Indian Government Postpones the laptop import Ban by 3 Months


In order to promote “MAKE IN INDIA,” the Indian government has reportedly limited the importation of laptops, tablets, personal computers, and other digital gadgets. Manufacturers of electronic devices such as Apple, Acer, HP, Dell, and others have reportedly asked the government to extend the deadline for getting laptop licenses to 9 to 12 months. Additionally, according to the government, imports of the electronic devices on the list are only permitted with a valid license for restricted imports.


  • The government wants to encourage indigenous production while reducing its dependency on imports.
  • Only legitimate imports—i.e., those accompanied by non-restricted products and a legitimate license—will be permitted.
  • India is attempting to become a major industrial nation and laptop imports.
  • The government is worried about security threats associated with imported items, such as data theft.
  • Additionally, passengers who have the afore mentioned devices in their luggage will not be subject to this ban.

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India Postpones the Laptop imports by 3 Months. 

  • India is delaying by three months the implementation of its import restriction on laptops, tablets, and servers. 
  • Up to 31st October, laptop imports consignments can be cleared without a valid license.
  • According to a government statement, clearance will start requiring government authorization on November 1.

A decision to postpone the requirement for import licenses for laptops imports, tablets, personal computers, and other digital gadgets is probably coming “soon” from the Indian government. The industry participant received assurances from India’s deputy minister that they would give a “Transition Period” before putting the revised import regulation into effect. By lowering their laptop imports quotas into India, the action was intended to alleviate the trade imbalance between China and Korea.

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