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Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar Review: What could be better than a soundbar that offers a 5.1 surround sound experience of just under 10,000? People who are always on the lookout for surround-channel soundbars will enthusiastically start buying them. Yet, some soundbars don’t deliver the 5.1 surround sound quality they boast. The Blaupunkt 5.1 soundbar is among those that don’t live up to their claims. Despite its affordable price, the soundbar fails to provide an immersive surround sound experience. 

Therefore, after carefully examining the soundbar, we concluded that it is not as exceptional as it initially appears and that purchasing it is not advised. In our detailed Blaupunkt SBW550 soundbar review, you will get to know the why factor. So, let’s get straight into the details of our evaluation and know why we reached this conclusion.


Blaupunkt Home Theater Surround Soundbar

(SBW550 5.1)

₹ 10,999



VM-One Rating


Total Output

Box Content-Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar Review

In the box, we found the Blaupunkt Soundbar 5.1, which has everything a normal soundbar offers.

> In The Box

  • Soundbar
  • Wired Subwoofers
  • Remote Control 
  • AUX Cable
  • Manual Guide
Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar Review
Front View

Design & Looks-Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Upon unboxing and reviewing the Blaupunkt SBW550 soundbar, we observed:

  • The Blaupunkt Soundbar 5.1 has a conventional appearance, including a sleek and minimalist design. 
  • It features piano-black plastic on top and a grey metal grill on the front, which sports a subtle branding of Blaupunkt, giving it a decent look. 
  • The subwoofer for the soundbar also has a similar design to their earlier models with no enhancement, which may be disappointing for those looking for a more modern and innovative design.

However, the overall design of the Blaupunkt Soundbar 5.1 still makes it visually appealing.

best soundbar under 10000
Subwoofers-best soundbar under 10000

Connectivity Options-Blaupunkt Soundbar 5.1

The connectivity options we get with the Blaupunkt Soundbar 5.1 include support for Bluetooth 5.0 with optical input and HDMI ARC. Despite being on the list of ‘Not Recommended’ products, it offers good connectivity options- 

soundbar with wireless subwoofer
Connectivity Options

Remote Control-Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar Review

If you are looking for a better, enhanced remote control, then the Blaupunkt Soundbar 5.1 might not be the best option for you. The reasons are:

  • It has limited functionality. 
  • The modes that the remote control of the Blaupunkt 5.1 soundbar comes with are quite useless. 
  • Lastly, the remote control lacks an ergonomic design, making it uncomfortable to hold and operate for extended periods.

However, it is still functional and allows you to navigate the soundbar’s settings and features easily.

blaupunkt soundbar 5.1
Remote Control

Speaker Output-Blaupunkt Bluetooth Speaker

Although the speaker output for the Blaupunkt 5.1 soundbar was 300 watts, we anticipated a more engrossing audio experience, given that the device calls itself a 5.1 soundbar. Upon further reviewing, we concluded why it fell short of expectations.

  • The speaker output lacked clarity and depth, making it difficult to enjoy the audio experience fully. Moreover, the Blaupunkt SBW550 soundbar cannot articulate the source content without distortion precisely
  • Additionally, the soundbar struggled to produce adequate volume levels, especially in larger rooms. Even when claimed as a 5.1 soundbar, it clearly failed to fill the room with the audio.
  • The lack of surround channels makes it evident that this soundbar fails at delivering the claimed- 360-degree surround sound experience.

Furthermore, the soundbar’s bass response is underwhelming, lacking the deep and powerful tones that are expected from a high-quality audio device.

Audio Quality-Best Soundbar Under 10000

The Blaupunkt 5.1 soundbar provides three drivers of 2.5 inches each. The same speaker drivers are given in the speakers or surround channels. But are they able to deliver a 5.1 audio output? Absolutely not! They deliver an audio experience like that of five speakers. You get sound from all the speakers, but it is nowhere near the output you get from a 5.1 soundbar. 

The blaupunkt soundbar 5.1 should provide a vivid theatrical experience; however, will you call it surround sound if you have minimal audio transitions and slight audio alterations? No, you wouldn’t consider it true surround sound. The audio quality of a soundbar is crucial to delivering an immersive and realistic audio experience, so it’s important to ensure that the speaker output and surround capabilities meet your expectations. What we get from the Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar is not up to par and may not meet the expectations of audiophiles or those seeking high-fidelity audio.

