LG 242 L 3 Star Refrigerator: Best Refrigerator Under 25000
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LG 242 L 3 Star Refrigerator: A Package of Ultimate Utility

LG 242 L 3 Star Refrigerator: If you want to buy a refrigerator, what do you truly need? The better space, which gives the ability to store more food items and keep them fresh for longer periods of time or the latest technology that ensures energy efficiency and convenience in usage. If you need all of these features, then the LG 242 L 3 Star Refrigerator is the best refrigerator in india 2024. 

With its spacious design and finest features, this refrigerator offers a package of ultimate utility to keep your food fresh and energy bills low. 

All that said, in this blog post, we will do a deeper discussion of the top reasons why the LG 242 L 3 Star Refrigerator is a great investment for your kitchen and the best refrigerator under 25000 that one can buy.

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Key Highlights

It has a capacity of 242 litres, which is suited for families with 2 to 3 members.
It has a Smart Inverter Compressor designed for energy efficiency, less noise, and durability.
Equipped with a frost free function to prevent ice build-up.
Door Cooling+ features ensure uniform cooling.
Multi-air flow that controls temperature levels to keep contents fresh.
Trimless tempered glass with adjustable shelves.
Vegetable tray with 29.1 litres capacity; movable double twist ice tray; egg tray; transparent door basket.

Note: The LG 3 star refrigerator is mentioned in the review and is ranked second. Though it came in second, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad choice. In fact, the LG 3 star refrigerator offers excellent energy efficiency and reliable performance, making it one of the best refrigerator under 25000. 

LG 242 L 3 Star Refrigerator

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Pinnacle of EfficiencyExperience the pinnacle of efficiency and design with the LG 242 L 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator ( GL-S292RDSX). Its …
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Model Number





Single Door



Star Rating

3 Star

Annual Energy Consumption

‎232 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Special Features

Humidity Control, Smart Inverter Compressor, Smart Connect, Jet Ice, Anti-Bacterial gasket

No of Shelves


App or Wifi Support




Box Components

Refrigerator, Key, User Manual, QRG, Tray Egg


66.9D x 58.5W x 147.5H Centimeters


51 kg


₹ 24,990


1 year on product + 10 years on compressor

Pros & Cons
9.7Expert Score
VM-One Rating


Fridge & Freezer Ratio
Energy Consumption
Build Quality
Shelf Management
  • Door Cooling+ technology, which facilitates 35% better cooling. 
  • LG has a safe back to make it more user-friendly.
  • The product has good energy optimization.
  • It has a smart diagnosis that can be easily operated by your smartphone.
  • The voltage range of its stabilizer-free operation is quite wide- 100V-310V.
  • Space management could have been better.
  • There is no digital panel.

Design and Looks: LG 3 star Refrigerator

The LG 3 star refrigerator sports a shiny steel finish that exudes a premium feel, complements your home space and makes it look suave and modern.

Door Style 

The double door style is done with a clean and minimalist approach, with hidden hinges and a sleek handle that allows for better organisation and easy access to your food items, making it a practical choice for any kitchen. 

Handles, Shelves, and Interior Layout

The LG 3 star Refrigerator features sturdy and easy-to-clean handles, adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes of containers, and a well-thought-out interior layout that maximises storage space. With ample shelf space and compartments, organising your groceries and leftovers becomes a breeze, ensuring everything stays fresh for longer.

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Build Quality of LG 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator

The LG 242 L 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator is known for its robust build quality and thoughtful design. It doesn’t heat up easily, even in hot weather conditions, which is a testament to its sturdy construction, rendering it one of the best refrigerators under 25000. 

Storage Capacity and Organization

With a generous 242 litres of space, this LG 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator is like a spacious dream come true for families of all sizes. You’ve got plenty of room to stock up on groceries, leftovers, and those midnight snacks. The 3-star energy rating means it’s kind to both your wallet and the environment, keeping your electricity bills in check while chilling your edibles.

