Mi TV 5X 43 inch 4K – Budget Smart Android TV King?

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According to some people, Xiaomi’s Mi TV 5X 43 inch is overhyped but according to some reviewers, it is the best TV. Then what is the truth? The UNCOMFORTABLE truth of the Mi tv 5x review is what will be discussed in this article. Swipe down to read it.

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Installation- Mi TV 5X 43 inch

We got Xiaomi’s Mi TV 5X after a huge delay due to unknown reasons. After that we got it installed by Xiaomi’s Installation Team and it is highly recommended you do the same to avoid causing any voids in the warranty. Installation is simple. All you have to do is attach the metal foot-stands or get wall mounts from the installation team by paying ₹500 extra.

The unwrapping of Mi TV 5X 43 inch

It comes with a metal frame of brushed aluminum color which gives it a premium look. Its bezels are thin. On the bottom is Xiaomi’s branding along with far-field microphones. Its back is made of plastic. Xiaomi has tried to give it a carbon fiber look but unfortunately, this is merely plastic. On the back are connectivity options which include 3 HDMI 2.1 ports. Its HDMI 2 port is an eARC port.

There are 2 USB ports and 1 headphone jack given on the same side. It has 1 optical audio port, AV composite, Antenna port, and LAN port. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band WiFi. Along with the TV comes some documentation and remote control (without batteries).

The remote control is sleek and has a minimalist design. There are Netflix and Amazon Prime hotkeys along with Patchwall and Google Assistant buttons. It takes up to 30-40 seconds to boot up which is normal in all android TVs. All famous OTT apps are pre-downloaded.

The suggested content appears on the home screen. The almost same content will be available in Patchwall suggestions as given in Android suggestions. There is nothing extraordinary in Patchwall which is not there in the Android interface. Suggested content is the same in Patchwall as well as the Android OS.

Mi TV 5x 43 inch specifications

Mi TV 5X comes with Android OS 10 out of the box. It has 16GB maximum storage whereas its usable storage is 12GB which is good. It comes with Android 10 out of the box with a built-in Chromecast and the support of the Patchwall 4 interface. This overall OS experience is not smooth.

There are bugs and it lags sometimes. Initially, it runs smooth, but after 15-20 minutes, it starts to lag. You will face a wifi disconnection issue along with other glitches which are bugs.

It has both Chromecast and Miracast support which means you can cast your phone in 2 ways. Miracast is not good as when we tried to cast a OnePlus phone via Miracast, it did even get connected. In fact, the Wifi got disconnected due to which we had to reboot this TV again and again.

However, a Xiaomi phone got cast within seconds via Miracast. It comes with 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 Resolution and 60Hz refresh rate with reality flow 60Hz MEMC. Reality Flow is a MEMC technology that is software-based in this TV. It causes no significant reduction in motion blur. It comes with an 8-bit FRC VA DLED panel that supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision. This was all about mi tv 5x specifications.

The Brightness Levels of Mi TV 5X 43 inch

On 100% backlight and 100% brightness, its recorded brightness was 350 Lux i.e 350 nits. On usable condition i.e on 100% backlight and 50% brightness, its peak HDR brightness was 275 Lux i.e 275 nits. After reducing its backlight to 70% and brightness to 50%, its peak HDR brightness becomes 175 nits.

The peak HDR brightness is recorded on 100% backlight and 50% brightness and in this scenario- its peak HDR brightness is 275 lux i.e 275 nitsWhen we increase its brightness (brightness and picture contrast etc) then one cannot see this TV and in this scenario, its peak HDR brightness is 350 nits.

It has Vivid Picture Engine 2 technology with Adaptive brightness. The Wide Color Gamut NTSC is 85% and the DCI P3 ratio is 94%. These figures sound good but a good NTSC and DCI P3 ratio does not enhance the color quality rather it means there are more colors in this TV.

Colour optimization is done by Xiaomi-

In our opinion, red and green colors are over-saturated. The red color appears more prominent. The green color is also over saturated but it is less saturated than the saturation of the red color.

Upscaling capabilities of Mi TV 5X 43 inch

The upscaling of SD channels of Mi TV 5X 43 inch is good but not that good. No 4k TV can show the amazing picture quality of SD channels, especially in the budget range. The clarity and upscaling of HD channels are far better but there is no significant reduction in motion blur. The upscaling and picture quality of SD and HD channels is not that amazing rather, it is just above average.

There is nothing extraordinary even in HD channels and the reason is its poor picture quality due to less brightness. The upscaling of the 1080p video is amazing and the upscaling of the 4K video played via USB is also good.

Performance of OTT Apps of Mi TV 5X 43 inch

We also tested Mi TV 5X’s performance with OTT apps and first, we played a video on Netflix. The Dolby Vision logo appeared in Dolby Vision compatible videos as Mi TV 4X supports Dolby Vision. It supports HDR10 and HDR10+ which we tested with Amazon Prime and in our opinion, this panel plays HDR10 really well.

All the Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10+ content on Amazon Prime and Netflix appear to be flat. According to us, there is no difference as its low brightness is unable to show the content as it is.

 made to be shown. Even after closing Dolby Vision or HDR10, the picture quality was the same as in other content.