> Audio Samples

Bass Performance-Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar Review

Surprisingly, the bass performance improved, providing a decent amount of depth and rumble to enhance the audio experience. However, it did occasionally overpower the other frequencies, resulting in a slightly unbalanced sound. If the bass overpowers the mids or vocals, then it leads to the delivery of unclear dialogues. 

The best performance from a soundbar is when it delivers perfectly balanced high, mid, and low frequencies. But unfortunately, in the Blaupunkt SBW550 soundbar, the bass overpowers all the frequencies. Nonetheless, for those who enjoy a strong bass presence in their audio, the Blaupunkt Soundbar 5.1 may still be a satisfactory option.

Also, keeping in mind the price range of the soundbar, we are amazed to see how the soundbar is tuned to deliver excellent output at this price.

At the same time, the surround channels are also emitting the mixed sound of surrounding frequencies and main frequencies, which further enhances the overall performance of the soundbar.

Clarity/High Notes-Best Soundbar Under 10000

As you move towards mid-tones and higher frequencies, the clarity and detail of the sound start to diminish slightly- 

Price-Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar Review

Prices play a vital role when making a purchasing decision. With that said, the price of the Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar is 10,999.

Warranty & Guarantee-Blaupunkt Soundbar 5.1

The Blaupunkt 5.1 soundbar has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase and a 6-month warranty in the recertified collection. This warranty by Blaupunkt covers any defects in materials or workmanship and ensures that the soundbar will be repaired free of charge within the specified time frame.

Pros & Cons - (Detailed)

  • Bass is exceptional because of its deep, resonant sound that adds a powerful and captivating element to any musical composition.
  • Minimalistic design makes it appealing to those who appreciate simplicity and elegance.
  • According to our Blaupunkt soundbar 5.1 reviews, it unfortunately falls short of delivering a satisfactory audio experience despite its promising features. The frequent interruptions and inconsistent sound levels disrupt the immersion and make it difficult to fully enjoy the content being played.
  • It offers a low-quality remote control with unappealing modes and limited functionality. Additionally, the remote control lacks an ergonomic design, making it uncomfortable to hold and operate for extended periods.
  • Frequency was subpar for a 5.1 channel soundbar, as it struggled to deliver the full range of audio frequencies expected from a system of its calibre. The lack of depth and clarity in the lower frequencies was particularly noticeable, leaving the overall sound quality feeling underwhelming.
  • Speaker output lacked clarity and depth, making it difficult for you to fully engage with the message being conveyed.
  • High note delivery is shallow, making the Blaupunkt 5.1 soundbar lack the desired depth and richness in audio performance.
  • The Blaupunkt sound claims to be a surround channel, but it’s not because when performing channel tests during our Blaupunkt SBW550 soundbar review, there was no noticeable difference in sound quality or effects.
  • Bass overpowers the other frequencies, which results in an unbalanced audio mix. 

Key Specs

Speakers Drivers

  • 5.1 Home Theatre
  • 1 Speaker Driver

Audio Output

  • 300 Watt

Specs and Features

  • Subwoofer 8 (20.32cm)
  • 3 Drivers 
  • Audio wattage 300 W

Weight & Dimensions

  • ‎97.5 x 26 x 51 cm
  • 11 Kilograms

Connectivity Options

  • Optical In
  • Bluetooth with 5.0 support
  • USB
  • AUX

Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar Price


Verdict-Blaupunkt SBW550 Soundbar Review

This ends our review of the Blaupunkt SBW550 soundbar and our final assessment of its value.

  • This purchase would be very disappointing if you’re looking for theatrical sound because the audio quality is subpar, with bass overpowering the frequencies and muddying the overall sound. However, if you prioritise simplicity and sleek design over audio performance, the Blaupunkt SBW550 soundbar could still be a decent option for casual TV viewing or listening to music at moderate volumes. 

But as a theatre sound experience, we would not recommend this soundbar. It could have been the best Soundbar under 10000 but the lack of immersive surround sound and the overpowering bass greatly diminishes the overall cinematic experience. For a true theatre-like audio experience, we suggest exploring other options that prioritise audio quality and provide a more immersive soundstage.

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Blaupunkt soundbars are known for their affordability and delivering decent audio outputs.

A wireless soundbar is a type of audio device that connects to your TV or other media sources via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for messy cables. This allows for a clutter-free setup and convenient placement anywhere in the room.


















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