Best Refrigerator Under 25000 Double Door List


Not all models of double-door refrigerators are good. Specific models should be avoided, and some should be considered. So which ones to avoid and which ones to consider? When buying a double-door best refrigerator under Rs 25000, this is your most considerable confusion. Don’t worry! We’ve got a solution for it.

Refrigerator Buying Guide – Best Refrigerator Under 25000

Star ratings
The Star rating has been changed in 2023. 
Now only net capacity will be given on the star label. Earlier brands used to write gross capacity. For example, they used to write 250L, but their refrigerator was 210L. But now, you’ll get the correct information on the star label.

How much savings do inverter refrigerators give you?
It is a myth that inverter refrigerators save 50% of electricity. At maximum, it will save 30% compared to the non-inverter refrigerator. You will save some power, but it won’t be 50%.

Should you buy a convertible or a non-convertible refrigerator?
You get both convertible as well as non-convertible refrigerators. Convertible options are related to converting the fridge into a freezer and vice-versa. But do you ever turn off your Freezer? Do you ever find a freezer unnecessary? If not, buying a non-convertible refrigerator will be better for you.

Should you buy an Extended Warranty?
The standard warranty package is one year comprehensive and a ten-year compressor warranty. But any part of your refrigerator can get damaged. Thus, an extended warranty is a must. We highly recommend Go Warranty as they offer the best and cheapest extended warranty packages.

The Best Refrigerator Under 25000 List

1. Whirlpool 239L 3 Star – Best Refrigerator Under 25000

Gross Capacity 265L | 2022 Model

Whirlpool 239L 3 Star Refrigerator

₹ 27,000


  • The 56 Kg weight implies it is sturdy. 

    Its insulation is thick. 

  • Cooling retains for a long time, even after the inverter shuts off.

    The Adaptive intelligence technology is good. 


  • It lacks convertible options. 

  • A freezer can't be converted into a freezer. 

With a slightly higher budget, buy the best of the best refrigerator- the Whirlpool 239L 3-star 2022 model. 

  • In this 239L refrigerator, you get a 184L fridge and a 75L freezer. 
  • Its power consumption is 190 units/year. 

It has Intellisense inverter technology and convertible 5-in-1 modes. However, you can’t convert a freezer into a fridge. Adaptive Intelligence technology is AI that will detect your usage pattern, the outside temperature, and other essential parameters. Then it will maintain optimum cooling automatically. It is very smart technology. 

The 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology is a part of 5-in-1 modes. Using it, you can convert the Freezer into a deep freezer. You get tempered glass shelves, Zeolite technology, and Micro Block technology. Such technologies delay the ripening of fruits, as per Whirlpool. We can’t test it, but if Whirlpool claims it, so it should be good. The honeycomb moisture lock above the vegetable box is good. This honeycomb design grill provides moisture to vegetables, thereby keeping them fresh. All technologies work together to achieve this. 

Fresh flow air tower is an air vent at the back. It will provide more even cooling in all places. The freshener in the vegetable box is fancy and must be replaced in 6 months. The twist ice maker is good. It is inverter compatible and has a safe, clean back. It weighs 56 Kg. It is the heaviest as its built quality is good. You get one year comprehensive and ten years warranty on the compressor. It costs Rs 27,000. 

FRIDGE/ FREEZERFridge 184L – Freezer 75L
POWER190 Units a Year
FEATURESIntellisense Inverter Technology;
Adaptive Intelligence Technology;
Convertible 5-in-1 Modes;
Gross Capacity 260L;
6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology;
Tempered Glass Shelves;
Zeolite Technology;
Micro Block Technology;
Honey Comb Moisture Lock;
Twist Ice Maker;
Inverter Compatible;
Safe Clean Back
WARRANTY1 Year Comprehensive;
10 Years on Compressor
PRICE₹ 27,000
Whirlpool refrigerator double door

2. Samsung 234L 3 Star – Best Refrigerator Under 25000

Gross Capacity 253L | 2022 Mode

Samsung 234L 3 Star Refrigerator

₹ 25,000


  • It is amazing.

    You get a digital panel. 

  • The door handle and space management are good. 

    Space distribution is good. 

  • The extra Warranty is good. 


  • Make sure you buy this particular model only. Do not buy any other model. They have higher power consumption. 

Samsung 234L (253L gross) 3-star 2022 model is the next best refrigerator under 25000. 

  • You get a 184L fridge and 69L freezer. 
  • Its power consumption is 195 units/year. 

Avoid Samsung’s 2023 variant, as it is a 2-star model with higher power consumption. Stick to core elements- low power consumption is more durable. It has a digital inverter compressor with toughened glass shelves. Samsung claims convertible usage, but it is not. You can only change temperatures. The digital display is on the freezer door. The anti-bacterial gasket is given on the door and fridge. A digital panel can control the cool power feature. 

There is a deodorizer too. Space management is good. It is both inverter and solar-compatible. You get safe, clean back and stabilizer-free operation- 100V-300V. It weighs 46 Kg and has one year comprehensive and 20 years warranty on the compressor. Earlier, you used to get a 10-year warranty, but now it is 20, which is fantastic. It costs Rs 25,000. 

69L Freezer
POWER195 Units a Year
FEATURESDigital Inverter Technology;
Toughened Glass Shelves;
Movable Twist Ice Maker;
Digital Display;
Anti Bacterial Gasket;
Power Cool;
Inverter Compatible;
Solar Compatible;
Safe Clean Back;
Stabilizer Free Operation (100V – 300V)
WARRANTY1 Year Comprehensive;
20 Years on Compressor
PRICE₹ 25,000
Samsung refrigerator double door
samsung refrigerator double door

3. LG 242L 3 Star – Best Refrigerator Under 25000

Gross Capacity 260L | 2023 Model

LG 242L 3 Star Refrigerator

₹ 26,000


  • The door cooling+ feature is outstanding. 

