Best OTG in India 2022 | Oven vs Microwave

best otg in india
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best oven in india 2022 | otg oven vs microwave | best oven in India for home use | best otg in India 2022

Earlier it was difficult to choose between an OTG and microwave but not anymore. In this article, we will compare microwave & OTG and then we will tell you the best OTG that you can buy in India in 2022.

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Bajaj Majesty 28Lshooping- cartAMAZONshooping- cartFLIPKART
Borosil Pro 30Lshooping- cartAMAZONshooping- cartFLIPKART
Agaro Grand 40Lshooping- cartAMAZONshooping- cartFLIPKART
Philips Digital 36Lshooping- cartAMAZONshooping- cartFLIPKART

Difference between a microwave & an OTG – oven vs microwave

Microwaves use electromagnetic waves whereas OTG uses electric coils for heating. Heating is more even in Microwaves than OTG. Microwaves use more electricity than OTG. Temperature can be controlled in OTG but not in the microwave. Microwave is good for baking & defrosting whereas an OTG can be used for baking, grilling, toasting, and rotisserie. Grilling, Toasting, and rotisserie can be done in microwaves too but it is the best in OTG.

A microwave uses convection & an exhaust fan for cooking whereas OTG uses a heating element for cooking. Only glass & ceramic can be used in microwave whereas in OTG- glass, aluminium, steel & heavy ceramics can be used.

1. Capacity-
For 2 or 3 members, a 20L oven/OTG is good. But we suggest you don’t buy it at it is very small. 25-30L OTG is sufficient for 4 to 5 members. But for people who love to cook, bake, or grill, a 40L OTG is the best. Food lovers must go for it.

2. Power-
Less power (1000-1200W) of OTGs is a problem as the food cooks slowly and sometimes it leads to uneven cooking of food that needs high temp. Thus a good OTG with the right Wattage and correct power delivery is a must.

3. Pre-Heating-
Pre-heating an OTG is essential before cooking or baking. Skipping the pre-heating will wear off the crispiness? Pre-heating is essential for crispy pizzas & cookies.

4. Utensils-
Bakeable glass, aluminium, steel, and OTG safe ceramic can be used in OTG. Greasing is essential before cooking. Avoid plastic in OTGs.

5. During the Use-
The outer body of OTG gets heated and processes a’ tick’ sound which is completely ok. This is a normal function.

6. Customer Service-
Do check the customer service of brands as a technician near your home can’t help you. We called the customer care services of all our recommended OTGs. We told them the same 3 problems from different locations. We will rate their services on this experience.

1. Morphy Richards 28L OTG – best otg in India

Number 5 in our list of best OTGs in India 2022 is Morphy Richards 28L OTG with 1600W power. It has stainless steel body & a stay the function which helps you to keep the food warm for 2 hours. It comes with a motorized rotisserie, a galvanized rust-proof inner chamber & a timer function. Our feedback after making multiple calls on this number is ‘good’. It costs ₹8k with 2 years warranty.

Morphy Richards 28L
Morphy Richards 28L
ir?t=vmone 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07QSLR6QB
Customer Care Number1800 103 5963
Accessories1 OTG; Baking tray, Crumb tray, Rotisserie rod set, Rotisserie tong, Wire rack, Tong, Instructional manual, Customer care list and Guarantee card
FeaturesStainless steel Body; Stay On Function, Motorized rotisserie, Galvanized and rust-proof inner chamber, Thermostatic, Timer

Pros and Cons-

It is a good OTG with good features but there is 1 con- lack of convection mode (a fan inside OTG). In the convection mode, the fan helps in even cooking and speeds up cooking. Second- there is no light in the inner chamber.

2. Bajaj Majesty 28L OTG – best otg in India

Number 4 in our list of the best OTGs in India 2022 is Bajaj Majesty 28L OTG with 1800W power. It has stainless steel body & convection tech (a fan is given for even heating). It has stayed on a function which helps you to keep the food warm for 60 min. It comes with a motorized rotisserie, & a timer function. Our feedback after making calls on this number is ‘good’. It costs ₹7,700k with 2 years warranty and 28L capacity.

Bajaj Majesty 28-Litre Oven
Bajaj Majesty 28-Litre Oven
ir?t=vmone 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B009P2KOSC
Customer Care Number1800-102-5963
AccessoriesCooking Tray; Grill and Barbeque Tray; Tong and Skewer Rods;
FeaturesStainless steel body; Convection technology; Motorised rotisserie; Functional switch;  Timer

Pros and Cons –

It has a 28L capacity which is goof 2-3 members. It is a good convection OTG. It comes with more accessories but there is 1 con- There is no light in the chamber. Otherwise, it is good. ₹7700 is a fair price.

“The extended warranty on Amazon or Flipkart is merely insurance of your appliance. The extended warranty you must buy is- Go Warranty. Their plans are good and we completely recommend them. Buy their plans from anywhere you want.”

3. Borosil 30L OTG – best otg in India

 Borosil 30L OTG with 1500W power is number 3 in our list of best OTGs in India 2022. It has a steel alloy body (more sturdy). The 6 stage heating is good as it provides different options of heating. It comes with adjustable temp and convection tech with 360-degree heat circulation. It has a motorized rotisserie with a stay-on function. It comes with a chamber light. Our feedback after making calls on this number is ‘good’. It costs ₹7300 with 2 years warranty.

