Obage ST-777-Best home theater system in India 2022


Do you think that Obage st-777 is a replacement for the best home theater system in India 2022? | best home theater under 8000 | best budget home theater system

For classical, jazz, or flat audio signature, Obage 144 is the best. Obage 2605 is the best system for heavy bass. Obage DT-51 is good for Bollywood music. But for all genres including jazz, classical, Bollywood and others, Obage ST-777 is the best. This system is tuned by Obage and us.


Obage and we got associated to create a system that performs the best for every type of person and for all sorts of genres. A lot of efforts from our side and from Obage have led to the perfect tuning of this system. One thing- We have tuned it but still there are cons and like always, we will definitely discuss them in this article also.

Watch Our video review of Obage ST-777:

2. Looks of best home theater system in India 2022 | Obage ST-777

12mm (half-inch) wood has been used in Obage ST-777. It is fantastic for an 8-inch subwoofer of 70W and this is huge. It has the best bass. The revolutionary thing it’s 6.5 inches mid to deliver music. No brand has done it in this range till now. It has 20W power. It comes with a 2.5-inch tweeter with 10W power. The total output is 100W from a single tower speaker.

Mid Speaker6.5 inches to deliver mids with an amplifier
Subwoofer8 inch with its own amplifier
Tweeters2.5 inch and has its own amplifier
best budget home theater system – Obage ST-777

3. Some Revolutionary changes in best home theater system in India 2022

A major change that is made in an electronic crossover that sends frequency Amps is the use of 3 Amplifiers- a separate amplifier is given for the subwoofer, speaker & tweeter. The crossover sends lows, mids & highs to amplifiers which further amplifies and produces music. It is beneficial as no mid-frequency requires a low amplifier now.

Nobody needs to depend on others, as everyone has their own amplifiers. The knob for mid-control is revolutionary. Before all our audio tests, a burn-in of 10hrs was done. Burn-in is important before testing the audio. Listen to our audio tests from this link-

Note: The first version is recorded at full settings, whereas the latter is the tuned version of the same song.

4. The result of these Audio Tests: Obage ST-777

The initial audio tests were on full settings, i.e. full bass, treble & mids. The speaker’s volume was full and that of the remote was 75%. Later, we gave it a ‘V’ shape audio signature by altering it. Bass & treble were more, and mids were low. This could be possible only due to the mid-control knob.

5. Audio Quality of best home theater system in India 2022

The one word to describe the audio quality of Obage ST-777 is ‘versatile’. You are given all the controls. Its bass is too high and felt exactly at heart from the ground up (suitable for bass lovers). The best part is the 6.5-inch mid-speaker. Mids can be adjusted, and this is unbelievable.

For jazz, you can adjust the settings like- more mids, low bass & controlled treble. For hard rock, it can again be adjusted to low mids, high bass & low treble. Bass & treble control is normal but the unique part is the control of mids (the best thing). Songs can be played via AUX, USB, SD card, optical port, and Bluetooth.

6. The Main USP | Obage ST-777

Good dialogue clarity is only possible if mids can be on full and if bass and treble can be reduced. This is what we need when we connect it to a TV, making it one of the best systems for TV. The main USP of ST-777 is the separate control of all drivers, enabling you to tune it as per the genre. How would you know it?

Download the audio file link given. It has songs recorded in full & in their perfect settings. A document is also given, containing the names, their links & the settings they were recorded on. Experience yourself. E.g., a jazz song is given in both a complete setting & the perfect jazz setting. This is specified in the list.

7. Cons of best home theater under 8000 | Obage ST-777

The remote is of average quality and has average looks. Obage is unlikely to improve it till next year. You will see an HT-144 sticker in the air vent which means the power supply is HT-144. Obage HT-144 is the best model and the use of its power supply is good, but it looks ugly.

According to Obage, it can’t be covered. But would you really peep into the air vent? Some people won’t find it loud, but according to us, it is loud enough as it reached 100dB on the decibel meter, which is enough. It is a mono system & not a stereo. But do you listen to stereo? A 2.1 system or dual tower system at 3ft produces mono sound.

A stereo system requires at least a 7ft distance between towers. It is a heavy system that weighs more than 14 kg. It can’t be carried, and this is not the right system for outdoor parties.

8. Pros of best home theater under 8000 | Obage ST-777

It is a party speaker. We don’t think a party speaker is one with fancy colourful lights. On the contrary, it is the one which plays rock, hard rock, Punjabi and Bollywood (indoor party). And if the same system can play classical, old music for peaceful times, then it is the best. A plastic party system can’t do it, but this system can. The second Pro is tri amplification to control bass, speaker, and treble. Power delivery is fantastic & you can make your own sound signature. Songs of all genres can be enjoyed in it.

We guarantee that VM-One tuned ST-777 will stand your expectations. Another pro is its karaoke. A wired mic can be used to control volume & echo. It doesn’t seem loud, as its distribution of frequency proportion is amazing. It won’t prick your ears. Equal distribution of frequency proportion is good to enjoy it at both low & high volumes.

9. The default audio signature:

We have been told how to tune this system, but what is its audio signature by default? This is a slight V audio signature (slightly more bass & treble and low mids). If you tune it yourself, then you’ll get the best audio signature in songs of all genres.

10. Should you buy ST-777?

Don’t buy it if you like extremely loud sound, or for an outdoor party or for a 400-500sq ft room. Buy it only if you understand the music, if you want to customize the audio signature, or if you listen to songs of all genres. This is perfect for indoor parties as well as ghazals. Buy it if you enjoy tuning it to make your own audio signatures.

11. Services by Obage:

Last but certainly not least was the issue of service by Obage. But now, Obage has launched an on-site service for all its models. All models, including ST-777, are valid for on-site services.



















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  1. Just purchased Obage ST 777.
    Everything ok except tv Bluetooth connectivity.
    There is delay in Bluetooth connectivity. The sound comes after Picture. This thing disturbing TV with obage st 777.
    Please guide what to do?

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