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We have always made enormous efforts to help you make your purchase decisions wisely. We try to give you the most authentic and relevant information so that you don’t regret your purchase later. In return, we just request you to use our affiliate links as it helps this channel financially. This article is a unique comparison of the 4 major QLED TVs- Nokia QLED, Motorola QLED, Mi QLED, and Hisense QLED.

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This entire comparison is solely based on the picture quality along with some other essential features of a TV. We will directly jump to their panel & picture quality. Amazon and Flipkart sales will be launched soon. All the footages are for representational purpose.

NOTE- Nokia QLED and Motorola QLED are exactly the same TVs just with different branding & slightly different looks. Their hearts i.e their panels are absolutely the same. They both are exactly the same. What will be said for Nokia QLED, will also be applied to Motorola QLED. 

Picture Quality- Best QLED TV in India 2022

Nokia QLED TV has better picture quality than any normal VA panel. Colours pop out. Brightness is even and colours can be enjoyed. The colour profile is close to natural. Colour management and colour optimization are done really well (good). The same can be seen in Motorola QLED. However, Mi QLED has better colours as they pop out more.

When we talk about QLED, we talk about colours and enhancement in picture quality. A normal VA or IPS panel has an LED panel with good picture quality. QLED is a Quantum dot filter behind the panel which enhances the colours. This is what we get in Mi QLED TV. Colours, especially red and green pop out more in Mi QLED. Xiaomi oversaturates red and green colours which look more vibrant. Some people even like this. The more vibrant green colour in leaves looks good and this is what Xiaomi Mi QLED does.

We find there is a yellowish tint but it isn’t a bad thing. You’ll have no disappointment. There is a vast difference when we compare Hisense QLED to Mi QLED or Nokia QLED. Hisense TV gives a better QLED experience. All the 4 TVs are QLED. Nokia QLED and Motorola QLED are exactly the same and you can buy anyone.

PANEL8 BIT FRC VA DLED QLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 410 Nits; Contrast Ratio 5000:1, HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision8 BIT FRC VA DLED QLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 475-500 Nits; HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision8 BIT + FRC VA DLED QLED Panel with HDR 10, HLG & Dolby Vision; Brightness 350 Nits; Contrast Ratio 4500:1
RESOLUTION 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 60Hz Refresh Rate with MEMC4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 60Hz Refresh Rate with MEMC4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 60Hz Refresh Rate with Reality Flow
DESIGN Thin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, with Metal StandThin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, with Metal StandThin Bezel Design, Metal Frame, Metal Stand; Screen to Body Ratio 96%
VIDEO FEATURESGamma Engine 2.2; NTSC 102%, Eye Protect Mode; Micro Dimming (No Zones Declared)Full-Array Local Dimming with 32 ZonesVivid Picture Engine; 100% NTSC; Wide Color Gamut DCI P3 95%; ALLM with 5ms Response Time
CPU AND GPUQuad Core CPU, Mali G31 GPUCortex A53; Mali 470 MP3 GPUCortex A55; Mali G52 MP2
CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS3 HDMI (2.1 eARC), 2 USB (3.0 Port), SPDIF Port   Headphone Jack; 2 Way Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi3 HDMI (1ARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port & Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi3 HDMI 2.1 (1eARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port & Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi
AUDIO60W JBL Harman Bottom Firing Speakers & Tweeters with Dolby Atmos24W Bottom Firing Speakers Dolby Atmos30W Bottom Firing Box Speakers; Dolby Audio & DTS HD
SOFTWAREAndroid 11 with built-in Chromecast; Data SaverAndroid 9; Built-in ChromecastAndroid 10 with PatchWall 3; Built-in Chromecast and Miracast Support
tv comparison – best qled tv in india 2022

Brightness and Color Profile- Best QLED TV in India 2022

Hisense has amazing picture quality due to its very good brightness. In our meter, it was 500nits on full screen. In 10-25% screen it is 700nits (humungous). This panel can illuminate the darkest areas to show even the minutest details. The areas that require more brightness can have it to show specific details. You can notice even the minor details.

