Motorola TV Review-Best 43 inch Smart TV in India


Motorola Revou 2 | Best 43 inch 4K TV | Best Smart TV under 30000

The new Motorola Revou 2 TV is the new highlight of the month. But is Motorola Revou 2 TV really worth the hype? Will it be worth your hard-earned money? Or are there any better options than Motorola Revou 2 TV in 43-inch size and within the same price range? Well! Scroll down to read the most authentic Motorola TV Review and find all the answers.

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Motorola TV Review- Smart TV under 30000

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1. Looks- Motorola TV Review

Motorola Revou 2 43-inch TV comes in a slim bezel design. On three sides it is slim and on the fourth side, it is thick with Motorola branding which looks good. The Wall mount doesn’t come for free and hence must be purchased separately.

2. Cost-Cuttings- Motorola TV Review

Motorola or Flipkart has done tremendous cost-cutting in this model. Instead of the in-built soundbar, now you get down-firing box speakers which are just like any other box speakers. The gaming control is also not given in this model. Thus a lot of cost-cutting has been done.

3. Picture Quality- Motorola TV Review

What about Motorola Revou TV’s actual picture quality? It has a 4K Ultra HD resolution along with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Motorola Revou 2 TV comes with software-based MEMC and Auto Low Latency Mode (function eARC port). For gamers, a 60Hz refresh rate is not that good if they have a PS5. Gamers can extract the benefit of ALLM only if they have older versions of PS5 or XBOX (up to 60 FPS).

4. Motorola TV Review-

Motorola Revou 2 comes with 8 bit of FRC VA DLED panel. Brightness has not been declared by Motorola on the product page.  Many people assumed that just like its previous model, Motorola Revou 2 also has 400 nits peak HDR brightness but in our testing, it was 260 nits. Due to cost-cutting, picture quality has degraded considerably. It has a built-in Chromecast, 2 GB RAM, only 8 GB storage, and 2.5 GB free storage. Earlier you used to get 10-11 GB free storage out of 16 GB but now due to cost-cutting, it is only 2.4 GB.

DesignThin Bezel Design,
Plastic Body,
Plastic Stand
Resolution4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 60Hz Refresh Rate with MEMC & ALLM
Panel8 BIT FRC VA DLED Panel;
Peak HDR Brightness 260 Nits;
HDR 10 and Dolby Vision Support
SoftwareAndroid 11 OS;
Built-in Chromecast
Connectivity3 HDMI (1eARC),
2 USB,
Optical Audio Port,
Headphone Jack;
Bluetooth 5.0;
Dual Band WiFi
RAM & Storage2 GB RAM Unknown & 8 GB Storage;
Free 4 GB
CPU & GPUQuad Core CPU & Dualcore GPU
Motorola TV Review

5. Video Formats- Motorola TV Review

Motorola Revou 2 supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision but these formats can’t be enjoyed in such low brightness. We tested its HDR10 performance on Amazon Prime. The color of sand and cars that appeared on the screen of Motorola Revou 2 was excessively dull. In the real video, the colors of cars are vibrant and that of sand is quite saturated. But on the screen of Motorola Revou 2 TV, these colors are dull due to low brightness. More brightness would have produced better colors. We did not enjoy the Dolby Vision content on Netflix.

The reds were over-saturated. Dimming was also not that incredible despite the fact that it comes with MEMC. Software-based MEMC is average unless incredible software is used. This 60 Hz software-based MEMC is average. It showed some blooming which is acceptable at the price of Rs 27000 for a 43-inch TV. We also noticed the cutting in the blades. But this amount of blooming is acceptable in this range.

6. Performance of SD and HD channels- Motorola TV Review

This TV can mostly be purchased for SD and HD channels. The performance of the SD channel is Okay. It is like any other 4K budget TV. We played SD content with an HD set-top box. The final content will display slightly better colors with over-saturated red. The red color is over-saturated as most people watch the news and daily soaps on SD channels. Yellow also gets a bit over-saturated due to the over-saturation of red. And this is what India loves. HD channels show amazing clarity with over-saturated red color. This kind of clarity is good in this range.

7. Boot-Up- Motorola TV Review

It takes 10-15 seconds after booting. It comes with Android 11 out of the box and the same OS home screen as in all Android TVs. Tiles of favorite content will be displayed on Home Screen. HD and FHD content played via Pendrive were good. HD content played via Pendrive was good and there were no issues in its upscaling. The upscaling of 1080p content played via Pendrive is amazing.

8. Quality of Blacks- Motorola TV Review

We expected amazing blacks but the blacks of this VA panel were not that good. A TV with a good IPS panel can produce better blacks. The blacks in reality are the darkest blue. It is unable to show good blacks due to low brightness. Even in absolute darkness, it does not show the deepest blacks. 260 nits brightness is way less to produce good blacks and colors. Other budget VA panel TVs can give better performance. Had its brightness been 360 nits, then it would be amazing.

9. Audio Quality- Motorola TV Review

Motorola has cut the cost by providing average box speakers instead of the built-in soundbar. They are good for small rooms and no soundbar is required in small rooms. But a soundbar is necessary for a 50-inch or 55-inch Revou 2 TV placed in big rooms. It supports Dolby Atmos.

10. Connectivity Options- Motorola TV Review

It has 3 HDMI ports (1 eARC 2.1 with ALLM), 2 USB ports, and other necessary ports. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band wifi. But its 2 USB ports work differently due to cost-cutting. One USB port can be used for up to 65 GB Pendrive and in another, a 1 TB hard disk can be used.

We came to know about it after thorough testing. Side ports are easily accessible but the ports at the bottom are not. You get full-size infrared and BlueTooth combination remote control. It has Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, and Google hotkeys with a dedicated button for Google Assistant.


It has satisfactory picture quality. The picture quality of SD and HD channels are enhanced due to the over-saturation of red, especially in daily soaps. Audio Quality is satisfactory in 43-inch sizes for small rooms. HDMI eARC port and ALLM are also good for older versions of a Play station and XBOX.


The biggest con is its low brightness of 265 nits. Other TVs of the same range offer better brightness. The colors are dull. We did not enjoy the content played on Motorola Revou 2 TV. Oversaturated red enhances the picture quality of daily soaps. Blacks are not at all satisfactory. They were dark blue or dark grey.  

Verdict- Motorola TV Review

We do not recommend it. It was not worth our money and it certainly is not the best. We don’t recommend it. Hisense and VU premium TV has 400 nits brightness and we have already tested it. Such high brightness will help you enjoy Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG content on these TVs.

With the latest update, you will also get Dolby Atmos support. There are no issues with Hisense TV and VU Premium TV. Their storage is more. It has 2.4 GB but they have 11 GB of storage. They cost almost the same or even less. The choice is all yours.


















Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.


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