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LG Nanocell 55-Inch TV Review: When looking for a TV, what comes to mind? It should have appealing attributes and features, right? People often consider screen size, picture quality, smart capabilities, and audio performance. The majority of people aren’t aware that LG develops exceptional QLED TVs, which offer stunning picture quality. Furthermore, their QLED TVs are available in numerous sizes and price points, making it easier for consumers to find the best 4K TVs under 50,000.

With the LG Nanocell 55-inch TV Review, we aim to showcase the impressive features and performance of the best TV under 60000. From its stunning picture quality to its advanced smart features, this review will provide a comprehensive understanding of why the LG Nanocell 73 TV should be at the top of your list when considering a new television. So, without taking your time, let’s dive into the details and explore what sets this TV apart.




VM-One Rating


Connectivity Options

Box Content- Lg Nanocell Vmone Review

> In The Box

  • NanoCell 4K TV
  • Table Top Stand
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Remote Control
  • Batteries

Design & Build-LG Nanocell 55-Inch TV Review

When preparing the review of the LG Nanocell 73 TV, we ordered a 55-inch size. It arrived in a recyclable box featuring single-colour printing, and as we continued to unbox it, we discovered the LG QLED TV with a 55-inch size. It has several smart features that improve the viewing experience as a whole, making it the best TV under 60000.

> Bezels

The LG Nanocell TV have thin bezels that are barely noticeable, providing a sleek and seamless display experience. With a thin bezel design, it showcases a minimalistic look that ultimately makes it an appropriate choice for enhancing the aesthetic of your home space.

LG nanocell 55-inch TV review

> Body and Back

The LG Nanocell 73 TV has a sturdy body and back composed of high-quality plastic, making them durable and resistant to breakage. Additionally, the plastic material gives it a sleek and modern appearance, adding to its overall aesthetic appeal.

LG nanocell 55-inch TV review
Front Body
lg qled tv 55 inch
Back Body

> Stands

The LG Nanocell QLED TV comes with durable and sturdy plastic stands that provide stability and support for the TV. When you table mount the TV, the stands securely hold the TV in place, preventing wobbling or tipping.

Stands-best tv under 60000

> Remote Control

During LG Nanocell 55-inch TV review, we also discussed the functionality and features of its remote control.  

  • The TV comes with a Magic Remote equipped with a voice assistant, allowing users to control the TV with simple voice commands. 
  • The remote had a sleek and ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold and easy to navigate through the TV’s menu options. 

Additionally, it offers hotkeys for Netflix, Prime videos, Disney Hotstar, and movies.Now the question is, why is there a hotkey for movies instead of YouTube? 

Whatever movies you want to watch on the LG Nanocell QLED TV can be easily accessed through the Movies hotkey, which provides a convenient and quick way to access a wide variety of movie options.

lg nanocell vmone review
Remote control

> Wall Mount

Wall-mounting your TV saves space and gives your living room a sleek and modern look. Additionally, it allows for better viewing angles and can help prevent accidents or damage caused by accidental tipping.

> Wireless

  • The wireless connectivity options in the LG Nanocell 55-inch TV review include Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band WiFi support, allowing for seamless content streaming from your smartphone or other wireless devices. 
  • The dual-band WiFi support ensures a stable and fast connection, while Bluetooth 5.0 enables easy pairing with compatible audio devices for a truly immersive audio experience.

Connectivity Options-LG Qled TV 55 Inch

All connectivity options are displayed in the back body, which includes 3 HDMI ports, with one HDMI (eARC) supporting enhanced audio return channels. The LG Nanocell QLED TV also has 2 USB ports, an optical port, Bluetooth 5.0, and dual-band WiFi support.

Connectivity Options 1-lg nanocell 73 tv review
Connectivity option 1
Connectivity Options 2-lg nanocell 73 tv review
Connectivity Option 2

> Ports

In the lg Nanocell 73 Tv Review, we have 2 USB ports that allow for easy connection of external devices such as a flash drive or external hard drive, while the optical port enables seamless integration with soundbars or home theatre systems.

