Netflix Update: End of Password Sharing in India 


Netflix is a subscription-based streaming app that can be accessed on any device equipped with the Internet. Previously, you were able to share your passwords with your friends and family. But, now Netflix has introduced us to the new update of ending password sharing with anyone other than your household. 

Basically, the end to the Netflix password sharing is about anyone living under one roof who can share passwords if not then you are not allowed to share your passwords. You can access your account outside when you are on holiday using the ‘Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Device’ option.

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The OTT giant recently announced in one of its blogs that it’ll be sending emails to its users who are sharing their passwords with people who are not residing under the same roof. The company made itself very clear about the same but we haven’t noticed anyone with email and passing their opinions.

Netflix New Plan updates –

The plan was introduced to generate better revenue, and Netflix implemented this act on 20 July 2023 and has been in full swing since then. This is not just the case in India, Netflix update has been implemented in other countries like Indonesia, Croatia, and Kenya.

The motive hasn’t been introduced in many other countries because of its diverse approach to reach to its viewers. But some countries, including India, have to pay extra for sharing passwords.

This was all about this new update; if you have any queries feel free to drop them in the comment section below with your opinions and suggestions. We’ll keep you updated with all the tech information.

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