Google’s Gemini vs ChatGPT: Will Google’s Gemini Put An End to ChatGPT’s Supremacy?


Google’s Gemini vs ChatGPT: OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been in the talks of every tech enthusiast because of its early release, which helped it to lead the race of AI tools. Backed by Microsoft’s large data centre, ChatGPT successfully captured the users’ attention with its prompt and mostly accurate responses. But will this supremacy last in the market? Google is set to launch its AI tool Gemini in the coming fall, which may put OpenAI’s tool in a tough spot.

Google’s Gemini to Launch In Fall 2023: Google’s Gemini vs ChatGPT

With every big organisation now working to create its own AI tool, it was anticipated that a competitor to ChatGPT may emerge soon. Backed by Google’s vast training resources, Gemini is set to hit the market in the coming fall this year. With access to Google’s YouTube, vast search index, Google Books, and Google Scholars, the company already has every piece of resource it may need to train its AI tool.

Gemini will also be the first multimodal model to be launched in the market, which GPT-4 lags. It is also anticipated that with its new AI-powered tool Gemini, Google may use it to train its existing Chatbot Bard.  

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Last month, the world saw Gemini’s first look at Google’s Developers Conference, where they discussed several other AI tools that the tech giant will launch soon in the market. In April, we saw Google’s collaborating with its subsidiary company DeepMind to create its own AI research facility Google DeepMind.

Both parties came together to collaborate in a single Project, ‘Gemini’. Sundar Pichai’s smart move to collaborate with DeepMind became fruitful as they’re now able to utilise Google’s giant computational resources and DeepMind’s advanced research on the topic to boost the project’s overall efficiency. 

Will Gemini Snatch ChatGPT’s Throne?

With Google and DeepMind’s efficient collaboration on this project, Its is surely now in a more challenging spot. With emphasis given to Gemini’s being the first-ever Multimodal AI Tool, Gemini is set to groundbreaking.

The most exciting feature of Gemini being a Multimodal model is that it will be able to process and understand different forms of data while simultaneously being highly efficient with API Integrations and tools. In the comment section below, let us know your views about this AI tool.

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