Best Soundbar in India 2021- Zebronics 9800 Pro v/s Sony HT- RT3


Which is the best soundbar in India 2021? The two main contender soundbars under ₹20,000 price bracket are Zebronics 9800 pro-Dolby Atmos and Sony HT RT3 Dolby digital 5.1 soundbars. But which one should you buy? Let’s have a look-

Zebronics Juke Bar 9800 Pro- Best Soundbar in India 2021

This is Zebronics Jukebar 9800 pro-Dolby Atmos soundbar. It comes with an HDMI cable, 1 AUX cable, 1 optical cable, a metal wall mount bracket, and 1 remote control with its 2 batteries. Its built quality is good. Along with volume, you get bass and treble control options in the remote.

Best Soundbar in India 2021- Zebronics 9800 Pro
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 On the front and top is a black metal grill design. In the rest of the areas, there is piano black finish plastic which looks really premium. On the left is Zebronics branding and on the right is the Dolby Atmos logo. On the top are 4 physical buttons with the tactile response- power on/off, volume +/- and input selection buttons. On the back are connectivity options.

Best Soundbar in India 2021- Zebronics 9800 Pro
Pic Source- Amazon

First is HDMI 2.0 port, 2 HDMI IN ports (2.0), 1 optical input, 1 USB, and 1 AUX port. Songs can be played via Bluetooth 5.0 version. It comes with 4 front-firing speakers (2.5 inches 3 ohms), 2 upward-firing speakers (2 inches 8 ohms), and an active and wireless subwoofer (6.5 inches 3 ohms). The total output of all channels is 330W, that of the subwoofer is 120W which makes the total output 450W.

SPEAKER DRIVERS4 Front Speakers, 2 Upward Firing Speakers, 1 Active Subwoofer
AUDIO OUTPUT330W Soundbar, 120W Subwoofer, Total 450W  
SPECS2.5 Inch 3Ω x 4 Front Firing Speakers, 2 Inch 8Ω x 2 Upward Firing Speakers; 6.5 Inch 3Ω Subwoofer, SNR 72dB; Separation ≥42dB; Frequency Response 45Hz-20kHz
AUDIO & VIDEO FORMATSDolby ATMOS; Dolby TrueHD; Dolby Digital Plus; Dolby Surround; 4K Passthrough
WIDTH & WEIGHT38 Inch Wide and 3.4 Kg
CONNECTIVITYHDMI ARC (2.0), HDMI IN x 2 Ports (2.0); Optical Input, USB, AUX, Bluetooth 5.0
PRICE₹ 20000

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Its SNR is 72dB. Its separation is greater than equal to 42dB and its frequency response is between 45Hz to 20KHz. It is 38 inches wide and weighs 3.4 KG. The audio and video formats supported by this soundbar are Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, Dolby digital plus, Dolby Surround, and 4K passthrough.

Best Soundbar in India 2021- Zebronics 9800 Pro
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PROS- best soundbar in India 2021

  1. Theater like Loud Experience of Sound.
  2. Very Good  Bass even in low Volume.
  3. High Notes is the Strongest Point
  4. Power Distribution is almost Perfect which makes it Louder.

CONS- best soundbar in India 2021

MIDS could have been slightly Stronger

Night Mode missing

Dolby Atmos Decoding is Difficult

SNR is only 72dB

Sony HT-RT3- Best Soundbar in India 2021

Sony HT-RT3-   Best Soundbar in India 2021
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This is Sony HT RT3 5.1 channel soundbar. It comes with remote control and its batteries (good quality), 1 HDMI cable and some documentation. Along with volume +/-, there are Subwoofer’s volume +/- options but not the treble control options. Its Night mode is good. On the front is a dark grey metal grill. On the top is ceramic grey finish plastic.

The same design is carried forward to surround channels. It comes with 3 full-range speaker drivers (1.5 inches 2.5 ohms) in a soundbar, 2 surround channels (2.5 inches 2.5 ohms) in the soundbar, and a subwoofer (6.5 inches 4 ohms). It supports Dolby digital. The total of all drivers is 300W, that of surround channels is 65W each, and the subwoofer gives 120W output which makes the total output 600W.

Sony HT-RT3-   Best Soundbar in India 2021
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 It also supports Dolby dual mono. It is 35 inches wide and weighs 2.1 KG. On the back are wall mounting options. Connectivity options are given in the active subwoofer which will be connected to the soundbar via a wire. Surround channels will be also connected with a wire. The length of the Subwoofer’s wire is 10m and it is color-coded. On the backside of the active subwoofer are connectivity options- HDMI ARC port, optical input, and a USB port. Sony hasn’t revealed SNR and frequency response. Songs can be played via Bluetooth 4.2 version.

SPEAKER DRIVERS3 Speakers, 2 Surround Speakers, and 1 Active Subwoofer
AUDIO OUTPUT300W Soundbar, 65W each Surround Channels, 170W Subwoofer, Total 600W
SPECS1.5 Inch 2.5Ω Full Range Speakers, 2.5 Inch 2.5Ω Surround Channels, 6.25 Inch 4Ω Subwoofer, Dolby Digital
AUDIO & VIDEO FORMATSDolby Digital; Dolby Dual Mono
WIDTH & WEIGHT35 Inch Wide and 2.1 Kg
CONNECTIVITYHDMI ARC, Optical Input, USB, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC
PRICE₹ 20000


PROS- best soundbar in India 2021

  1. Proper 5.1 Setup for Best Surround Effect
  2. Proper Home Theater Feeling
  3. Night Mode improves overall Audio
Sony HT-RT3-   Best Soundbar in India 2021
Pic Source- Amazon

CONS- best soundbar in India 2021

  1. Big Blunder in Power Distribution – Upper Bass is given More Priority
  2. The crossover Frequency of the Subwoofer and Surround Channels is around 1000Hz
  3. NO HDMI IN Port
  4.  NO 4K Passthrough

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