iFFALCON TV 43 Inch Review-Is Buying iFFALCON U62 4K HDR TV Worth It?


Written By: Pranjali Maurya

iFFALCON TV 43 inch Review: TV is an essential home gadget as it is a source of entertainment for the entire family. Every Indian tries to buy the best available product in the market under their budget. Buying a good TV for your home can be a hassle if you do not understand what features to look for in a TV that falls within your budget. 

Today, we’re talking about the iFFALCON 43 Inch 4K TV, particularly the U62 model. An iFFalcon 43 Inch TV under 20000 may sound tempting to a lot of people, but we do not recommend this TV to anyone because of the reasons mentioned in this article; read to know more.

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₹ 20,000

VM-One Rating


Connectivity Options


  • 1 LED TV
  • 1 Table Top Stand
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 2 AAA Batteries 


Box Content - iFFALCON TV 43 Inch Review

The TV comes inside a box that contains the product and user manuals required for its setup. Upon opening, we found 1 LED TV, 1 table top stand, 1 warranty card, 1 remote control, and 2 AAA batteries. All the items are nicely packed in the box with protective layers of cushioning. It is advised to check whether all the content is available in the box or not to avoid hindrance in the installation process.

  • 1 LED TV
  • 1 Table Top Stand
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 2 AAA Batteries 

Design & Build - iFFALCON TV 43 Inch Review

With an HDR 10 bezel-less display, this TV offers a good viewing experience for the user. However, there are many ups and downs when it comes to iFFALCON TV 43 inch 4k in the U62 variant which might not make it the best choice for anyone who’s looking for Best 43 inch tv under 20000. Continue reading to know all the important details of this iFFALCON Smart TV.

> The Bezels

The iFFalcon U62 4K 43 Inch TV comes with a negligible bezel design which makes the TV stand out more. The bottom bezel features iFFalcon’s logo, giving the TV a stylish and elegant overall look.

Bezels-iFFALCON tv 43 inch 4k

> Body and Back

The body of the TV is made entirely of plastic. All the connectivity options are located on the back of the TV on one side. The plastic back of this iFFALCON smart TV adds to the overall sleek design.

Front Body-iFFALCON tv 43 inch review
Front View
Back Body-iFFALCON tv 43 inch 4k
Back View

> Stands

The tabletop stands of this iFFALCON 43 inch 4k TV is made up of plastic. However, the build quality of the table top stands is poor. The TV’s wall mount is not included with the product as you purchase it. You will have to purchase the mall mount separately.


Connectivity Options - iFFALCON TV 43 Inch Review

This iFFalcon 43 u62 4k smart TV comes with many connectivity options. All the connectivity options are present on the back of the TV. Connectivity options allow you to use your TV in multiple ways. The TV comes with 3 HDMI ports with one being an eARC 2.1 port, one USB port, and one optical port. The TV supports Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band WiFi of 2.5G + 5G WiFi. The connectivity options of iFFALCON tv 43 inch review are listed below too- 

  • 3X HDMI Ports with one eARC 2.1 port
  • 1X USB Port 
  • 1X Optical port
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Band WiFi Support 


The back of this TV features all the connectivity ports which include 3 HDMI ports. One HDMI port is enabled with eARC 2.1. eARC or Enhanced Audio Return Channel offers a big boost in bandwidth and speed. The main objective of an eARC port is to send higher-quality audio from your TV to a soundbar or AV receiver. According to TCL, the eARC 2.1 port of this TV will support 4K videos at 144 Hz if you connect a cable with 48 GBPS to play a 12-bit video. 

The claim seems to be a marketing gimmick as finding a 12-bit video is next to impossible. The feature seems to be useless hence making it one of the reasons why we don’t recommend anyone to buy this TV. The device also comes with one USB port and one optical port for better connectivity to the internet.

Connectivity Options-iFFALCON tv 43 inch 4k
Connectivity Ports


The iFFALCON TV under 20000 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 allowing you to connect your  Bluetooth devices like portable speakers. The TV also comes with a dual-band WiFi of 2.5G+5G WiFi support allowing you to enjoy the content available on the internet without any buffering or hindrance.


The TV comes with apps like Netflix, Prime Videos, and YouTube already installed in it. The remote, which comes along with this TV features  single-press options allowing you to access the above-mentioned apps in a single touch. Further, you can add up to 7000+ apps on the TV to complete the watchlist you must have planned for yourself.

Software/ Tech Features & OS

The IFFalcon U62 4K 43 Inch TV is a Google TV that allows you to bring multiple free TV channels to one place and organising them according to the content and topics in an easy-to-use guide in a single window. Google TVs are powered by Android OS. You will be able to download many apps using the Play Store available on the TV.

> Casting

With an option of Miracast for your PC, you can cast your work-related documents through your laptop to the bigger screen. You can also cast your favourite videos on the big screen in up to 4K resolution offered in this TV. You can also use the Google Duo app on this TV to connect in the one-on-one discussion with your office peers or friends, provided you have a camera collocated at your place. 

