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In this comparison article, we have compared the two most famous TVs- Nokia QLED and Hisense Tornado TV to draw the Best TV in India 2021. Both the TVs have JBL audio. One has a QLED DLED panel and the other has a VA ELED panel. So which one to buy? To get the answer, read the entire article without skipping.

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DESIGN- Best TV in India 2021

Hisense Tornado comes with a thin bezel design, plastic frame, and plastic body. On 3 sides, the bezels are thin. At the bottom, the bezel is the JBL soundbar with Hisense branding in between and JBL and Dolby Atmos & Vision branding on the sides. There are good quality plastic foot stands. In the box, there is a wall mount, documentation, and remote control with batteries. The Remote is of infrared and Bluetooth combination. It has hotkeys- Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, and Prime Video with Google Assistant buttons.

Nokia QLED comes with very thin bezels on 3 sides. On the thick bottom, the bezel is Nokia, Harman, and JBL branding. It has a plastic body and frame. The piano’s black finish frame gives it a premium look. It has a combination of down-firing speakers and tweeters designed and tuned by JBL Harman. In the box are a wall mount kit, paperwork, remote control (with batteries), and an AUX to AV connector. The remote control is of infrared and Bluetooth combination with the same hotkeys.

Design Analysis- Best TV in India 2021

Both TVs have thin bezels, plastic bodies, and plastic frames. Nokia QLED has a piano black finish. It has metal foot stands whereas Hisense has plastic foot stands. The material of the stands won’t matter while wall mounting. Both have a metal finish and the stands are sturdy for stand mounting. Still, metal is sturdier than plastic which is an advantage for Nokia.

OPERATING SYSTEMS- Best TV in India 2021

It takes 30-40 seconds to boot up which is normal on Android TV. Hisense has Android 9 whereas Nokia QLED has Android 11 OS. The same apps with the same recommendations appear on the home screen and you won’t even notice which version it is. External apps can be downloaded from Google Playstore which has the same apps. External apps can be downloaded via USB.

Nokia has the latest Android 11 but Hisense has Android 9. Hisense has no intention to update this or update the security. The OS will remain the same as Hisense won’t update it. But is this an issue? Android 11 is heavy software that consumes more space. Android 9 is light and consumes less space. There are no lags. Their interface is the same and nobody can differentiate between Android OS 9, 10 & 11. The changes are too minor to be identified.

CPU, CPU, RAM, and STORAGE- Best TV in India 2021

CPU & GPU is Quadcore. They have 2 GB RAM and 16GB storage. Tornado has 12GB whereas Nokia has 7.8 GB of free storage. This is not a concern as 2.0 & 3.0 USB ports are given through which apps can be directly downloaded. Nokia has only 7.8 GB of free storage.

PANEL- Best TV in India 2021

Hisense Tornado has an 8-bit FRC VA DLED panel with 435 nits peak HDR brightness. Nokia QLED has an 8-bit FRC VA DLED QLED panel with 425 nits peak HDR brightness. Nokia has a Quantum dot filter (VA DLED QLED panel) and Hisense has only a VA DLED panel. Nokia has 425 whereas Hisense has 450 nits brightness. Does more brightness mean better picture quality? Both panels support HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision which is played fantastically.

SPECIAL FEATURES- Best TV in India 2021

Nokia has a micro dimming feature without any declaration of the number of zones. It is impossible to assume them. Micro dimming works well. Hisense doesn’t have any sort of dimming. We will see later their translation to picture quality.


We played HD and SD channels. Their upscaling is fine but clarity is only OK as they are 4K TVs. The upscaling and clarity of HD channels are amazing which means good picture quality. The upscaling of SD channels on both TVs is absolutely normal. SD channels on all 4K TVs are average but they look fine from far. The quality of HD and SD channels is good when played via an HD set-top box.

Nokia QLED has better picture quality due to the Quantum filter but Hisense is nowhere bad. Hisense gives good picture quality due to its brightness. Both 720p and 1080p content are upscaled well in both TVs. These TVs can play all sorts of content via USB. Their picture quality is top-notch.

They have only one common issue– the aspect ratio feature is locked in Hisense and Nokia doesn’t have it. Xiaomi TVs have this feature and they look beautiful. This feature should be there. Nevertheless, their upscaling is good with no loss in picture quality of all resolutions.

 OTT PERFORMANCE- best TV in India 2021

 First, we checked Netflix as these TVs support HDR10, HLG & Dolby vision. The content appears good due to its good brightness. Dark scenes have plenty of brightness. HDR content played on Amazon is amazing and there are no shortcomings.

Nokia shows better Dolby Vision content due to its QLED filter. QLED filter pops out colours and shows vibrant colours. We buy a TV for good picture quality and Nokia has it due to the QLED filter. The Hisense has nowhere bad picture quality. It shows normal colours despite being a VA DLED panel. It is due to good brightness and close to natural colours. Due to good brightness, the dark Dolby Vision content is also played well.