Software/ Tech Features & OS-Lg Nanocell Vmone Review

The 55 inch LG QLED TV is compatible with Web OS, which is an operating system developed by LG specifically for their smart TVs. 

> Web OS

Web OS allows users to easily navigate through various apps and streaming services, as well as customise their home screen as per their favourite content.

lg nanocell 73 tv review

> Casting

The LG Nanocell QLED TV is compatible with popular casting technologies like Chromecast, Miracast, and Apple AirPlay, giving users flexibility in choosing their preferred method of streaming.

> Voice Assistant

The LG Nanocell 55-inch TV is equipped with a built-in voice assistant like Alexa, allowing users to control their TV and access various features using just their voice. This amazing feature enhances the overall user experience and provides a hands-free way of interacting with the TV.

Panel-Lg Nanocell 73 TV Review

The TV boasts a stunning 8-BIT FRC VA DLED QLED panel that delivers vibrant and lifelike colours. Also, LG has named its QLED Technology “NANOCELL” due to its use of nano-sized particles that enhance colour accuracy and provide a wider colour gamut. This innovative panel technology ensures viewers enjoy an immersive and visually stunning experience with accurate and vivid colours, making it ideal for watching movies, sports, or video games.

> Brightness

During the LG Nanocell 73 TV review, it was noted that the TV’s brightness was superb. Due to the VA panel’s ability to generate deep blacks and high contrast levels, the visual appeal is vibrant and intuitive. Also, the brightness of the LG Nanocell 73 TV is further enhanced by its full-array dimming technology, which allows for precise control over individual backlight zones. This ensures that bright areas of the screen truly shine while maintaining rich and accurate colours in darker scenes. Overall, the combination of the VA panel and full array dimming technology makes the brightness of the LG Nanocell 73 TV quite impressive.

lg nanocell 73 tv review
Brightness Test

Picture Quality-LG Nanocell 55-Inch TV Review

When watching content during our LG Nanocell 55 inch Tv review, this TV delivered an exceptional picture quality. 

  • The colours were vibrant and accurate, with deep blacks and bright whites that added depth and realism to the images. 
  • Additionally, the TV’s 60 Hz refresh rate ensured smooth motion and reduced blur, resulting in a more enjoyable viewing experience. 
  • The high resolution of the display also allowed for fine details to be easily visible, enhancing the overall picture quality even further.

> Colour Saturation

By adjusting the saturation levels, the TV ensures that colours are rich and vivid, adding depth and realism to the on-screen visuals. The Nanocell TV has a quantum dot filter through which colours get enhanced further, resulting in a wider colour variation and a more accurate representation of shades and tones. 

This advanced technology allows for a truly immersive viewing experience where every detail and colour nuance is brought to life with incredible precision.

LG nanocell 55-inch TV review
Color Saturation

> Color Optimization

Its advanced QLED or Nanocell Technology adjusts the colour settings to ensure optimal saturation, contrast, and hue, making every scene come to life with stunning accuracy. Whether watching a nature documentary or an action-packed movie, the TV’s colour optimisation truly enhances the viewing experience by delivering vibrant and true-to-life colours.

> Blacks

Due to the colour contrast ratio of around 3200:1 and the fact that it has a VA panel, the Nanocell TV produces the deepest blacks. This creates a striking level of depth and richness in darker scenes, adding to the overall visual impact of the content. Whether it’s a dimly lit movie scene or a night-time landscape, the Nanocell TV ensures that blacks are rendered with exceptional clarity and intensity, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

LG nanocell 55-inch TV review
Blacks 1
Blacks 2-lg qled tv 55 inch
Blacks 2


While testing the HDR brightness during our LG 55 inch smart TV review, it was 350 nits, which is considered to be on the lower end compared to other high-end TVs. However, the TV compensates for this by using HDR mapping to enhance the HDR content and deliver a more dynamic and lifelike viewing experience.

>Features (Picture Processor)

The LG Nanocell TV has the α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K, which enhances the picture quality by analysing and optimising every frame in real time. This powerful processor ensures that colours are vibrant, details are sharp, and motion is smooth, providing a truly immersive viewing experience. 