The option of Chromecast is also available in this TV hence you will be able to perform screen mirroring from any device which is compatible with this feature.

>Voice Assistant

This iFFALCON 43 inch TV under 20000 also comes with a voice assistant feature, which allows you to give commands to play your favourite content or anything with your voice. You can also ask any question with a single voice command. This feature allows users to navigate between the content easily.

About Panel - iFFALCON TV 43 Inch Review

> Panel

The TV comes with an 8 Bit FRC VA DLED Panel. As we performed our tests to check the brightness of the TV, we found that the peak HDR brightness of this TV comes to around 230 nits only. Almost all the TVs that are available in the market come with a VA panel as it allows a deeper contrast and colour depth with a higher refresh rate.

 According to claims by TCL, the TV offers a 5000:1 contrast ratio but as we ran our tests, we found that the TV offers a 4200:1 contrast when the brightness is set at 75%. The low brightness in the panel causes many hindrances in the video quality making it one of the reasons why we do not recommend this TV to anyone.

Picture Quality - iFFALCON TV 43 Inch Review

When you are trying to buy a TV for your house, the first thing you must consider before buying any TV is the picture quality. The main reason why we are not recommending this iFFalcon 43 U62 4K Smart TV is its below-average picture quality. Read the below-mentioned details to know more-

> Colors Optimisation

The TV comes with a claim of having an inbuilt AI picture engine and dynamic colour enhancement in the TV making the customers believe that the TV must come with an amazing picture quality but, in the process of testing the colour optimisation of this TV we found certain disappointing aspects of this TV.

 The colour gamut of the display showcased that the TV supports the RGB colours quite well; however, when it comes to the DCI P3 ratio; it was found to be at 79%. This leads to the reds, blues, and greens being highly oversaturated.

Color Gamet-iFFALCON tv 43 inch 4k
Color Gamut of Display

> Colors Saturation

As mentioned above, the picture quality of the iFFALCON tv 43 inch review TV is not that good as the colours appear over-saturated in this TV. No matter what format you use to play your video, the colours will appear to be over-saturated throughout. 230 nits of brightness offered in this TV is suitable for SD and HD set-top box content, but if you are planning to watch content that requires support of higher brightness, then this TV underperforms.

Color 1-iFFALCON tv 43 inch 4k
Colors View 1
Color 2-iFFALCON tv 43 inch 4k
Colors View 2

> Blacks

In this iFFALCON 43 Inch 4K TV, you will find that the blacks offered in this TV are good because of the low brightness panel used in this TV. As this TV offers lower brightness, having good blacks doesn’t seem to matter much because you will miss out on important details like shadow and contrast.

Blacks 1
Blacks View 1
Blacks 2
Blacks View 2

> HDR10 Support

The TV only supports the HDR10 format of the video. With a low brightness panel that offers a brightness of 230 Nits only, this iFFalcon TV will not do justice to the high-quality content that you might want to play on this TV. When you talk about HDR10, then you must expect good details along with high brightness. Because of the low-quality VA panel used in this TV, you will observe no details in the shadows.

> HDR Brightness

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a colour technology enabling a display to emit a broader spectrum of colours and contrasts. During the testing, we found the peak HDR brightness of the TV was more than 300 nits indicating the capacity to display a wide range of colours. 

Additionally, the Redmi has brilliantly optimised the colours, bringing liveliness to the display. Since the Redmi Fire TV features a VA Panel and Vivid Picture Engine, all the colours look deep and fantastic.

Brightness Test
Brightness Test

> Viewing Angles

The viewing angles that this iFFALCON smart TV offers can be considered average or even below average. You will experience a 30-35% loss in colour and brightness, which signals that a very low-budget panel is used in this TV.

Viewing Angles
Viewing Angles

OTT Performance - iFFALCON TV 43 Inch 4K

As you switch to OTT platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Videos, etc then you will notice that the picture quality decreases. The reason for this decrease in the picture quality is that the TV only supports HDR10, HLG or Dolby Vision is not supported in this TV.

Amazon Prime-iFFALCON tv 43 inch review
Amazon Prime
Netflix-iFFALCON tv 43 inch

STB (Set Top Box) Performance

The 8 Bit FRC VA DLED Panel installed in this TV will perform well while playing any content through your STB. The picture quality will remain good throughout as you make a switch between multiple channels available in your STB. This TV is not the best 43 Inch TV under 20000.

STB Performance-iFFALCON tv 43 inch 4k
STB View 1
STB Performance-iFFALCON 43 inch 4k tv
STB View 2

>SD and HD Channels

If you want to test the STB performance of this TV, watching SD and HD content on TV will be your first move. The HDR10 feature of this TV allows a good viewing experience. The output of the TV when watching SD channels as well as the HD channel was good, with enjoyable picture quality.