Even after we kept motion flow on smooth i.e on maximum setting, the blooming or Halo was still there. Even in the grey uniformity test where we kept the grey screen on 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%, its performance was nothing extraordinary. Greys were not that uniform, especially in the lower percentage.

We did the stress test which shows blooming and Halo perfectly. In this stress test, blacks were good but there was Halo or Blooming. We did a perfect Halo test (the classic windmill test) to confirm it and blooming or Halo was clearly visible. All this testing was to check the Blooming or Halo effect and yes there was Halo or Blooming in this TV. Its blacks are good as it is a VA panel.

The Halo was clearly visible despite its maximum setting I.e on reality motion flow. 2 or 3 images will be clearly visible in the fast action scenes. The colors were fine from the front viewing angle but there was up to 25% color loss on extreme sides. This is because it is a VA panel.

Audio Test- Mi TV 5X 43 inch

We also conducted audio tests. The audio test should be conducted on a maximum of 70-75% volume. We played an audio clip is played on 75% volume and it turns out that the audio of Mi TV 5X is just average.  

In order to check the Dolby Atmos capabilities of Mi TV 5X, we tested it by connecting it with a Dolby Atmos Soundbar. The Dolby Atmos logo appeared on Netflix after connecting it with the Dolby Atmos Soundbar. Its audio quality was just average. This TV has 30W audio whereas its higher models have 40W audio.

 All we can conclude is that the 30W speakers of this cabinet as average. This is not a bad thing. Every TV gives average audio quality until it is Sony. Not every TV has the best speakers. One must buy a TV for its best picture quality and not its best audio quality.

Mi TV 5X 43 inch comes with far-field microphones which can be turned on/off from the button on the bottom bezel of this TV. They will answer your questions and follow your commands. This is a good feature but is this the basis why you choose this TV? Think before you decide.

Before we conclude, let us tell you how its predecessor i.e Mi TV 4X became the best seller. It is because Xiaomi’s mobile phones are good and sell the most. Xiaomi is a big company that makes mobile phones. When one has a good Mi mobile phone, then he automatically gets convinced to buy Mi TV as well.

What does the major section of the Indian audience watch? The answer is ‘TV soap operas’. They like vivid dress colors and bright colors in the jewelry. That is why high peak HDR brightness in this TV is not important. Visibility of better red and green color is more vital. That is why this is a best seller.

Our views on the Picture Quality of Mi TV 5X 43 inch

Forget about its DCI P3 ratio and its NTSC percentage. Just remember that its peak HDR brightness in our meter was 275 Lux. Nits are the ‘light coming out of the light source’ and Lux is the ‘capturing of the amount of light that is being emitted from that light source’. Thus, 275 Lux means 275 Nits of light from this panel. Remember this. Second, the red color is oversaturated which means guaranteed vibrant picture quality.

If you like vibrant colors, then go for Mi TV 5X 43 inches. Its green color is also slightly over-saturated but that much is acceptable. This was everything about its picture quality in a nutshell.

Pros and cons

PROS of Mi TV 5X 43 inch CONS of Mi TV 5X 43 inch
The design of the Mi TV 5X 43 inches is absolutely brilliant. These metal bezels are thin and look premium which is very good.Its interface lags but it can be treated with a software update. We don’t know when this will happen or whether this will happen or not. A lag appears after every 7-9 minutes. This is because of Patchwall as it makes the entire OS a bit heavy.
The need for Patchwall is subjective. But according to us, there is no need for Patchwall. Suggestions shown by Patchwall are the same suggestions shown by Android. It is only a matter of your choice.  
Its Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10+ content appear the same. It is up to you to decide whether it is a pro or a con. We have included it in pro as even if you don’t have Dolby Vision, the content will appear the same.Number 2- MEMC is overhyped. It’s MEMC and motion Blur can be more problematic for gamers. We can’t tell how beneficial its Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) is. We can clearly say that its MEMC doesn’t work as much as it is advertised. 
 Third, the adaptive brightness of Mi TV 5X 43 inch works well. Its brightness is low which is good during the night. The sensors work well. There is a delay of approx 3 seconds but that is completely acceptable. Third- the colors of Mi TV 5X 43 inches are not natural. Its brightness is low. We think it is more suitable for SD and HD channels.
mi tv 5x 43 inch-mi tv 5x review

Redmi TV and Mi TV 5X 43 inch

Redmi TV and Mi TV 5X are almost the same TVs. Their design is a bit changed and only 1 or 2 features are extra. Otherwise, there is no major change in both these TVs. There is a thing- the “paradox of choices” which means you are stuck between either of the two choices or between a yes or a no situation.

This is a perfect TV for daily operas on SD or HD channels instead of gaming channels. But you can also buy Redmi TV for this purpose.

According to us, Redmi TV and Mi TV 5X are almost the same TVs. We are not trying to confuse you, rather we are providing you with more options. You can buy a better TV at a lower price than this TV. Or you can buy a TV which may be slightly costlier but you could watch all sorts of content on it.

We are giving you these choices so that you can decide better.  You need to decide what type of content you watch more. You have to decide whether you love Mi TV 5X or whether you want better picture quality. The decision is all yours.



















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