Additionally, the α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K utilises AI technology to upscale lower-resolution content, making it appear closer to true 4K quality for an even more impressive visual display.

>Viewing Angles

In the Nanocell QLED TV, if you look at the TV from an angle of 30 degrees, even then, you won’t feel the loss of colour and brightness due to its wide viewing angles technology. This means you can enjoy the same vibrant colours and brightness from almost any position in the room, making it perfect for family movie nights.

LG nanocell 55-inch TV review
Viewing Angles

OTT Performance-Lg Qled TV 55 Inch

The TV includes a magic remote with hotkeys for your preferred OTT services, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Movies, and many others. This allows for convenient access to all your favourite streaming platforms without the need for additional devices or complicated setups. With just a few clicks, you can submerge yourself in a world of endless entertainment options.

lg nanocell 73 tv review
Amazon Prime
lg nanocell 73 tv review

Video Format Support

The LG Nanocell 55 Inch QLED TV supports all major video formats, including;

  • HDR 10, 
  • HLG, and 
  • HDR 10 Pro 

These formats enhance the picture quality by providing a more comprehensive range of colours and improved contrast. With the Nanocell QLED TV, viewers can enjoy stunning visuals with lifelike colours and incredible detail, making their viewing experience genuinely immersive.

STB Performance-Best TV Under 60000

While doing testing during the LG Nanocell 55-inch TV review, the Nanocell QLED TV demonstrated exceptional support for various video formats such as HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. It is one of the best tv under 60000.

  • Its advanced technology ensures stunning visual quality and vibrant colours, delivering an immersive viewing experience. 
  • Additionally, the STB testing further confirmed the TV’s outstanding performance and compatibility with external devices, making it a versatile choice for all entertainment needs.
LG nanocell 55-inch TV review
STB Performance

>SD & HD Channels

The Nanocell 55 inch QLED TV excels in delivering both SD and HD channels with exceptional clarity and sharpness. Its powerful upscaling capabilities enhance the picture quality of standard-definition channels, providing a visually pleasing experience.

>Upscaling Capabilities

The upscaling capabilities of the Nanocell QLED TV are exceptional, delivering near-HD quality for lower-resolution content. This ensures that even non-HD channels or older movies and shows are displayed with impressive detail and sharpness, providing an outstanding viewing experience.

>USB Playback

The Nanocell QLED TV offers versatile USB playback options, supporting 720P, 1080P, and even 4K content playback. Whether it’s a high-definition film or a lower-resolution video, the TV’s upscaling capabilities ensure that the content is displayed with enhanced picture quality for an optimal viewing experience.

Audio Quality- LG Nanocell 55-Inch TV Review

The TV has 20 watts and support for Dolby Digital, DTS-HD, and AI Sound Pro, delivering immersive and high-quality sound. With Dolby Digital and DTS support, viewers can enjoy a cinematic audio experience right in their living room. The powerful 20-watt speakers provide clear and rich audio, enhancing the overall entertainment experience. 

Overall, audio quality is a critical factor in creating an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. The TV’s AI sound pro ensures that every sound, from dialogue to background music, is crisp and clear, adding depth and realism to the content being watched.

>Performance of the TV with a Soundbar

With a soundbar, you can further enhance the audio quality, delivering a surround sound experience that fills the room with immersive sound. The soundbar’s additional speakers and built-in subwoofer provide deep bass and precise audio positioning, creating a more dynamic and lifelike audio experience for viewers.

Gaming Experience

The LG Nanocell 73 TV offers an immersive gaming experience with its impressive display quality and advanced features, which makes it the best tv under 60000. 

  • With the HDMI (eARC) port, gamers can enjoy high-quality audio and video simultaneously, enhancing the overall gaming experience. 
  • The HGIG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) support ensures that games are displayed with optimal HDR settings, delivering vibrant colours and enhanced contrast. 
  • Additionally, the Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) feature automatically detects when a gaming console is connected and switches the TV to its lowest input lag mode, reducing any delay between the controller and on-screen action. 

