks are amazing. These are perfect for bedrooms. No other TVs under Rs 30,000 shows such good brightness and black.
  • It is a fine gaming option on a budget. It doesn’t have a 120 Hz panel but it has ALLM which reduces input lag to 8 ms. These 60 Hz panels have software-based MEMC. Don’t use MEMC while watching movies. But while watching sports, use MEMC for a decent performance. MEMC is not exceptional but it is fine. All software MEMCs give such performance. But they are the best TVs in this price range.


  • They have good brightness but not that good color. Their color optimization is not the best.
  • Neither the colors are natural nor are they punchy or vivid. They are under-saturated. This is not wrong as the color profile can be changed. When we say color profile in our OnePlus Y1S Pro TV review, we discuss the color profile in the default picture mode. However, the color profile can be changed.
  • They don’t support Dolby vision. It can’t be achieved by any means as Dolby vision is a feature of the panel. But the Dolby Vision content in HDR mode looks good due to sufficient brightness.
  • Their audio quality is average and a good soundbar is a must.
  • You must ignore the OnePlus Connect app and multi-cast feature.

Price and warranty: OnePlus Y1S Pro TV review

OnePlus Y1S Pro 43 inch TV costs Rs 27,000 and OnePlus Y1S Pro 50 inch TV costs Rs 32,000. You can avail of card offers to reduce the price further. However, prices are subject to change. Use our links to check the current price.

These budget TVs have a 1-year comprehensive warranty. At most, you can get a 1-year extra warranty on the panel. But there are other things too that are prone to damage. We recommend you buy a good extended warranty that protects your TV from day one. We recommend Go Warranty which you can buy from anywhere.

Tip- Make sure to make a bargain while buying the extended warranty.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.


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