Amid Rising Security Concerns, Google Chrome to Get Weekly Updates


Amid rising security concerns, Google announced that its browser Chrome will opt for weekly updates. Previously, the tech giant used to release security updates biweekly but to patch the increasing privacy issues, they planned to release them weekly. 

With more than 3.22 Billion internet users, Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers across the globe. Being a widely used browser, Chrome is an obvious target for hackers and individuals who want to leverage its vulnerabilities.

Since Google manages the open-source Chromium project – the base of Chrome, it is Google’s responsibility to preserve the user data from getting into the wrong hands. However, Google plans to release channel updates more frequently for mobile and PC.

More About Google Chrome’s Security

Chromium is an open-source project that reveals vulnerabilities in Google Chrome to potential hackers. The unpushed security patch update is also visible to the hackers, and they might misuse it. 

Previously, in 2020 the company reduced the patch timing from 35 days to 14 days to bid farewell to security risks and data exploitations. However, recently, Google Chrome has planned to release a security patch update to eliminate all the security concerns and fix the bugs ASAP.

The biggest concern for the tech company is the Android ecosystem using Chromium-based browsers, which is extremely difficult to control. The bug fixes and security updates on Android depend on patch rollout by the manufacturers, who take months to release them, thus allowing hackers and cybercriminals to exploit the bugs. Want to read more tech updates? Visit here!

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Abhishek Yadav


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