SERIOUS LEVEL TESTING- best TV in India 2021

Their dimming is average as they are budget range TVs but their blacks are good. The Halo effect is controlled as they are VA panels. The stress test perfectly shows dimming abilities and Nokia TV performs slightly better due to its micro dimming feature and its QLED panel. That is why it has better blacks. Both TVs perform similar in grey uniformity test at 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 & 100%. They have controlled motion blur as only 1 blade appears in the windmill test. Their MEMC performance average is software-based. As a result, their halo or blooming effect is controlled. They neither are OLED panels nor are they have a full-array backlight.

This much halo is normal in TVs of this range. Halo is a bit less in Nokia due to micro dimming. We kept MEMC off for fair testing. In the windmill test, there is only 1 blade. Mi TV 5X shows 2-3 blades. These TVs are far better. Nokia’s contrast and blacks are deeper than Hisense due to micro dimming. Hisense A71F and Tornado have the same panel and the same picture quality.

The only difference is that Tornado has a soundbar and A71F has bottom-firing speakers. The Hisense is not bad but the blacks of the Nokia are slightly better. The colours appear amazing from the front viewing angle. On the sides, there is some colour and brightness loss as they are VA panels.

RESULT OF THIS TEST- best TV in India 2021

Hisense TV has 20%-25% colour and brightness loss and that is natural in VA panels. VA panels have different front and side profiles. But colour and brightness loss on sides in Nokia is a maximum of 15% due to its Quantum dot filter and evenly distribution of its backlight throughout the panel. Even the distribution of the backlight prevents colour and brightness loss.

For wider viewing angles, go for Nokia QLED. It is perfect till 60°. Hisense is perfect till 40-50°. They both have completely different connectivity options. Both have 3 HDMI ports but Nokia QLED has one 2.1 eARC port. It will provide the benefit of eARC and not ALLM (Auto low latency mode). Had there been ALLM, then Nokia QLED would be fantastic for gamers.

Hisense has 1 ARC port which means Dolby Atmos can’t be directly passed through it. A firestick is required to be attached to Dolby Atmos Soundbar to achieve it. They both have 2 USB ports but in Nokia, one is 2.0 and the other is 3.0. Though, USB can’t be directly read due to a bug in Android OS 11. Maybe Nokia will give an OTA update to resolve it. It has 2 USB 2.0 ports which is fine but a 3.0 port might give faster speed. Rest connectivity options are the same.

AUDIO – best TV in India 2021

Nokia has 60W speakers and tweeters. All Hisense sizes have 102W built-in JBL soundbars with front-firing speakers. But the clear winner is 60W as the audio from the tweeter and speaker combination is much better. This gives amazing separation. It will be a cakewalk (even with closed eyes) to recognize whether the audio came from the left or the right side. Unfortunately, there is no such separation in Hisense. In loudness, they both are the same despite Hisense’s 40W extra power. Picture quality should be considered when buying a TV.

PROS AND CONS(CONCLUSION) – best TV in India 2021

Let’s talk about the main thing- Picture Quality. They both have good picture quality and natural colours but the clear winner is Nokia. They have the same brightness, same VA panel, and good contrast ratio (amazing blacks) but the Quantum dot filter in Nokia pops out colours on screen. In the side-by-side comparison, you will notice the exact difference. Due to no Quantum dot filter, colours in Hisense are not that vibrant. RGB (red, green & blue) are saturated but not over-saturated.

Nokia QLED is a clear winner in the colour profile. Due to the QLED filter, the colours in Nokia TV are vibrant and they pop out but they are not over saturated. These colors are neither over-saturated nor unnatural. They are natural and vibrant. It is a simple VA panel and according to that, the colours are good and close to the natural profile. It has good brightness and good picture quality. The dimming test made it clear that there are no bleeding issues. Generally, there are bleeding issues but not in these. They have amazing and deep blacks which is the property of a good VA panel.

The blacks are good in both but they are more prominent in Nokia due to the QLED filter and micro dimming. The brightness is almost the same at 430 and 450 nits. But the QLED filter illuminates the colours and Hisense fails in front of the QLED filter. There is a price difference. One more pro- their motion blurs are controlled. Motion blur (appearance of 2 images than 1) is prominent in the budget range and cheap TVs but this doesn’t happen in these TVs. For sports, both are equally good.

Cons – best TV in India 2021

Hisense has 1 HDMI ARC (2.0) port and the other 2 are 1.4 HDMI ports. This is the end of 2021 but still, it has age-old ports. At least 1 HDMI eARC port should have been there.

Nokia has a 2.1 eARC port but had there been ALLM (a feature of HDMI port) then it would be great. It requires a hardware change which is not possible in this TV now. Its USB 3.0 is good but it is bad too as it requires any type of File Manager app (downloaded via Playstore) to be functional. It is a small bug that can be resolved through OTA (over the air) update. This is Android’s bug and this must get resolved soon. This is a wonderful purchase. If you don’t need HDMI 2.1 eARC, then it is fine. 2.1 eARC port is required to directly decode Dolby Atmos. This is Hisense’s biggest disadvantage.



















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