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The list of the best AC in India is incomplete without this one. The LG AC 1.5 ton comes with a dual inverter compressor, copper tubes, and ocean black protection. This is an AI-enabled AC that can increase or decrease the cooling capacity automatically according to the need. It has one year of a comprehensive warranty. It’s also got an HD filter with antivirus protection. Let’s look at the specs and features of this AC in detail. The LG AC 1.5 ton price in India is ₹44,500 which is a fair price.

AC Buying Guide—Best 1.5 ton AC in India, 2022

Indian Season Energy Efficiency Ration (ISEER) has changed in 2022. It is now valid till 30 June 2022. Power consumption displayed on ISEER is recorded under the test conditions of 1600 hours but we will also tell the actual power consumption.

2. Power Consumption-
A variable speed inverter AC with 1350W motor operated for 6 hrs/day for 30 days will consume 121 units and when operated for 8 hrs/day for 30 days will consume 162 units with inverter benefits. Whereas the ISEER label pitches smaller figures.

3. Inverter Benefits-
What are inverter benefits? There are two types of ACs- normal inverter & convertible inverter ACs. The compressor of convertible AC works at different speeds & capacities. A 1.5-ton AC performs between 0.8 to 1.6 tons. This is the convertible feature and the inverter benefit was told after calculating it. An inverter AC is good for sealed rooms with no direct sunlight.

4. A 5-Star AC or a 3-star AC?
Buy a 5-star AC if you use it for more than 6 months per year. Otherwise, a 3-star AC is good for 3-4 months of usage.

5. The Apt AC size for various rooms-
You must have decided whether you want a convertible or a non-convertible AC. For 110sqft, 1 ton AC is apt. For 110-180sqft, 1.5 ton AC is good. 2 ton AC is suitable for 185-275sqft rooms. Non-inverter AC is best for shops and offices.

6. Controller PCB-
The controller PCB (on an outdoor unit) is the most important part of an inverter AC as it is more prone to damage. Its replacement cost is approx Rs 15K. Buy an AC with a good PCB warranty. A cheap AC with no PCB warranty is worthless.

7. The Color Coating-
The special colour coating on the condenser coil to prevent sediment & soil is good for people living in coastal areas or near drains. A special chemical coating is essential to prevent the condenser.

8. Warranty-
Warranty is significant. We called service centers from different locations and with varied problems. Our feedback based on their replies will be shared later.
“Brand will not uphold the warranty if the damage is done by the customer. For eg brand will not uphold the warranty if the condenser is damaged due to drain.”
 But a good extended warranty can do this. We recommend Go Warranty’s extended warranty package.

9. Noise Levels-
As per BIS 1391, the noise levels of the indoor unit should not exceed 62dB. Don’t believe the brand’s lowest noise levels. Realistic noise levels up to 45dB are fair.

10. Installation charges-
Installation charges vary between Rs500-1500. Installation from brands gives you a proper brand warranty. The installation kit has 3-5mt copper pipes but the extra pipes cost around Rs 4-5K. Installation charges + wire charges+ AC’s cost is the total cost.

Specifications & Features of the LG AC 1.5 ton in India, 2022

LG AC 1.5 ton has some amazing features which we should not neglect. This AC features a twin inverter compressor. The ISEER rating of this AC is 4.73, and it will consume 818 units of electricity per year. There are HD filters and antivirus protection in this AC.

You also get ocean black protection on the copper tubes and fins. This ocean black protection keeps the AC protected from dust and other elements, enabling a longer life.
The brand offers a year of comprehensive warranty, 5 years of warranty on PCB, and 10 years warranty o the compressor.

There is a very impressive feature of this AC, 6-in-1 cooling. With this feature, the AC can work on 6 cooling settings, 100% 80% 60% 40% AI mode, and 110% hyper capacity mode. Currently, the LG AC price is ₹44,500. All the features of this AC are listed below for a better read.

CompressorTwin Inverter Compressor
ISEER rating4.73
Power Consumption818 units
Capacity1.5 ton
FiltersHD filters.
Anti Virus protection.
Noise Levels31db
ProtectionOcean Black Protection
Ocean Black Fins.
WarrantyComprehensive warranty of a year.
5 years of warranty on PCB.
10 years of warranty on compressor
Cooling Options6-IN-1 convertible cooling: AC can operate on 6 different capacities
AI mode
110% Hyper capacity
Other FeaturesAuto Clean Feature
Smart Diagnosis
100% copper tubes
Price₹ 44,500
LG AC Price

Pros & Cons:


  • Fair cooling for smaller rooms.
  • Great AC for coastal areas.
  • You can get the WI FI model for an additional ₹1000 only.


  • Not suitable for larger rooms. (beyond 160 square feet)

How to choose the Best AC in India 2022

The need for an AC is different for everyone. The size of the room, exposure to sunshine, and other settings are different for people. That’s why the best AC also differs for everyone. You have to check the size of your room if the room has partial or full exposure to sunlight, the area where the outdoor unit will be placed, etc. to choose the best AC for yourself.
So you can go and check VMone’s recommended list of best ACs or you can contact us on social media for any queries.

Ending note:

Above was the list of the best AC in India 2022 under the 1.5 ton category. A 1.5-ton AC is the best suitable for a room size of 110-185 square feet. But if you need an AC for a different room size then you can check our other recommended AC’s, either on the VM-one YouTube channel, website, or social media. You can find our recommended list of ACs of different cooling capacities and choose the one which fits best your requirements.


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