Hisense A7H Tornado 2 Review- The best 55 Inch 4K TV?


Recently, Hisense revamped its previous model of Tornado TV and launched Hisense A7H Tornado 2. The latest Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0 supports HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+ and has a built-in JBL soundbar. It has a 1200:1 contrast ratio but is this enough? What about its color and brightness? Does it have a natural color profile? Is this an excellent option to consider? Should you buy this TV or instead go for another one? Scroll to find out the answers!

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Best 4k TV Under 50000


best 4k tv under 50000

Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0 has almost negligible bezels, giving it a premium look. Hisense calls it a floating glass display which is true. On the bottom is JBL built-in soundbar with 2 front-firing tweeters and 4 bottom-firing speakers. JBL has tuned it with 2 front-firing tweeters and 4 down-firing full-range speakers, which translates to fantastic clarity.

All connectivity options are on the back- 3 HDMI ports (1 HDMI 2.1 eARC port) and others. It supports Bluetooth 5.1 and dual-band wifi. There are no far-field microphones. However, voice assistant commands can be given by a remote that has Netflix, Youtube, Sony Liv, Prime Video, and Disney Hotstar hotkeys.


In Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0, you get Android 11 Google OS out of the box. It has all apps pre-downloaded. Your favorite and suggested content will appear in the form of tiles. However, if you are still not satisfied, you can download more apps on the TV. It has built-in Chromecast, Miracast, and Apple Airplay support which means that Apple devices can be cast. It has 2 GB RAM,16 GB gross, and 7.3 GB usable storage. Android 11 is heavy software, but 7.3 GB storage is appropriate.


Hisense Tornado TV 2.0 has 8 bit FRC IPS DLED panel with 450 nits peak HDR brightness. According to Hisense, its sustained brightness is 400 nits. Peak brightness means that the TV can show a peak of 450 nits brightness in a particular area if and when required. Sustained brightness means the brightness all over the panel.

As per Hisense, it is a direct full array panel (not full array local dimming). Direct means DLED backlighting and full array mean uniform backlighting with little gaps. This gives uniform brightness i.e, 400 nits sustained brightness.

hisense a7h tornado 2.0
DesignThin Bezel Design,
ABS Body,
Metal Stand
Resolution4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 60Hz Refresh Rate with MEMC 8ms Response Time
Panel8 Bit FRC IPS Panel;
HDR 10, HLG & Dolby Vision;
Peak HDR Brightness 450 Nits;
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
FeaturesDirect Full Array;
Pixel Tuning;
Sports Mode (MEMC);
Game Mode Plus (ALLM);
VRR 48Hz to 60Hz;
Remote Finder
SoftwareAndroid 11 Google TV OS;
Chromecast Built-in;
Apple Airplay
CPU GPUQuad Core CPU Mali-G52 GPU
RAM Storage2 GB RAM;
16 GB Storage;
Free 7.3 GB
Audio102W JBL Built-in Soundbar;
6 JBL Speakers;
Dolby Atmos
Connectivity Options3 HDMI (1x 2.1 1eARC),
2 USB Port,
Optical Audio Port;
Headphone Jack;
LAN port;
Bluetooth 5.1;
Dual Band WiFi
Price₹ 43,000

Video Formats:

Hisense Tornado TV 2.0 supports HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+. You get all video format support with 450 nits peak brightness. This is what makes the content enjoyable. We tested HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos content on Amazon Prime and it was wonderful. It wasn’t the best in comparison to all TVs. But it is the best in TVs of this budget segment. Details in colors and shadows were good. More details in HDR content are all that you need.

We tested Dolby Vision content on Netflix. As a result, the colors were vivid and the content was detailed. We were completely satisfied. We also played the Ulta HD 4K content and it was also detailed. The dark scenes looked terrific.

Color Profile and Picture Quality:

best 55 inch smart tv in india 2-colors

All the 3 colors are over-saturated, but red is the most over-saturated one. We like this kind of picture quality. With oversaturated red, picture quality becomes more vivid. We talk about the picture quality that comes out of the box color profile. The color profile can be changed by changing picture modes or by calibrating colors. We always test on default mode and in default mode, colors are slightly oversaturated, but they don’t look bad.


best 55 inch 4k tv - blacks

Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0 is not perfect TV in terms of black as it is an IPS panel. To solve this, use the fox light behind the TV (Rs 300-400). By doing so, dark greys will look black which is good. It has a 1200:1 contrast ratio. We tested it and there was not much difference in blacks at the end of the graph.

Every color has different shades and this panel can’t detect that. It is not bad as it is an IPS panel as well as a budget TV. All shades of every color are only visible in TVs starting from Rs 1 lakh and above. Its contrast is satisfactory. As per the IPS panel, its blacks are also satisfactory. They will not appear as grey. In bright rooms such as the living room, you don’t even need a fox light. Fox light is required only in dark rooms. Then the dark grey will appear black.