Capacity Between the Fridge and Freezer Compartments

The total capacity of this frost-free LG 3 star Refrigerator is a generous 242 liters, perfect for families of 2 to 3 members. Now, let’s split that up:

  • Freezer Compartment: It’s got a cool 63 litres dedicated to your ice creams, frozen veggies, and those emergency pizzas.
  • Fresh Food Compartment: The larger section, meant for your daily groceries, dairy, and fresh produce, spans 179 litres. That’s a lot of space for your culinary experiments and healthy snacks!
  • Organisation of the Interior Space

    This LG 3 star refrigerator has the interior to be as user-friendly as possible. Here’s how it’s organised:

  • Shelves: You’ll find three trimless tempered glass shelves that are adjustable to fit your needs, whether you’re storing a tall cake or a stack of pizza boxes.
  • Vegetable Tray: There’s a spacious 29.1-litre vegetable tray to keep your greens crisp and fresh.
  • Door Baskets: The door isn’t left out either, with four baskets (2 full size and 2 half size) to keep those bottles and condiments handy.
  • Egg Tray and Ice Tray: And of course, there’s a spot for your eggs and a double twist ice tray to ensure you’re always party-ready.
  • Isn’t it neat? With this LG 3 star Refrigerator, you’re all set to keep your food organized and your cool treats within easy reach.

    Performance of LG 3 star Refrigerator

    When it comes to the performance of the LG 3 star refrigerator, there is no room for disappointment. First of all, this refrigerator comes with a powerful inverter compressor that ensures efficient cooling and consistent temperature control, keeping your food fresh for longer periods of time. And the stabiliser-free operation ensures that the refrigerator is protected from voltage fluctuations, making it a reliable and durable appliance for your home. 

    Note: Even though this LG 242 L 3 Star Refrigerator comes with a stabiliser-free operation, it is always recommended to use a stabiliser for added protection in case of extreme voltage fluctuations. Here are some of our best-recommended stabilisers that are compatible with this refrigerator model to ensure its longevity and performance.

    Cooling Technology in LG 3 Star Refrigerator

    The LG 3 star refrigerator boasts Door Cooling+ technology, which provides a 360 degree rotation of cooling. You will observe that your food items are cooled evenly and quickly. Plus, it keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer thanks to this technology. 

    Additionally, the LG 3 star Refrigerator also features a multi-air flow system that ensures even cooling throughout the refrigerator, preventing any hot spots and maintaining the freshness of your food items. This advanced technology helps in preserving the nutritional value of your fruits and vegetables for an extended period of time. 

    Additional Features

    When it comes to being feature rich, the LG 3 Star Refrigerator boasts a variety of additional features that make it a convenient and efficient appliance for any kitchen. 

  • Smart Diagnosis: This feature allows for quick troubleshooting of fridge problems. You can diagnose issues remotely by simply calling the LG Customer Service Helpline and placing the phone on the appliance.
  • Auto Smart Connect: This helps to connect the L3 star refrigerator to the home inverter, ensuring it continues to function during power cuts by automatically taking inverter power when the main power supply is interrupted. 
  • MOIST ‘N’ FRESH: An innovative lattice-patterned box cover that maintains moisture at the optimal level, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer . It helps preserve the freshness of produce by maintaining an ideal environment for storing perishable items. 
  • Toughened Glass Shelves: The LG 3 star refrigerator comes with toughened glass shelves designed to carry heavy loads without any spillage or breakage. This feature adds durability and stability to the refrigerator, making it convenient for storing large quantities of food items. 
  • Antibacterial Gasket: The gasket is designed to keep out bacteria and ensure the cleanliness of the refrigerator’s interior. It helps maintain a hygienic environment for storing food items. 
  • Anti Rat Bite (Cover): A protective cover to prevent damage from rodents and ensure the longevity of the refrigerator . This feature is especially useful in areas where rodents are a common problem, providing peace of mind for the user. With features like these, the LG 3 star refrigerator is a wise option for contemporary kitchens because of its efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use, making it a reliable choice for keeping food fresh and organised.
  • Warranty: LG Refrigerator New Model

    The LG 3 star refrigerator has a one-year product warranty and a ten-year compressor warranty, ensuring that you are covered in case of any defects or malfunction. 

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    Verdict: Best Refrigerator Under 25000

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    There are several top brands known for their quality refrigerators, such as Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool.

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