    It circulates cooling for more freshness. 

  • You get all features and a safe, clean back. 

    It is tidy and safe. 


  • Despite being a 2023 model, its power consumption is high, 232 units/year. 

  • The 2L shelf in the door has taken up all space. Space management in the door is not good. 

Next on the list of the best refrigerator under 25000 is LG 242L (260L gross) 3-star 2023 model. 

  • Its gross capacity is 260L- You get a 179L fridge and 63L freezer. 
  • Its power consumption is 232 units/year. 

It has a smart inverter compressor. Door cooling+ is LG’s patent technology. There are two air vents opposite to door to cool it. A circular motion gets created, which leads to efficient cooling. You get tempered glass shelves and Multi Air Flow. Moist ‘N’ Fresh is a shelf over the vegetable box with holes. This moisture will help retain the freshness of vegetables. Move the slider to reset it for fruits. Fruits need less moisture which is why the fruit side has smaller holes. 

The movable double-twist ice tray is good. The anti-bacterial gasket is there on both doors. Ice jet tech claims ice in 90 minutes. Haier claims the same tech in 60 minutes. The 90 min ice will be slightly more solid. The door has 2L bottle storage. There is a safe, clean back. The earlier safe, clean back was missing but not now. The safe, clean back gives it a premium look. 

This inverter-compatible model has a smart diagnosis feature. It weighs 48 Kg and has a one-year comprehensive and ten-year compressor warranty. It costs Rs 26,000. 

63L Freezer
POWER232 Units a Year
FEATURESSmart Inverter Compressor;
Door Cooling+;
Tempered Glass Shelves;
Multi Air Flow;
Moist ‘N’ Fresh;
Movable Double Twist Ice Tray;
Anti Bacterial Gasket;
Anti Rat Bite;
Jet Ice (Ice in 90 mins);
2L bottle Storage; 
Inverter Compatible;
Smart Diagnosis;
Safe Clean Back
WARRANTY1 Year Comprehensive;
10 Years on Compressor
PRICE ₹ 26,000
LG 3 star refrigerator double door

4. Godrej 244L 3 Star – Best Refrigerator Under 25000

Gross Capacity 265L | 2023 Model

Godrej 244L 3 Star Refrigerator

₹ 25,000


  • It is good. 

    You get all features. 

  • Convertible options are excellent and unique.


  • Power consumption is high as compared to other brands. 

  • Knob Control is quite weird and a weird place. 

The fourth refrigerator in our list of the best refrigerator under 25000 is Godrej 244L 3-star 2023 model. 

  • Its gross capacity is 265L- 194L Fridge and 50L freezer. 
  • Its power consumption is 231 units/year. 

It has a multi-inverter compressor with convertible 6-in-1 modes. Multi-inverter is just a fancy name for inverter compressors. You get Nano Shield technology for disinfection. Ambient weather sensing technology means that the fridge will automatically regulate its temperature as per the temperature out. The cool balance technology implies the chilled air inside the fridge. 

Godrej knows the art of nomenclature, as these are some cool names. Farm freshness for up to 30 days is good. Godrej claims 30 days of fresh veggies after. It is good, but we are unsure how reliable and authentic it is. You get a movable ice maker and a clean back. It weighs 51 Kg and has a one-year comprehensive and ten-year compressor warranty. It costs ₹ 25,000. 

50L Freezer
POWER231 Units a Year
FEATURESMulti Inverter Compressor;
Convertible 6-in-1 Modes;
Nano Shield Technology;
Ambient Weather Sensing Technology;
Cool Balance Technology;
Farm Freshness up to 30 Days;
Cooling Retention up to 24 hours;
Movable Ice Maker;
Safe Clean Back
WARRANTY1 Year Comprehensive;
10 Years on Compressor
PRICE₹ 25,000
Godrej refrigerator 3 star double door
best refrigerator under 25000

5. Haier 255L 3 Star – Best Refrigerator Under 25000

Gross Capacity 278L | 2022 Mode

Haier 255L 3 Star Refrigerator

₹ 27,000


  • It is a good model with convertible options. 

    You get all features. 

  • The design of the refrigerator is unique. 

    It is classy and modern. 

  • There is no handle. 


  • Its space distribution is average. 

The last refrigerator on the list of the best refrigerator under 25000 is Haier 255L 3-star 2022 model. 

  • Its gross capacity is 278L- 210L Fridge and 68L freezer. 
  • Its power consumption is 185 units/year. 

It has a twin inverter compressor with convertible 5-in-1 modes. The convertible option is a pro only if you need it. Consider whether you want the entire refrigerator as a fridge. If not, then they are useless. You get toughened glass shelves and a movable ice tray with 1-hour icing tech. You’ll not get rock-solid ice in 60 minutes, but it’ll be good. 

Haier 255L 3-star 2022 model comes with an anti-bacterial removable gasket. The voltage range of this stabilizer-free refrigerator is 135V-290V. It weighs 56 Kg and has a one-year comprehensive and ten-year compressor warranty. It costs Rs 27,000. 

68L Freezer
POWER185 Units a Year
FEATURESTwin Inverter Technology;
Convertible 5-in-1 Modes;
Toughened Glass Shelves;
Movable Ice Tray;
1 Hour Icing Technology;
Anti-Bacterial Removable Gasket;
Stabilizer Free Operation (135V – 290V)
WARRANTY1 Year Comprehensive;
10 Years on Compressor
PRICE₹ 27,000
Haier Refrigerator Double Door

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Written By: Rachita Jain

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