Meta to Impose Subscription Fee on Instagram and Facebook: Know Why


Meta to Impose a Subscription Fee: Meta-owned platforms like Facebook and Instagram are likely to introduce a subscription fee shortly. At the moment, Europe could be subjected to a paywall of about $14 (around Rs 1,165) monthly to have these platforms free of ads. There isn’t enough information on whether Asian countries like India are part of this subscription-based scheme. Although this is speculation at this time, it is possible that it will soon go into effect if Europe approves the subscription fee for privacy-related concerns.

The decision to add a monthly fee for Instagram and Facebook results from Meta being listed as a ‘gatekeeper’ within the EU’s new Digital Markets Act, a law to limit the influence of tech oligopolies. This law imposes additional restrictions and forbids big tech businesses from integrating users’ private information across their different offerings.

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Subscription Fee for European Users

If users wish to browse Facebook or Instagram on desktop computers without ads, Meta is considering charging them a monthly subscription charge of around 10 euros, or $10.46. However, users may be charged an extra fee of about 6 euros for each additional account. Also, the monthly subscription fee could increase to about 13 euros for mobile device users who want an ad-free experience on the go.

Users in Europe will soon have access to the “no ads” plan, or SNA plan, as mandated by Meta. This option will give users ad-free browsing on Facebook and Instagram. Users may opt to surf Facebook and Instagram as they have in the past with personalised ads or decide to pay for an ad-free experience.

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