Big Tech Firms to Undergo Overhauls Amid Recent EU Tech Rules: Here’s Why


Big Tech Firms to Undergo Overhauls Amid Recent EU Tech Rules: The EU has imposed strict regulations on the six largest tech giants, including Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and TikTok. On Wednesday, it was declared that these tech- firms must abide by the EU Tech rules, which aim to curb their market dominance and ensure fair competition.

The European Union has singled out 22 alleged “gatekeeper” services to be subject to new regulations in its latest prohibition on big tech. The gatekeepers as mentioned earlier consist of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft, among others, which emphasizes the importance of their influence and the demand for more rigorous regulation.

EU Tech Rules for “gatekeepers”

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Regarding the EU tech rules, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) was created to ensure that big tech companies and their smaller adversaries have equal access to opportunities. This law, which places more restrictions on digital businesses for the content shared on their websites, is generally regarded as an extension of the Digital Services Act (DSA).

The Comprehensive Digital Markets Act (DMA) in EU tech rules will take effect for services that have a significant impact on the digital space and aim to prevent anti-competitive practices.

Those classified as “gatekeepers” will have to make their messaging apps work with competitors and allow customers to opt for which applications they want to pre-install on their gadgets. The company with the most services was Google, owned by Alphabet Inc., which also offered the Android operating system, Maps, and Search engine, all of which would be subject to stricter regulations.

If the DMA is violated in any way, the Big IT businesses that don’t abide by the rules might get a clampdown with a penalty of up to 10% of their annual global turnover. These fines are intended to ensure that companies comply with the regulations and do not abuse their dominant positions in the market.

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