Best Inverter for Home in India 2022

Air, water, and home are the basic necessities for survival. But one more element has been added to this list, without which our lives are chaos. Without light, we can’t use TV or work on a laptop. Refrigerators without electricity are merely an almirah.

In fact, the fan can’t work without electricity. We see such situations daily during the power cut. The cost-efficient solution to a power cut is a suitable inverter & battery combination. The only solution to this situation is the best inverter for home in India 2022.

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Inverter Buying Guide – Best Inverter For Home in India 2022

1. Types of Inverters:
There are two types of inverters which are- Sinewave and Square Wave. Sine Wave is the best as they are the latest technology and can be used to operate lights, fans, or any appliances. They produce less noise & start immediately without any delay.

2. Voltage:
Inverter comes in 12V & 24V categories. 12V uses one battery, and 24V uses two batteries (longer power backup). For longer power cuts, buy 24V. Otherwise, 12V is sufficient for 2-4 hours of power backup for small homes.

3. Type of Battery:
For longer power backups, tubular batteries are best. They are heavy, bigger in size, and offer longer power backups.
Disadvantage- they charge a little slowly.

4. Efficiency:
No inverter comes with 100% efficiency. A 500W inverter with 75% efficiency gives you 375W output.

5. Jerk Load:
90% of people forget the Jerk Load inverter. Usually, inverters have a 25% jerk load. If you want 500W output, buy an inverter with 625W output after calculating its efficiency. If, after proper efficiency calculation, it is rated for 625W output, then you get 500W input power.

6. Modes of Inverters:
Inverters have two types of modes- Eco and UPS. If the voltage fluctuation is below 100V or above 290V, then the inverter will automatically start, and the power will be supplied through it. This will save your appliances. Eco Mode should be used to operate bulbs, lights & fans only.
The second is UPS mode which is the same but has a different voltage range- 180-260V. The inverter will automatically start if the voltage is below 180V or above 260V, and power will be supplied through it. Expensive appliances like TV, refrigerator, and laptops should be used in UPS mode.

7. By-Pass Mode:
Many inverters have a By-Pass mode. During a short circuit, electricity can be directly bypassed from the main supply by cutting off the inverter. This is amazing, as the inverter can’t draw electricity in this situation. It allows you to draw electricity from the mains directly.

8. VM-One Style – Uncomfortable Truth:
Brands write 1100 or 1200 to make you believe that the inverter is 1100 or 1200 VA. They are 800-900 VA models with even lesser actual power output. Don’t fall for such a marketing gimmick.

9. Which battery would you buy?:
For a 12V single battery inverter with 625W output, one battery will give 1 hour 55 min, 150Ah battery 2 hours 52 min & 200Ah battery will give 3 hours 50 min backup. Don’t use more than 200Ah battery in a 12V single battery inverter. For longer backups, go for a 24V inverter.
best inverter for home in India 2022


1. LivGuard 1500VA- Best Inverter for home in India 2022

The best inverter for home in India 2022 is Livguard 1500VA with 1200W actual power output. At 82%, its efficiency is 984W which is the pure sine wave output. It has artificial intelligence charging that will protect the battery from over-charging and will fast-charge the battery.

It supports all batteries. It has an LED display, overcharge, overload and short circuit protection alarms and features. 200Ah batteries can be paired with it. It weighs 14.2 Kg and has a 3-year comprehensive warranty. It costs Rs 8,900.

Livguard 1500VA
Livguard 1500VA
Output 1200W
Efficiency82% Or 984W
FeaturesPure Sine Wave Output;
Artificial Intelligence Charging;
Supports All Batteries;
LED Display;
Overcharge, Overload, and Short Circuit Protection
best inverter battery in India 2022


  1. It is an amazing inverter and this is why it is on the top.
  2. It has all the necessary features including 3 years warranty, good efficiency and good output.


  1. It lacks a bypass switch. With a bypass switch, it would have been unbeatable.

2. Luminous Zolt 900VA- Best inverter battery 2022

Second in our list of best inverters in India 2022 is Luminous Zolt 900VA with 756W actual power output. At 85%, its efficiency is 642W (pure sine wave output). It has 32 bit DSP processor intelligently manages features like automatic temperature control, which protects it from overheating.

It comes with a white LED display, Eco & UPS mode, and an MCB for protection on the backside. Mishappenings can be avoided by turning off the MCB during a short circuit. It has protection alarms & a bypass switch. A bypass switch is the best safety feature which should be there in all inverters. 220Ah batteries can be paired with it. It weighs 10 Kg and has a 2-year comprehensive warranty. It costs Rs 6,700.