Borosil Pro 30 L Oven Toaster & Griller
Borosil Pro 30 L Oven Toaster & Griller
ir?t=vmone 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07X4QQ7HP
Customer Care Number1800-22-4552
Accessories Oven toaster griller; Rotisserie rod set; Cooking Tray & handle; Grill Rack; Removable Crumb Tray; Rotisserie Handle; 1N IM & 1N recipe book;
Features Steel Alloy body; 6 Stage heating; Adjustable temperature; Convection technology; & Motorised rotisseries with 360 degrees heat circulation; Auto Shut Off

Pros & cons –

It is a good OTG with a 30L capacity. 2L extra space is good for big utensils. It has all features along with convection mode (good). But there is a con- its power cord is short (not even 1m). We think a 1.2m wire is mandatory. Otherwise, it is good. ₹7300 is a very decent price.

4. Agaro Grand 40L – best otg in India

Number 2 in our list of best OTGs in India 2022 is Agaro Grand 40L OTG with 1500W power. It has a stainless steel body with 6 heating modes. It has convection tech with an adjustable temp control knob. It comes with a motorized rotisserie and heat-resistant tempered glass window. It has both a chamber light and a timer function. We called their customer care number Agaro 5 times with different problems and from different locations. The most common issue is the error in the inner chamber light or fan. Their answer was satisfactory & we’ll rate it ‘good’. It costs ₹6,800 (main attraction).

Agaro Grand Oven 40 Liter
Agaro Grand Oven 40 Liter
ir?t=vmone 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B084W18WKP
Customer Care Number9821486487
AccessoriesMain unit; crumb tray; little fork, grill rack; food tray; rotisserie handle & rotisserie fork;
Features Stainless Steel body; 6 Heating Modes; Adjustable temperature; Convection Technology; Motorised rotisserie;  Heat resistant tempered glass window with the illuminated chamber; Timer

Pros and cons –

the 40L size is amazing. Food lovers must go for bigger-sized OTGs. It has all the good features but it lacks 2 things which were disturbing.

1. The short power cord of 1m (it should’ve been 1.2 or 2m) and

2. It has only a 1-year comprehensive warranty.

5. Philips 36L OTG – best otg in India

The best OTGs in India 2022 is Philips 36L OTG with 2000W power. It has a cold-rolled steel body. The steel was not heated and this makes it sturdy. It has 7 level browning or heating modes. It has convection tech with an adjustable temp control knob (there in all OTGs). It comes with a motorized rotisserie and a one-touch pre-set menu with a digital display. It has a timer function.

We called this customer care number and our review is ‘average’ as Philips said it will provide services only till halfway of your location is far away. For 100km, they will only come 50km. Rest 50Km must be travelled by you. That is why we rated it average. It has 2 years warranty and costs ₹9,300. The price is high but considering the brand and features, it is fine.

Philips HD6976/00 36-liters Digital Oven
Philips HD6976/00 36-liters Digital Oven
ir?t=vmone 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B08KWC9JDT
Customer Care Number1800-102-2929
Accessories1 OTG; drip tray, tongs, baking tray, rotisserie, grilling rack& User manual;
Features Cold Rolled Steel body; 7 level browning; Adjustable temperature; Convection Mode; Motorised rotisserie; One-touch pre-set menu; multiple cooking functions; Opti temp technology; 90 Minutes auto cut-off; digital display; Timer

Pros and cons –

it has all the good features including convection mode & rotisserie. The best thing is the digital display which is not there in other OTGs. However, the lit buttons of OTG are not of that good quality. This is a good OTG. The service is good for metro and tier 1 cities. We recommend this 36L OTG. This is the best OTG.


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One thought on “Best OTG in India 2022 | Oven vs Microwave

  • January 25, 2022 at 2:01 am

    Your genuine evaluation is applaudable . Just a little feedback to you based upon my research last year . My personal preference on common points is – Two heating elements , convection , 6 +1 modes of heat settings , lower element on , upper element on , both on , with and without convection fan on , + keep warm in one switch ,; rositerre , light , min 38L , min 1800 W ( preferably 42L or even 48 L , with 2000 W) . Some additional important factors of consideration that are left out are are 1) Temperature setting range -some start with 90 and some with 100 C , the highest varying from 180 to 250 C . In exceptional cases it is starting from 50 C or so with an extremely useful function of fermentation . Fermentation requires a setting of lower starting temperature ranging from 35 to 50 C . I could find this feature only in Panasonic OTG ( or in LG/Samsung convection /charcoal microwave Cum oven ) and not in any other OTG . Hearing above 55 -60 C kills fermenting bacteria . Fermentation is useful and convenient when we want to bake bread , particularly millet or whole wheat bread at home as genuine whole wheat/millet /Sridhanya millet bread is not available in market . It saves manual work of fermenting otherwise . We can also make curd quickly with this function .Panasonic is expensive and service quality in NCR for this is doubtful as customers are only a few . Do you know if any other brand with this feature is available ? I already have LG charcoal microwave which is very expensive and common use by my servants or such OTG functions damages it frequently . I want to keep a separate OTG . 2) Sathe new models now have double glass door , which is new standard . 3) Some brands overstate their capacity in Litres . Actual inside dimensions for same Ltres of different brands are different . I have serious doubts on Agaro too overstating it . That is why I am thinking of 42L and 2000 W .

    Any alternative suggestions from you considering above factored too .


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