Luminous Optimus- The best Inverter for Home in India in 2021

Luminous Optimus 1250
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Luminous Optimus 1250 is right now available only in the offline market but soon it will be available in the online market too. This is the latest Luminous model with an 1100 VA rating. Its peak output is 924W with 85% efficiency, which is too good. It is a pure sine wave inverter with a by-pass switch. It supports all types of batteries.

Peak Output924W
Modes AvailableEco mode and UPS mode
Warranty2 years


There are 2 types of modes available- Eco and UPS mode. The voltage of Eco mode is between 100-290V. If the direct supply voltage is more or less than this, then the connected appliances will directly run from this inverter. Fan, light and bulbs should be connected with this mode.

The operational range of other modes i.e UPS mode is between 180-260V. If the direct supply voltage is more or less than this, then the connected appliances will directly run from this inverter. Laptops, computers, refrigerators, mixer grinders and other such appliances should be run in this mode. It weighs 11.5Kg. It comes with 2 years warranty.

“It can be charged on low voltage too. It starts charging from 90V and it starts fast charging at 120V electricity.”

FEATURES of Luminous Optimus

There are many Alarms as safety features. It will alarm on overload, overheat, on low battery and during a short circuit too. The good thing is its display which shows the battery charging time, back-up time, percentage load on inverter and indication for any faults. Any battery between 80Ah-220Ah (flat plate or tubular) can be used with it.

luminous optimus

On the backside is an output socket right beside the exhaust fan. There is a by-pass switch (an amazing feature) and a fuse. The noise of its exhaust fan is low as compared to other exhaust fans of inverters. It is a customizable inverter as the input and output can be chosen as per your needs. It can be charged between 8A-18A for 200V-240V output.



Their features are exactly the same. The same battery can be used- between 80Ah-220Ah. They both come with 2 years comprehensive warranty.  

luminous zolt


The conclusion is that they are not very different. Optimus’ output is 50W more than Zolt’s.

• Luminous Optimus 1250:

• Luminous Zolt 1100:

• Luminous Zolt 1100:

• Luminous Life Max LM18075 150Ah Battery:

• Luminous Life Max LM18075 150Ah Battery:

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