Instagram Wiped Tim Cook’s Fraudulent Account


Tim Cook, the C.E.O. of Apple, is a prominent personality known by the masses for his contribution to the tech industry. However, it came as a surprise when his Instagram account was discovered and raised curiosity among users. Quite a few individuals followed the account, including Apple’s senior executives like Lisa Jackson and Alan Dye which heightened speculation about its authenticity.

The account which goes by the username @tim.d.cook seemed legitimate and featured quite a few posts. The first post was updated on August 20 to celebrate World Photography Day and showcase the visuals captured by Apple’s iPhone models.

On August 23, a second post was updated which was a 30-second advertisement for the campaign in collaboration with 3DPets. Therefore, both aforementioned posts came from Cook’s official X page and were blatantly copied.

However, 9to5Mac eventually confirmed that the @tim.d.cook account was indeed fraudulent. The account, which had a significant number of followers, was found to be fraudulent and not affiliated with the real Tim Cook. Instagram promptly took it down, leaving users wondering who was behind the elaborate hoax.

It was clear that someone had gone to great lengths to create a convincing impersonation of the Apple CEO.

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Tim Cook has only been on X since 2013

The fact that Tim Cook has only been active on X, formerly known as Twitter, further proved the account’s false nature. Since the Apple CEO is a reserved individual who seldom used social media platforms, it is highly improbable that he maintained an Instagram account.

He has consistently made a point of highlighting the harm that mindless internet scrolling can do to one’s mental well-being.

The incident also raised concerns about online impersonation and the need for platforms like Instagram to strengthen their verification processes. It also highlighted the importance of users being cautious and verifying the authenticity of accounts before engaging with them.

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