Elon Musk Turning “X” Into an All-paid Platform: Find Out Why


Since buying the Twitter platform and rebranding it “X,” Elon Musk has consistently been in the news. His bold and controversial statements on various topics have garnered significant attention from the media and the public alike. Now, it is speculated that X might turn into an all-paid platform. This move is to curb the bots and fake accounts plaguing the platform and create a more authentic and engaging user experience.

The idea of turning Twitter, now known as X, into a paid platform for all users has always been present. However, Elon Musk didn’t disclose the exact date or timeline when the plan would be in motion or how much the subscription fee might be. Musk believes that implementing a paid model will not only deter bots and fake accounts but also provide a more reliable source of revenue for the platform’s future growth.

Elon Musk, X currently charges premium users $8 per month for their subscription, which entitles them to the ability to edit posts, view fewer ads, write longer posts, and receive priority placement in searches and conversations. The subscription fee for premium users also includes access to an advanced analytics and pricing strategy, ensuring that users willing to pay for additional benefits can enjoy a more enhanced and personalised experience on the platform. 

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Elon Musk in Conversation with Israeli Prime Minister

During their conversation, Musk shared the X user count with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He claimed that X presently has 550 million active users who use the network monthly and publish between 100 and 200 million daily posts. Nevertheless, Musk didn’t specify the proportion of actual users against automated accounts. 

Musk intended for his conversation with Netanyahu to primarily focus on the potential risks of cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, and how it should be governed. However, the conversation went political as Musk mentioned that X supports anti-Semitism and hate speech, which overshadowed the discussion.
X is a robust tool for sharing information and facilitating communication, but it also has its share of issues and controversies. Recently, X has plans to introduce a plethora of new features that have been met with mixed reviews. Some users appreciate the innovative features that enhance their experience on the platform, while others have raised concerns about privacy and data security.

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