Disney to Impose New Account Sharing Policy & Increment in the Plans


After Netflix disabled its password-sharing option, Disney and many other applications, including Hulu, have followed the same. They just announced that it will prohibit account sharing on its streaming platforms. The company will release more information about the complete procedure in 2024. 

We already have the technical capability to monitor much of this,” stated CEO Bob Iger.

I’m not going to give a specific number, except to say that it is significant,” he says, describing it as a “real priority.

This strategy is being implemented by Disney and other companies in order to make streaming economical.

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Other tactics taken by Disney to begin profit include ad-supported choices, content cuts, and a few others. The OTT giant also stated that it would make Disney a “one-app experience.”

Another recent move by them was an increase in rates and the addition of three new plans for its streaming services, including Disney+, ESPN, and Hulu; the ad-supported alternatives for Disney+ and Hulu will remain unchanged. 

The cheap plans will be available at the same price, but there will be a hike in the prices of the premium plans. Currently, Their Hot-star VIP plan is offered at Rs. 399/year; later, the basic “mobile” plan will start from Rs. 499/year.

The second plan to be introduced is called “super”, which will be offered at Rs. 899/year will show HD content, and will be supported by two devices. The third plan, called “Premium”, for Rs.1499/year, supports four devices with 4k video quality. The new plans will be implemented from September 1. 

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