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A unique and latest Luminous inverter in India like no other | Why you should buy icon 1100? | Luminous inverter icon 1100 review

Stereotypes like- ‘don’t keep your inverters inside as they don’t look good’ or ‘children might get themselves into trouble due to its wiring’ are age old because now; this has been launched.

LOOKS- Luminous Inverter in India

This is Luminous Icon 1100. Usually people keep inverters out in hidden areas. But Luminous had made this inverter so attractive that you can keep it anywhere in the room. Talking about looks, on the front is a only one button and many LED indicators. Apart from this is Luminous’ icon and branding. On the side are air vents and an exhaust fan which will throw warm air out and protect the inverter from damage. 

On the back is another air vent, and an output socket with fuse. On the top is a removable lid with air vents; thereby causing no heating issues. The batteries will be placed inside the inverter. This can be carried anywhere easily due to the wheels and this is quite convenient.


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BATTERY ADAPTABILITY- Luminous Inverter in India

We kept a battery inside it for testing. We chose Luminous’ Life-Max 150Ah battery with 75 months warranty. It doesn’t supports batteries lower than 150Ah and greater than 200Ah. It only supports tall tubular batteries. After keeping batteries inside, just make the positive and negative connection. Once you close the lid, nobody will even know if there is a battery inside. There is no issue with its connection. 



900VA and 756W


Pure Sine Wave Inverter; Premium design inverter with a battery enclosure box, Fast Charging from 90V, LED Indication with Green & Red LED’s; 30 Inch x 20 Inch x 10 Inch; Protection from Overload, over-temperature, battery deep discharge


Tall Tubular batteries 150Ah-220Ah


2 years



NOISE LEVELS- Luminous Inverter in India

After turning it on and switching off the mains its reported noise levels in ideal conditions were 40dB. Its noise levels are controlled which is very good.

FEATURES- Luminous Inverter in India

It is a pure Sin Wave Inverter 900VA and its peak load capacity is 756W. It has 80% to 82% efficiency which is good. It supports fast charging from 90V. Inverter will charge the discharged battery faster to make it ready for backup. We operated a hand mixer and a table fan. We connected the extension with inverter’s output port. Main line was off to stop the charging of the battery. After we turned it on, we analyzed that  400W mixer and 50W table fan were working absolutely fine.

Another thing that grabbed our attention on the website of Luminous was easily top up water. Till now no battery had water top up. All we did was open the lid and top up water. This inverter is 30-inches wide, 20-inches long and its depth is 10-inches. There are many protection modes in it such as Protection from overload. The inverter will cut off in case of over heating. The inverter will fast charge the battery after it gets deep discharged. Brand provides 2-years comprehensive warranty on it. Right now it costs ₹8,900. 

PROS AND CONS- Luminous Inverter in India

This is a good inverter with solid built quality but there is no grab handle. We faced some issue after putting the battery inside it. According to Luminous, you will not be required to move it again and again because once the connection will be set, then there will be no issue. Only 1 batter can be used in it and this both a pro and a con. If you are looking for one battery inverter, then this is a beautiful piece which can be decorated and kept in the room. This won’t look bad in a room. But if you want a two battery inverter for more back-up then this is not your deal. Don’t consider this.


Second, you can only use the batteries ranged between 150Ah to 220Ah. Normally you can use 80Ah to 220Ah batteries but not in this. You should remember that this inverter only supports tall tubular batteries. This is suitable for people who want to use batteries about 150Ah and who don’t have the right space to keep these or who want to keep it in their room. We think it is a beautiful piece for them. The noise levels of this inverter are quite low. Another con is that there is no bypass switch.


Third and most importantly, there are no sorts of wires. This is highly significant if you have kids.

Bullet points- Luminous Inverter in India

Green indications:

Mains ON (when input mains supply is coming to your home)

Battery Charging (When inverter chargers the battery)

System ON (this is ECO/UPS mode indication) glows when any one of the mode is selected.  

Red indications:

Fault: In case of fault in the inverter – call a technician

Battery low: in case the battery is discharged

Overload: if more load is run on the inverter than its capacity


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