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We guarantee that this OnePlust 9RT review article is the most unique and truthful review article on the internet. In this article, we will extensively discuss the use and importance of the OnePlus 9RT for common people like you and us.   

This is a retail unit and not a review unit from the brand.

90% of the people are not gamers but for the rest of the 10% of people, given below are the benchmarks of the OnePlus 9 RT mobile phone. In this article, we will only discuss the practical aspects and not the looks. We will talk about the display, camera, battery life, and overall experience. Oxygen OS is no longer available in OnePlus phones but does that matter? Is there much change now? Are there any disadvantages in colours or in the colour profile? All these things will be discussed extensively in this review article.

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OnePlus 9RT Review

Display- OnePlus 9RT Review

OnePlus 9RT has a 120Hz AMOLED display. Its brightness varied between 1100-1300 nits in various reviews. However, it was recorded as 1100 nits in our testing. 1100 nits brightness is neither too much nor too less. We always compare our existing phones to our new phones. Now let’s compare the OnePlus 6T 60Hz AMOLED with the OnePlus 9RT.  OnePlus 9RT has a brighter panel with more brightness.

However, 6T comes with more vivid colours. If the brightness is maximized and the display settings are kept the same on both phones then the OnePlus 6T will show warmer colours than the OnePlus 9RT. Everyone loves slightly warmer tones of colours as it is more pleasing. OnePlus 9RT lacks in this aspect. Even with lower brightness (600nits), 6T is brighter and more vivid. Due to this, 6T looks pleasing and 9RT looks average in front of it. This is a practical usage experience. Despite lower brightness, 6T looks brighter and more vivid whereas 9RT looks dull. 

Camera- OnePlus 9RT Review

The 2 MP macro camera of 9RT is not good so we will not discuss it. But the 50 MP Sony sensor is good. According to a normal user, it is good for daylight photography. These are sample daylight shots from its rear camera.

Its wide-angle shots are reasonably good but not excellent. Though, optimum lights are essential. In lower lights, the camera struggles. It is due to the software. If software can be improved, then it is good.

Selfie camera-OnePlus 9RT Review

It is tricky and subjective. Its selfie camera is good for plastic dolls due to its artificial skin tones. For us, they were way too much. These are the selfie shots we took from its selfie camera.

 We recommend you avoid any unrealistic expectations from it. Expecting Google Pixel expectations will lead to huge disappointments. To test its OIS capabilities, we shot this 4K@60fps video. See the performance-

Main Camera- OnePlus 9RT Review

We also tested the main camera of the OnePlus 9RT. The footage is shot at 4K@60fps. See the subject tracking, HDR performance, and Stabilization while coming down the stairs. The audio is not stable. See the stabilization in the video while climbing up the stairs. OnePlus 9RT’s video quality is commendable with good OIS capabilities. A short movie can be easily shot with its camera.

Battery- OnePlus 9RT Review

OnePlus 9RT’s battery is just pathetic and rubbish as it lacks the LTPO feature on the display. With this feature and warm colours, this could perform well even at low brightness. We work for long hours on screen and with low brightness and less warm colours, its brightness will have to be adjusted manually. This drains the battery. However, the charging is super fast. Within 15-20 minutes it can be charged from 50-100%. It doesn’t support wireless charging.

Speakers- OnePlus 9RT Review

Its stereo speakers are good but certainly not the best. The Dolby Atmos feature can be enabled only after plugging in a TWS or an earphone. But it is not the actual Dolby Atmos. Small drivers can’t deliver Dolby Atmos. Though, having it as a feature is good.

OS Experience- OnePlus 9RT Review

OnePlus 9RT comes with Oxygen OS aka Color OS with Oxygen skin. But what are the changes from 6T’s actual Oxygen OS? The difference was only in the settings menu. Nothing else! The camera app is also different with different styles but it is just okay. After turning it on, you neither get bloatware nor many ads. The overall UI experience is good. So what is the difference between Oxygen OS and Color OS aka Oxygen skin? Actually, there is no difference and we didn’t feel the need for Oxygen OS. In our perception, we don’t think that the difference in OS matters to normal users however, we can be completely wrong.

For heavy usage and clean UI, this is a good phone. There are no ads. Except for the setting menu and camera app, there are no changes in the OS experience. It comes with Android 11 out of the box. Normal users try to extract the exact worth from a phone but unfortunately, we would not use this phone for long as we did not like its display. Anyone would definitely switch to a better display.


















Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.

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