Nothing Brand Introduces its Subsidiary CMF to the Market


Nothing, a popular smartphone brand will continue to be a premium product with the finest available performance and technology. It is a new brand on the market and uses a special tactic adopted by practically all businesses to create a sub-brand from the primary brand in order to target a larger user base. The sub-brand CMF, which stands for color, material, and finish, promises to give its consumers a “Timeless Design” for affordable costs and high-quality goods that are very difficult to find. In Nothing’s founder, Carl Pei’s opinion, It is a more reasonably priced brand than Nothing.


  • India certified the first smartwatch and earbuds from CMF.
  • Both goods should go on sale soon. Both products are expected to launch soon.
  • The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) gave approval.
  • Nothing’s attempt to bridge the gap between low-cost products and high-end goods.

What Sets CMF Apart From Nothing Brand

  • To meet the demands of its customers, CMF places a similar emphasis on clean and affordable products as its parent businesses.
  • The quality of CMF products will be difficult to obtain in affordable goods.
  • Making a new line of items that make great design affordable will be its main goal.
  • Industrial design’s CMF discipline focuses on creating a decorative identity out of Nothing. 

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The new sub-brand is created with the vision of targeting customers from the affordable segment. In addition, Nothing will initially launch two products – a smartwatch and TWS earbuds. With this recent announcement, it is clear that the tech giant is planning to increase its user base in india. 

A X (formerly Twitter) user recently shared a few screenshots containing registration details of CMF’s upcoming products. As per the screenshots, It plans to launch two products in India – D395, the smartwatch and B163, wireless earphone. However, the tech giant hasn’t shared anything about the launch date. But, the speedy certifications reveal that everything will be done shortly. Stay tuned with our blog to get the instant tech updates.

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