 Luminous Zolt 900VA
Luminous Zolt 900VA
Output 756W
Efficiency85% Or 642W
FeaturesPure Sine Wave Output;
Comes with 32-bit DSP Processor;
Automatic Temperature Control;
LED Display;
ECO & UPS Mode;
MCB for protection;
Protection Alarm;
Bypass Switch
best inverter battery in India 2022


  1. It has amazing features and efficiency.
  2. It is the best value-for-money inverter at Rs 6700.


  1. It is noisy when overheated.
  2. Despite over-heat protection, it gets overheated when not placed correctly. Keeps inverters in a little open and airy place. Then it will not make noise.

3. VGuard 1000VA- Best inverter for home with battery

Number 3 in our list of the best inverter battery for home 2022 is VGuard 1000VA with 800W actual power output. At 85%, its efficiency is 680W which is pure sine wave output. All features can be controlled with an App after enabling it. The high selection performance switch is amazing as it will fast charge the battery if it is highly discharged, thereby keeping it ready for another power cut.

The battery gravity feature will prevent deep discharging, which enhances battery life. Unlike other inverters, it has a mute buzzer option to mute all buzzers. Along with safety features, it has a holiday mode feature. Holiday mode will not let the inverter use electricity when you go out on holiday and thus prevent short circuits. 200Ah batteries can be paired with it. It weighs 9.4 Kg. V-Guard gives a 2-year comprehensive warranty, and it costs Rs 8,000.

VGuard 100VA
VGuard 1000VA
VGuard Solar 100VA
VGuard Solar 1000VA
Efficiency85% Or 680W
FeaturesPure Sine Wave Output;
Vguard App-Enabled;
High-performance Selection Switch (TurboCharge);
Battery Gravity Builder;
Mute Buzzer Option;
Holiday Mode;
Safety Indicators
best inverter for home price


  1. It is a good inverter, it has amazing features.
  2. Its solar variant gives 500W output. If you have a 500W solar panel, then you can install its solar variant.
  3. Its app is smooth and informative. Commands can be given with the app.


  1. It is overpriced.

4. Microtek 950 VA- Best Inverter for home price

Fourth on the list is Microtek 950VA with 760W actual power output. At 80% of its efficiency, it is 608W. You get pure sine wave output. It has CCCV (Constant Charge Constant Voltage) tech, which will not let the battery discharge or overcharge when not in use. Your inverter will always be ready for power cuts. This is the auto-trickle mode.

It comes with short circuit protection and intelligence pulse tech. It sees the battery charging amount and then applies it to CCCV tech. CCCV tech is incomplete without it. Along with battery monitoring, it has multi-stage charging. It has an LED indicator. 200Ah batteries can be paired with it. Exide gives a 2-year comprehensive warranty. It costs Rs 6,000.

Microtek 950 VA
Microtek 950 VA
Efficiency80% Or 608W
FeaturesPure Sine Wave Output;
CCCV Technology with Auto-trickle Mode;
Short Circuit Protection;
Intelligent Pulse Technology;
Battery Monitoring and Multi-Stage Charging;
LED Indicator
best inverter battery 2022


  1. It has all features that are amazing.
  2. The range of 100-300V is fantastic. All appliances will be secured.


  1. Its fan is a bit noisy.

5. Exide 1050VA- Best Inverter battery in India 2022

Number 5 in our list of best inverter battery for home 2022 is Exide 1050VA with 840W actual power output. At 80%, its efficiency is 672W. You get pure sine wave output. It has 3-stage auto-sense intelligent control charging, which is sort of fast charging. It will fast charge the battery up to 80% & then will intelligently moderate charging. It increases battery life.

This comes in 2 charging modes- Fast & Normal. The dual display shows different information. It has safety indicators and one electrolyte level sensor indicator showing low water levels. Another helpful feature is a bypass switch (safety feature). 200Ah batteries can be paired with it. It weighs 10.6 Kg. Exide gives a 1-year comprehensive warranty. It costs Rs 6,700.

Exide 1050VA
Exide 1050VA
Efficiency80% Or 672W
FeaturesPure Sine Wave Output;
3-Stage Auto Sense Intelligent Control Charging;
Charging Modes(Fast/Normal);
Dual Display;
Safety Indicator;
Electrolyte Level Sensor Indicator;
Bypass Switch
best inverter battery in India 2022


  1. It has all features, including a bypass switch, & low noise levels as compared to others.


  1. The warranty is less. Exide gives one, whereas other brands give 2-3 years warranty.


















Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.

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