> Upscaling Capacities

The upscaling capabilities of this iFFALCON smart TV are average. When you are playing any content through USB, you will find that the picture quality is not very good but also not very bad. Therefore, it can be considered as average.

Upscaling Capabilities- iFFALCON tv 43 inch 4k
Upscaling Capacities

Other Features - iFFalcon 43 U62 4K Smart TV

There are certain features that this TV offers since this TV is powered by Google TV OS. Here’s a list of all the other features available in this TV- 

  • Google Watchlist- You can add your watchlist through your phone or laptop via Google search option on this TV.
  • Google Photos- You can enjoy the slides of your favourite pictures present in your Google Photos when the device is idle. 
  • Kids Care- You can create a kid’s profile on this TV, it will filter out appropriate content for your children to enjoy. 
  • Home Control- You can control all the compatible home devices through this TV.

Audio Quality - iFFalcon 43 U62 4K Smart TV

The overall audio quality of this TV is good and satisfactory. While watching any movie on this TV, you can hear every dialogue efficiently, without any soundbar. The TV comes with two 9.5 W speakers. The device also supports Dolby Audio, which gives you an immersive audio experience for movies, music and sports.

Warranty & Guarantee - iFFALCON 43 Inch 4K TV

Like any other TV, the iFFALCON 43 Inch 4K TV under 25000 offers a comprehensive 1 Year warranty, provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

Pros & Cons(Detailed)

  • The HDR10 feature of this device offers a good viewing experience when you’re watching the STB Content.
  • The VA Panel inbuilt in this TV offers good and impressive blacks.
  • The TV comes with a Dolby Audio system along with two 9.5 W speakers delivering good quality audio.
  • If you are looking for the best 43 inch TV under 20000 then you can consider buying this TV. The TV is not the best, but it’s a budget-friendly TV option.
  • The  8 Bit FRC VA DLED Panel featured in this TV can be considered a low brightness panel; leading to bad picture quality. 
  • It is claimed that this TV has an AI picture engine and dynamic colour enhancement yet it fails to offer an immersive viewing experience.
  • You will have to tune every colour in this TV as the banding is visible. An average user may find it hard to do this extra step.
  • The colours appear to be over-saturated in this TV. 230 nits of brightness offered in this TV is only suitable for SD and HD content which you can play through an STB.
  • The viewing angles of this TV are average. As the VA panel used in this TV is of very low quality, you may observe a 30-35% colour and brightness loss.
  • As you play content through USB, you will notice that the picture quality offered is average hence, making the upscaling average.
  • The contrast ratio claimed by TCL in this TV is 5000:1, but as we ran our test we found the contrast ratio around 4200:1 in this TV.
  • The claims of  HDMI eARC 2.0 port will support 4K videos at 144 Hz if you connect a cable with 48 GBPS to play a 12-bit video appears to be a marketing gimmick as finding a 12-bit video is next to impossible.

Key Specs


  • Bezel-less
  • Sleek body made of plastic
  • Plastic stands
  • Wall mountable


  • 4K HDR 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels


  • 8 Bit FRC VA DLED Panel


  • Google TV

RAM & Storage

  • 2 GB RAM with 16 GB Storage


  • Dolby Audio
  • MP3 Audio, Wma


  • 3X HDMI Ports with one eARC 2.1 port
  • 1X USB Port 
  • 1X Optical port
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Band WiFi Support 

Buy Now

iFFALCON tv 43 inch Price

₹ 20,000

Verdict - Is iFFALCON tv 43 inch review Worth Purchasing?

With the above-mentioned details written in this iFFalcon U62 43 Inch 4K TV review, you will observe that the TV can be a good budget-friendly option to buy if you are looking to buy a iFFALCON TV under 20000. However, we don’t recommend this TV as you will have to compromise with the picture quality. If a TV is not able to offer good picture quality, then it doesn’t satisfy the basic need which a customer looks for in a TV. The VA panel used in this TV is not of the best quality which leads to a low-quality viewing experience.

 Important details in the shadow and contrast are not visible which results in missing out on the attributes of the content you might watch on this TV. Even though this TV supports HDR10 but not having Dolby Vision and HLG support will limit good viewing experience only to SD and HD content of the STB. The picture quality will decrease as you make a switch to an OTT platform.  

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 IFFalcon is a subsidiary IT company of TCL that is responsible for launching smart TVs in the market.

The special features of this TV are- HDR10 support making it a good budget-friendly 4K TV.

Google TV offers more powerful hardware than any Android TV, making it a better choice for gaming and other high-call tasks. If you consider availability, then an Android TV is more easily available in the market than a Google TV.

 The IFFalcon U62 4K TV is a Google TV offering multiple free channels in a single display. 

 Yes, iFFalcon is a TCL brand.

The TV comes with ‎2 GB of RAM installed and a 16 GB memory.



















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