It comes with a Pixel Tuning feature, which adjusts brightness and colors as per scene to provide optimum picture quality. It is an essential feature as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision content require such variations and if the TV’s hardware and software support it, then it is amazing.


hisense tornado tv 2.0 - upscaling

We were not happy, but we were pretty satisfied with the SD channels. Upscaling the SD channel is fine. HD channels are amazingly upscaled. SD channels can’t be upscaled that well on such a big screen, but HD channels can. As you switch to the sports channel, the sports mode gets turned on.

The sports mode is MEMC. Turn it on while watching sports only. Adjust settings as per your interest. But MEMC must be off during movies. To enjoy sports, turn MEMC on.


The best 55 inch 4K TV, Hisense Tornado TV 2.0 has a Game Mode+ feature which is ALLM through HDMI 2.1 eARC port. Connect the gaming console with it to get 48Hz to 60Hz VRR. This gaming performance is good in this budget segment. This advantage is not available in any other kind of content except for gaming.

Audio Quality:

The main highlight of this best 55 inch smart TV in India 2022 is its built-in JBL soundbar of 102W.

If we have to describe it in one word, we would say- fantastic. You don’t need any soundbar with this TV. Tornado’s built-in soundbar is more than sufficient. Its sound is amazing.

Pros & Cons:


  • Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0 has good sustained and peak HDR brightness, which is a basic necessity to watch content.
  • Its colors and blacks are satisfactory.
  • HDR and Dolby Vision content is detailed and sharp. There are no issues with it.
  • Upscaling of SD channels is fine, but that of HD channels is good. Upscaling of 720p content, 1080p content, and 4K is amazing. Overall, upscaling is good.
  • For gaming, you get ALLM and VRR, which is good. However, VRR is not helpful while watching regular content.
  • The viewing angles of this IPS panel are good, with only 10% color and brightness loss at extreme sides. You don’t watch TV from extreme sides. You watch TV from the front and there is no color or brightness loss from the front.


  • Hisense Tornado TV 2.0 has an IPS panel and hence you don’t get the deepest blacks as of a VA panel. This is the basic feature of an IPS panel. But it can be solved with fox lights (Rs200-300). Keep it behind the TV for better blacks.
  • Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0 TV comes with over-saturated colors out of the box. These are not bad, but you can always calibrate them or change the picture mode.
  • Colors are vivid but they are over-saturated and not natural.
  • Greys are not that uniform. We will score them as 8/10 and this is fine for this range of TVs. All panels in this range offer the same levels of grey uniformity.

“Earlier, while testing, we discovered a small bug in all Hisense 2022 TVs in 4K videos played on Youtube. But now it has been resolved in all Hisense TVs.”

A Quick Comparison- Hisense Tornado vs Hisense Tornado 2.0

Basically, Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0 is Hisense A6H with a built-in soundbar for good audio quality. Hisense A6H comes with 20W down-firing speakers and Hisense A6H is an average TV. Now, there is only a Rs 4000 difference between their 55 inch models. For Rs 4000, you get a slightly improved panel in Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0. The overall brightness and color optimization are almost the same but the content in Hisense Tornado is more detailed and sharper.

The audio quality is improved and it is awesome, which is the biggest pro. It is far better than Tornado 1. No soundbar is required with its Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0. If you have a soundbar, then you can skip Tornado and go for Hisense A6H. Otherwise, go for Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0.

“Friends, we have not bought Hisense A7H Tornado TV. Rather, the brand Hisense has sent it for its reviewing. But we only make trueviews and like all other Trueviews, we will tell the pros and cons in this one too. After that, you can decide yourself whether you want to buy Hisense A7H Tornado 2.0 TV or not.”

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best 55 inch smart tv in india 2022

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  1. Can you help in choosing between Hisense A7H and Mi TV 5x? Currently Hisense A7H costs around 38K, while Mi TV 5X is at 47K. Need to know whether the extra cost is worth it. And how about Hisense A7K? It costs around 44K on flipkart.

    I really appreciate your trueviews, thanks a lot.

  2. Please reply at the earliest. So, I can buy it during the sale.
    I have two TVs in mind. Hisense Tornado 2.0 55inch and LG UQ 7500 50inch. I have seen your video and you mentioned that LG video clarity is soo amazing and best. So, would you recommend LG even though it’s 50 inches? Is it worth compromising 5 inches for LG and paying an extra Rs.3000 over Hisense?

    Please try to reply at the earliest.

    1. I too am in same dilemma. Rahul have you decided? the difference of price in SEpt is more than 10000.

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