Now You Can Use (Custom Instruction Feature) on ChatGPT


ChatGPT is an AI ChatBot that is built to form to like a humanlike conversation more virtually. Open  AI, the parent company of ChatGPT has started expanding its features to its users. Formerly ChatGPT has more control over the replies but now it comes with a Custom Instruction Feature. However, this feature was previously open to only ChatGPT plus paid members, but now it is open to all its users.

  • This feature is accessible on the chatGPT Web version.
  • For Android and IOS users, this feature will be available soon.

This custom instruction feature allows using “Tailor ChatGPT” at their convenience. ChatGPT uses your instructions in a form that it can use in it your every conversation going through. The present ChatGPT always considers your instruction whenever it responds to your conversations. So now you won’t have to repeat every single instruction every time it responds.

This feature may also help a teacher pre-plan their lessons as a “Lesson Plan” You can also use ChatGPT as a bucket list for grocery items.

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How to Use (Custom Instruction Feature) on ChatGPT?

  • Open ChatGPT App on IOS or Android.
  • Click on your Name at the Bottom Left.
  • Select the Custom Instruction Feature and Add Specific Instructions as you want.

Instance, the type of reply you want may be short, long, and in one word also it may be (formal or informal) according to the conversation you need. You can also use it as your personal replier for more and better answers to your questions.

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