Microsoft’s AI-Powered Backpack Anticipated to be in the Pipeline


Microsoft’s AI-Powered Backpack: Microsoft is the largest computer software in the world and has tried its hands on many platforms like phones, where it launched Microsoft Lumia and Windows 10 mobile, which failed in the market. The same goes for Microsoft’s wearable: Microsoft Band and Microsoft Band 2, which ultimately failed.

We cannot miss how ineffectual Microsoft was with AI Assistant with Cortana AI Assistant. Following its own footsteps, Microsoft is paving its way by introducing an AI backpack that will be fitted with sensors. 

About the AI-powered Backpack

The integration of AI into a backpack was considered a patent-worthy idea by Microsoft and the patent was filed by Microsoft on 2 May. It reads in the patent, “The description relates to artificial intelligence-assisted wearables, such as AI-Powered Backpack backpacks,”. The inventor of this eccentric product is Brian Claire, who states in the patent, “An example backpack may include sensors, such as a microphone and a camera. The backpack may receive a contextual voice command from a user.”

The patent application also describes that the backpack will respond to voice commands and the environmental changes recorded by the sensors and AI-powered Backpack. The patent is presented with a diagram that gives you an idea of how the backpack will be, it demonstrates that it could be wirelessly connected to your laptop and server to portray commands and information.

The patent also pictured that today, due to advances in AI, smart devices have been lacking and surfacing drawbacks. The company claims to resolve all this in their AI backpack, stating. “Finally, they aren’t context-aware and can’t perceive the user’s surroundings. The backpack concept claims to solve all of these drawbacks.” 

With the product’s launch, Microsoft AI-powered Backpack needs to offer better sizes, variety, and features, as it is a backpack and not a smartwatch or smartphone. The company needs to ensure the durability and functionality for long expeditions. 
Personally, we think, as described, this product has a lot of potential if executed similarly. Let’s wait to witness the launch of one of Microsoft’s most anticipated products and its performance in the market. For such informative and interesting updates, keep yourself involved in our Tech Updates.

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