All these ensure a smooth and responsive gaming experience, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in their favourite games without any distractions.

Gaming Experience-best tv under 60000
Gaming Experience

Warranty & Guarantee

During our LG nanocell 55-inch TV review, We find that The TV is covered by a 2-year warranty that spans a thorough comprehensive warranty and an additional 1-year warranty on the panel from the time of purchase. The warranty you get on this TV is an assurance of its impeccable performance.

Pros & Cons - (Detailed)

  •  The HDR 10 Pro performance with no banding ensured a seamless viewing experience by delivering smooth transitions between different shades of colour. This advanced technology eliminates any visible banding, allowing for a more lifelike and immersive visual display.
  • The bright VA QLED panel offers exceptional colour accuracy and vibrant visuals. Its high contrast ratio ensures deep blacks, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • HDR tone mapping provides a more immersive viewing experience by enhancing the dynamic range of an image or video. Additionally, HDR tone mapping can improve colour accuracy and overall image quality, making it particularly beneficial for content such as movies, gaming, and photography.
  • Optimal Motion Blur also helps to reduce the appearance of jarring and make the viewing experience more seamless and visually appealing.
  • Not the best viewing angles but still satisfactory for most users. The display, however, offers vibrant colours and sharp details, making it enjoyable for everyday tasks and multimedia consumption.
  • No Dolby Vision support is available for the LG Nonocell 55-inch TV. This means that users may not be able to fully experience the enhanced colour and contrast of Dolby Vision.

Key Specs


  • Thin Bezels
  • Sturdy Plastic Stands 
  • Sleek Look


  • 4K Ultra HD 
  • 60 Hz Refresh rate 
  • MEMC



  • 5.8 x 123.5 x 71.5 cm; 14.6 Kilograms


  • Quantum Dot Color 
  • 350 nits Peaking Brightness 
  • Contrast Ratio: 3200:1


  • Web OS


  • HGiG Mode
  • ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)
  • Game Genre
  • Game Dashboard
  • Game Optimizer

RAM & Storage

  • 1.5 GB RAM 
  • 8 GB Storage
  • FREE 2.5 GB


  • 20W Speakers
  • Dolby Digital 
  • DTS-HD support
  • AI Sound Pro 
  • Virtual 5.1.2 up-mix


  • 3 HDMI (1 eARC)
  • 2 USB
  • Optical 
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Band WiFi

Buy Now

LG 55 inch Smart NanoCell TV

      ₹ 56,990


The LG nanocell 55-inch TV comes at an affordable price of ₹56,990/- and offers a great value for its features and performance.

Final Verdict- LG Nanocell 55-Inch TV Review

At the end of the LG nanocell 55-inch TV review, we would say that the TV offers a high-quality gaming experience with its low input lag and smooth on-screen action. The LG Nanocell 55-inch TV impresses with its impressive gaming capabilities and sleek design. It boasts a stunning appearance that contributes to a more modern aesthetic, which, combined with its minimalistic bezels, allows for seamless integration into any living space.

 Additionally, the TV’s exceptional picture quality and vibrant colours further enhance the overall viewing experience. Overall, this is the best tv under 60000 and is a great option for people looking for a gaming TV that delivers both performance and style.

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The comparison between NanoCell and OLED displays depends on individual preferences and specific use cases. While NanoCell technology offers enhanced colour accuracy and wider viewing angles, OLED displays provide deeper blacks and infinite contrast ratios.

The decision to purchase an LG NanoCell TV ultimately depends on your requirements and preferences.

A QLED TV is a type of television that uses Quantum Dot technology to enhance colour accuracy and brightness levels. It offers vibrant and lifelike colours, high peak brightness, and excellent HDR performance.

Determining the best QLED TV in India depends on various factors such as budget, desired screen size, and specific features required. Based on that, you can select the best TV for you.

Determining the best TV between the price range of 50000 to 60000 depends on factors like screen size, desired features, and personal preferences.


















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