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iPhone 11 Review: In September, Apple announced the reintroduction of numeric naming for their new series of iPhones. iPhone 11, 11Pro, and 11Pro Max. Design-wise they’re all the same phones as their Roman siblings from the last year, and a year before that, and there hasn’t been any significant change in the design, except that each phone has an extra camera lens now.

There is sure an updated processor in these phones, but to talk about that is irrelevant because Apple processors weren’t bad ever, they are actually good, maybe the best in the industry. But today I want to talk only about the 65,000/- or $699 iPhone 11, which I think is the most interesting product Apple has launched in many years.

So leaving the specs aside, iPhone 11 is identical to its predecessor 10R, with an extra camera lens. It comes with the same look, same button placements, same speaker grill, same curves, same notch, same lightning port, and the same 6.1 inches 720p LCD display. You still can’t watch Full HD videos on YouTube. 720p LCD screen phones are available in less than 10,000/- in India. Sure the quality of their screens isn’t as good as Apple’s, but the real question is how much extra would it cost to have a Full HD screen on the iPhone?

And before I forget, iPhone 11 still comes with the same old slow charger brick with a USB Type-A to lightning connector. And you need to spend extra if you want a fast charger. In an era where all the Premium phones come with bundled fast chargers, for a 2019 premium Apple phone to come with a 5W brick, is a shame.

However, the only good thing that I’m able to find in iPhone 11 is the camera setup. Twin Cameras of 12MP each offer wide and ultra-wide capabilities, and they’re good, rather very good, if not the best. It’s clearly the best camera setup Apple has offered ever. If you buy a phone just for its camera, then you may stop reading this review right here and buy an iPhone 11. But if you’re like me, who wants more bang for their buck, then ask yourself, is a good camera setup enough for you to buy an all-new iPhone?

This brings me to the reason why I want to talk about the iPhone 11 today. The main reason is its price point, 65,000/-, or $699 in the US, which makes it super interesting. Last year’s model 10R was launched at around 77,000/- or $749 in the US, and it ended up becoming the highest-selling phone in the world. Apple sold around 27 million units of 10R in six months. And reducing the price of their highest-selling model by $50 or 12,000/- in India means, that Apple is willing to lose more than $2 billion a year. But why?

1st that Apple started feeling the heat of the flagship killers selling in the range of 25,000 – 40,000 like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Pixel 3A, Oppo, and the like. These phones don’t only offer value for money to the user, but they also offer flagship specs and experience in their products. And they all come with bundled fast chargers and Full HD or better screens.

2nd and most important reason is that Apple has shifted its focus from being just a hardware company to a service-providing company. Apple services like Music, iCloud, Games, News and TV are generating a lot of revenue, and their overall profit is no longer dependent on their iPhone sales as much as it did 5 years ago. So the best way to sell these services to you is by attracting you with cheaper iPhones. The more people buy iPhones, the more Apple services sell, hence, even more revenue. You aren’t just buying an iPhone, you’re buying a ton of services and products from their ecosystem.

Apple knows how to market its products, and it will leave no stone unturned to market this as a premium phone at a cheaper price. And if you have seen their September keynote, then I’m sure you’re half-convinced with their pitch that any other phone in your possession is useless, unless you have an iPhone 11. That’s Apple. Their core strength is marketing. They are so good at making you want things that you shouldn’t want. To add up, every iPhone 11 review has also sung the same tune. That’s why iPhone 11 is probably going to be a best seller yet again.

For all the Apple fans, there’s no doubt that iPhone 11 looks like a compelling product in around the 65,000 price mark, and if that price point is still uncomfortable, then the previous-gen 10R is now available in the sub 50,000 price bracket, which makes it even more interesting purchase. But looking at the insignificant changes in this model from the previous one, or generally, my advice will be to hold on for the 2020 iPhone which will be a real shift in the design language of the iPhone.

For a price-sensitive market like ours, where even premium users are now looking for better specs in their phones. I see Apple taking the crown of best-selling premium smartphones back from OnePlus in India simply because of iPhone 11, in 2019.

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