Best Home Theater under 10000 in India 2022

best home theater under 10000 in india 2022

We can’t keep calm as Obage has recently launched its latest home theatre systems in the market. The newly launched Obage systems- Obage HT-244 and Obage DT-31 have completely different audio signatures. Thus selecting the right audio signature is essential as wrong audio signatures lead to dissatisfaction. Folks this isn’t a comparison article. Rather it is a Trueview that discusses the differences in the audio signatures of HT-244 and DT-31 systems.

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Best Home Theater under 10000 in India 2022


  • First, we burnt the burn-in period of these systems for around 8-10 hours.
  • Then we tested them in different rooms with different acoustics.
  • After that, we record them with 4 mics.
  • Then we clubbed the audios, merged them, and then uploaded them.


1. Obage DT-31- Best Home Theater under 10000 in India 2022

This is an amazing and sleek twin tower look with solid built quality. The 100W output is different and unique. According to Obage it can cover a 200 sq ft room but we think that it can cover more.

It has 4 full-range drivers of 3-inch. The vocals are clear which is extremely beautiful. That is why this system appears loud even when it is not. In power distribution- lower bass is strong, upper bass will be both felt and heard and vocals (mid-range) are increased and thus they are clearly audible in movies and songs. The vocals in the audio tests were clear and melodious due to this reason.

2. Obage HT-244- Best Home Theater under 10000 in India 2022

It has the same looks but with 4 speakers. The drivers and woofer are the same but the magical audio experience due to the extra channels is amazing. HT-144 was a 100W system and it is a 130W system. The 30W output is increased by adding two extra channels which affect its audio signature. This change has caused a huge impact on the overall quality of the sound.

 Earlier, people were absolutely crazy about HT 144 but now we think they will become a fan of HT 244 as its bass and the bass of its vocals is amazing. The bass in vocals is magical as it enhances the audio quality.

Its sound stage is big enough to create a virtual surround sound effect. It is virtual as they aren’t the surrounding channels. These Front channels must be placed in front in order to create a virtual surrounding environment. The audio can be felt coming from all directions. The surround effect will increase by increasing the distance between the speakers.

Obage DT-31
Obage DT-31 – best home theater under 5000
Obage HT-244
Obage HT-244


A home theatre system is not merely bought to listen to music, rather is also used for movies as well. Hence, we also connected these audio systems with TV to find out the best one amongst both.

Obage DT-31’s experience was amazing. There was no shortage of bass. The vocal clarity was just amazing. Thereby, connecting it with TV to watch movies won’t be disappointing at all. Vocals are increased to give clear dialogues at both low and high volumes.

Sometimes during the fighting scenes, the dialogues get missed due to high bass. But this system had no such issues which makes it a wonderful system in a budget for both movies as well as music.

Even you can create this magical system. All you need to do is increase the distance between speakers, which will enhance the audio experience. This is due to its good sound stage which is its biggest strength. HT-244 has exceptional clarity in movie scenes with no issues in vocals despite good bass.


If Obage DT-31 and Obage HT-244 are completely different systems so which one is the best for you? DT-31 costs Rs 6,000 and HT-244 costs Rs 8,500. DT-31 is perfect for up to 200 sq ft rooms, for music lovers, for people who don’t listen to loud music, and for people who want more clarity and more bass. The combination of bass and vocals is so good that the bass is both felt and heard.

And with the magical experience of vocals, the songs become more enjoyable. With good bass and vocals, the songs are more delightful. The same goes for movies. DT-31 gives amazing dialogue clarity and that’s why it is a winner in this price category.

Soundbars of the same range lack the clarity of their vocals and mids. People have always suffered due to this issue. But in DT-31 there are no such issues. Obage is a clear winner here. This system is amazing for people who want a good system in Rs 4000-Rs 5000.

obage home theater
Obage HT-244
 Obage DT-31Obage HT- 244
Specs 4 x 3 Inch Full Range Speakers (Each 10W);
2 X 5.25 Inch Subwoofers (Each 60W);
Frequency Response 50Hz – 15kHz
4 x 4 Inch Speakers (Each 15W);
4 x 2.5 Inch Tweeters;
1 x 6.5 Inch Subwoofer (70W);
Frequency Response 40Hz-170kHz
Weight15.8 Kg19 Kg
Connectivity OptionsOptical Port,
FM Radio,
Bluetooth 5.0
Optical Port,
FM Radio,
Bluetooth 5.0
Price₹ 6,000₹ 8,500
home theater speakers price

Obage DT-244 however, comes with a couple of cons. The bass gets 10% distorted above 28 volume. It is acceptable as on lower volumes say 3-4, its bass is fantastic. The bass in vocals and its high notes are amazing.

The 4 tweeters improve the bass, mids, and highs which eventually gives a balanced audio signature. This is the best part of this audio system. It is suitable for all genres as it has balanced audio. The distorted audio on high volumes is its only con. Distortion is inevitable with the bass in vocals. This is the best system for non-loud listeners at Rs 8,500.


“These systems were sent to us by Obage but that doesn’t mean we have favored their products. We have, we do and we will always favor our audience. We have told you about the real capabilities of these home theatre systems. Do listen to the audio tests by downloading them from the link given below.”


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