Google’s New AI Search on Chrome Will Now Summarize Webpages For You, Here’s Everything Need to Know


AI Search on Google Chrome: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to know everything related to any topic as you hover your pointer over that word? Well, this will soon be possible with Google’s new AI-Powered SGE. Google has announced that it has updated its AI-powered SGE, enabling it to make the user experience more meaningful by helping you learn and understand the information available on the internet. 

Representatives from Google gave their reaction in their Blog post to this new update by writing, “We launched our generative Search experience (SGE) less than three months ago, and we’re encouraged that the early feedback has been positive. Since the initial rollout, we’ve continuously made improvements to make the experience even more helpful. In fact, we recently announced updates including more images and videos in overviews, improvements to how links are displayed and more.

What Will The Update Contain?

As you are researching something new, you may want to know more about any topic or would want to have a deeper understanding of any topic. With the latest update, there is now a beta option to summarize longer articles into smaller ones in the Google Chrome App with the exception being the articles that are behind a paywall.

The major point of this update is that Google will now be able to provide a ‘Key Point’ of an article along with a ‘Explore on Page’ button which will enable the user to know more and go deeper in any topic. As per reports, Google is also working on an update that will allow users to hover over certain texts and give information like graphs and diagrams as they do so. 

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Where Is This New AI Search Update Available?

As of now, the update is available on Google Chrome iOS and Android devices. The update will be available in the desktop version soon, as per reports provided by Google. This new ‘SGE While Browsing’ feature has been developed mainly to cater to the needs of users who are looking to have a deeper understanding of any topic available on the internet. We are sure this update will help a lot of people, especially the students.

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