The picture profile is exactly natural. Leaves will show natural colours. All the products will show natural colours with no disappointments. You will enjoy all sorts of content including Dolby Vision, HDR10, or HLG. All the TVs are good but Hisense is better than Nokia QLED, Motorola QLED, and Mi QLED TV. Number 3 in this comparison is Nokia or Motorola QLED, on number 2 is Mi QLED and first is Hisense QLED.

Connectivity options- Best QLED TV in India 2022

Nokia & Motorola QLED have 3 HDMI ports, USB ports, optical port, dual-band wifi, and 1 HDMI eARC port (good). Mi QLED has similar ports and 1 out of 2 HDMI ports is 2.1 eARC (good). But Hisense QLED has no 2.1 eARC port. All the ports are HDMI 2.0 ports. Rest all the ports are the same.

All 3 TVs have dual-band wifi and Bluetooth 5.0 but sadly, Hisense lacks a 2.1 eARC port which takes it to number 3. On number 2 is Nokia or Motorola QLED.

Mi QLED is number 1 due to ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). HDMI 2.1 eARC port is not merely a port rather it is a function that comes with many things including ALLM. ALLM is important and highly needed for gaming consoles like PS4, PS5, or XBOX.

For gamers, Mi QLED is the only choice. No other QLED TV has ALLM. ALLM reduces the input lag and commands through the remote will be followed by the TV within milliseconds. But the same can’t be expected from Nokia, Hisense, or Motorola. Mi QLED is a clear winner in connectivity options.

Operating systems- best smart tv in India 55 inch

Hisense has Android 9, Mi QLED has Android 10, and Nokia and Motorola QLED have Android 11 out of the box. However, their experience is exactly the same due to Google OS. Another difference- Mi QLED has patch wall 4 (Xiaomi’s own custom skin) over Android 10. This is not bad but it is subjective. Patchwall doesn’t bring any incredible change in the overall OS.

Storage- Best QLED TV in India 2022

Mi QLED is number 1 with 32GB storage (25GB usable). Hisense is on number 2 with 11 GB of usable storage. Nokia and Motorola have approx 7GB of usable storage as Android 11 is very heavy software. It takes more space. The choice is yours. The space can be increased on all TVs via a USB.

Audio Quality- Best QLED TV in India 2022

Nokia and Motorola are in the first position due to their awesome audio quality. Nokia QLED has 60W JBL and Harman down-firing speakers and they are magnificent. Even we didn’t expect such good sound and separation from a TV. Hisense’s 24W speakers are not the same as Hisense A71F. They are good but not exceptionally good. They are not good for a 250sqft room. A good soundbar is necessary.

Mi QLED’s 30W speakers are good but not the best. A good soundbar is a must for the cinematic experience. Audio quality is good but it shouldn’t be the reason why you buy a particular TV.

Verdict- Best QLED TV in India 2022

The decision is yours but we will give our verdict. According to us, Nokia and Motorola are on number 3 due to their lower picture quality in comparison to Mi QLED and Hisense QLED TV. It just has good audio quality. Audio Quality can be enhanced externally. A soundbar can improve even the worst audio quality. But picture quality can never be enhanced. That is why they are on number 3.

On number 2 is Mi QLED TV. It has better picture quality than Nokia and Motorola QLED TVs. Its audio quality is average. But for gamers, it is the best. Gamers just go and buy Mi QLED TV.

Hisense QLED is number 1 due to its picture quality. It is amazing due to more brightness. More brightness will filter out the colors displayed on the panel and this is called picture quality. Its colors are far better than Nokia, Motorola, and Mi QLED TV. This is why it is number 1.

Its major con is the lack of an HDMI 2.1 eARC port. If this is a con, then go for Mi QLED but if it isn’t, then this is the best TV. Its audio quality is average. A soundbar or home theatre system is needed for a cinematic experience. Remember this before placing the order.

Extended Warranty- Best QLED TV in India 2022

Which extended warranty is the best? Buy the warranty package only after the installation is done. If the TV has defaulted, then the extended warranty won’t be returned. Second- buy an extended warranty and not insurance. We always recommend Go Warranty. Use any coupon or buy from anywhere but buy it after the installation and in fact after 1 month’s use.


















Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.

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