iPhone 13 vs iPhone 15: Which One Should You Buy in 2023?


iPhone 13 vs iPhone 15: Apple’s “Wonderlust” Event has graced us with the iPhone 15 release recently, and it has been the talk of the town even before its release. Everyone, from anticipators to buyers, was postulating the price of the latest version of the very infamous iPhone, and the product’s launch ended the discussion.

As you may already know, the new iPhone 15 will be retailing at the same price as the iPhone 14 which is Rs. 79,990 for its base model, which comes with storage of 128GB. Many people considering buying the iPhone might be contemplating between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 15 as the prices of both phones are somewhat similar. Let us compare the two products to get to a conclusion. 

Specs Comparison: iPhone 13 or iPhone 15 

The comparison of the specifications of these two phones could help us decide which of these is worth your money. So, let us take a look at the prominent specification difference between 13 and iPhone 15.

  • Both 13 and iPhone 15 come with a 6.1-inch OLED screen. At the same time, the iPhone 15 has Apple’s A16 chipset and a 48-megapixel dual rear camera setup, but the 13 has an A15 chipset and a 12-megapixel dual rear camera setup. 
  • The new iPhone is better than the iPhone 13 in many ways, with the advantages of 4K cinematic mode, punch-hole display design, USB-C port, and much faster chipset than iPhone 13. 
  • Another great benefit of buying the iPhone 15 is that you don’t have to buy a charger separately as it has a USB-C port whereas, you are bound to buy a charger for the iPhone 13. 
  • The new iPhone model claims to have a battery life that lasts for almost a day; contrarily, the iPhone 13 needs twice or more charging per day. 

Price Comparison: iPhone 13 or iPhone 15

The prices of both iPhones are understandable, considering the features it has to offer. 

  • The 128GB of the iPhone 15, which is the base model, retails for Rs. 79,990, and the base model of the iPhone 13, which also comes with 128GB, retails for Rs. 59,990.
  • You should also know that the other models of 13 with 256GB and 512GB  are available for Rs. 69,990 & Rs.89,990, respectively.
  • The iPhone 15 Plus base model retails for Rs. 89,990. 


The final verdict on which iPhone you should buy lies in your hand, depending on the criteria you are going for; both phones are equally good. The iPhone 15 has upgraded features, but that doesn’t mean that iPhone 13 is bad. Considering the price, it is a good 5G phone, has exceptional camera quality, is easy to operate, and gets software updates.

The only suggestion from our end will be if you have a budget of Rs. 80,000 to splurge, go for the iPhone 15 without giving it a second thought. If you have a budget crunch, go for the iPhone 13, which is undoubtedly an excellent option in the market.  

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To know about the launch and features of the iPhone 15 in detail, consider reading our latest Tech Updates on iPhone 15. And for more interesting tech-related information, keep yourself hooked to our website.

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