Google Brings AI Writing and Editing Feature to Chromebook


In a recent announcement, Google announced that its products and services will be enhanced with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The tech giant has an array of services, including Gmail, Docs, and Slides, which are already optimized with (AI)-powered features. Furthermore, the company plans to bring an additional AI writing and editing feature for Chromebook.
Google tech is continuously practicing on a project which has five codenames. It is related to three main words “Orca”, “Mako”, and “Manta”. When we edit a body of text on ChromeOS you will see that Orca will show up when you right-click the menu. If users will click on the “Orca” a “Bubble” with the Mako UI code will be shown on the screen.

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As stated, In the Codes Make Will Have Three Main Tasks in AI Writing –

  • Firstly, It has the power to request to rewrite the texts.
  • Now it is to be presumed that (AI) has rewritten.
  • It can provide a list of well-designed ‘Text queries’ that we are able to see in the (AI) technology.
  • Furthermore, Mako can “Insert” the revised text in the main text where users usually ‘Set off’.
  • Inversely, Mako will probably send users ‘Original Texts’ and result in Google Servers, which will send the text to the (AI) enhanced version for AI Writing.

In the interim, it is reported that the tech is doing massive planning to introduce a new Android feature that will allow users to link their various devices at a time in Android.

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