Google Search Now Has Grammar Checker-How to Use it


Let’s get ready to get under Google grammar checker control as the tech giant has launched its new update, tackling the terrible grammar mistakes you make while searching for something. People use other browser extensions like Grammarly, and Be correct to check their grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc. Now, you’re not supposed to oblige to all these steps to get your grammar verified by other extensions; you can simply go for Google’s spelling-checking feature. So far this tool seems to work well, it is all about your convenience. 

Google is using an AI-powered grammar checker that will resolve all your grammar issues within seconds. You can simply search for something followed by ‘grammar check’ or ‘spelling check’, which will activate the AI, and it can help you accordingly.

Since this AI-powered tool is in the early stage of development hence it might not show and correct the errors, but the company has sorted this problem beforehand. The spelling checker has a ‘Feedback’ option where one can post their respective feedback and queries which will help in the enhancement of this unique feature. This feature is doing great but can sometimes bother you with accuracy which will ultimately be resolved with your helpful feedback.

As of now, this update is only available in English, and another reason why this tool won’t work is when you are using sentences with the following content:

  • Dangerous content
  • Hateful content
  • Medical content
  • Terrorist content
  • Violence and gore
  • Vulgar language and profanity

All the above reasons or anything inappropriate for the internet will not be corrected by the Google spelling checker tool.

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Now, you might ask how you use this tool, so allow me to bring it to you simply. 

You can write your sentence in the search bar and then type ‘spelling checker’ or ‘grammar checker’. The corrected sentence will appear, and now you can continue browsing.

Note that this update can be used both on your desktop and your mobile phones. Now you are free from using all the other apps or searching for the correct spellings you can directly get your error fixed in the search bar. For any queries feel free to drop a comment and keep reading our tech updates for such informational insights.

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