Meta and RayBan to Launch Second-Generation Smart Glasses


Meta and RayBan are all set to launch their new smart glasses in collaboration. After the unsuccessful first launch of these smart glasses, the communal has decided to go ahead with their second generation smart glasses.

The purpose behind these speculated second-generation smart glasses is that they will allow users to do live streams with their audiences using these glasses on their preferred social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Not to mention that the internal source also claims that the users could also communicate with their audience with the help of built-in headphones. It is believed that this new version of smart glasses will have enhanced features.

What is Meta and RayBan Smart Glass All About? 

The streamers will create direct links on the platform they want to interact with their audience. Furthermore, the streamers would be able to interact one-on-one by listening to the comments through the built-in headphones in the smart glasses. Simply put, the comments will be turned to audio but how will Meta choose which comment to relay to the user, the answer to this still needs to be clarified.

Rumors also say that the respective managers will have access to the comments, and they can decide on which comment to relay. 

The users can also expect some enhancement in the product, like better battery life and camera quality, which will ultimately improve the streaming standard. Another feature offered is ambient noise monitoring to adjust playback volume, this feature will make the sound resonance better and clear. 

In recent times, the Wall Street Journal published a report stating that more than 90% of users backed out from using smart glasses.

The estimate is out of 300,000 devices, only 27,000 were sold in approximately 2 years(September 2021-February 2023). Also, 13% of the users have returned the smart glasses

It is presumed that the device has many issues and will concern the user’s satisfaction due to various technical issues, audio issues, poor battery life, and many other problems. Besides all these issues, Meta and RayBan are ready to launch the product in the market.

You should also know that not only the second-generation smart glasses are ready to hit the market this year, but the strategy for the third-generation smart glasses is also ready and is expected to launch in 2025 with a tiny display called “Viewfinder” in which you’ll be able to read text messages. 

Let’s wait together to see how this product performs in the market, what all it has to offer us, and know if all the presumptions about the products are true or false. To get answers to all these questions, keep yourself hooked on our Tech Updates. For any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop your comments down below. 

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