Best Home Theater List on Amazon Freedom Sale 2022

best home theater - amazon freeedom sale 2022

Imagine watching a movie with the boom-boom sound and clear dialogues. Woah! that is so amazing. Isn’t it like a dream come true? Exactly, this is what the best home theater offers its audience. Best Home theatres rock your world with their bombastic music and amazing clarity. But is this the only reason to buy a home theatre system? Different people have different expectations from a home theatre system.

And with the Amazon Freedom Sale 2022, they now also have the freedom to buy the best home theater system at huge discounts. Given below is the list of best home theatre systems that you can buy in the Amazon Freedom Sale 2022.

VM-One Recommended List

Best Home theatre Deals Under 10000 on this Amazon Freedom Sale 2022

1. Obage ST-777- Best Home Theater

Obage ST-777 is one of the best home theatre systems in Amazon Freedom sale 2022. It is made up of 12mm (half-inch) wood. It is fantastic for an 8-inch subwoofer of 70W. The revolutionary thing is it’s 6.5 inches mid-provided to deliver music. It has 20W power, and a 2.5-inch tweeter with 10W power. The total output is 100W from a single tower speaker.

best budget home theater system-obage st-777
Obage ST-777
Mid Speaker6.5 inches to deliver mids with an amplifier
Subwoofer8 inch with its own amplifier
Tweeters2.5 inch and has its own amplifier
Price₹ 7,300
Best Home Theater

The one word that can be used to describe the audio quality of Obage ST-777, one of the best home theatre systems in Amazon Freedom Day Sale 2022 is ‘versatile’. All controls have been given to you. Its bass is too high and it is felt exactly at heart from the ground up (good for bass lovers). The best part is the 6.5-inch mid speaker. Mids can be adjusted and this is unbelievable.

For jazz, you can adjust the settings like- more mids, low bass & controlled treble. For hard rock, it can again be adjusted to low mids, high bass & low treble. Bass & treble control is normal but the unique part is the control of mids (the best thing). Songs can be played via AUX, USB, SD card, optical port, and Bluetooth.

Pros & Cons – Best Home Theater

best ac in india 2022 Pros

  • Good dialogue clarity is only possible if mids can be on full, and if bass and treble can be reduced. This is what we need when we connect it with TV and this is what makes it one of the best systems for TV. The main USP of ST-777 is the separate control of all drivers which enables you to tune it as per the genre.
  • This same system can play classical, old music for peaceful times. A plastic party system can’t do it but this system can. The second Pro is tri amplification to control bass, speaker, and treble. Power delivery is amazing & you can make your own sound signature. Songs of all genres can be enjoyed in it.
  • We guarantee that VM-One tuned ST-777 will stand to your expectations. Another pro is its karaoke. A wired mic can be used to control volume & echo. It doesn’t seem loud as its distribution of frequency proportion is amazing. It won’t prick your ears. Equal distribution of frequency proportion is good to enjoy it at both low & high volumes.

thumbs down Cons

  • The remote is of average quality and average looks.
  • You will see an HT-144 sticker in the air vent which means the power supply is HT-144. Obage HT-144 is the best model and the use of its power supply is good but it doesn’t look lovely. Some people won’t find it loud, but according to us, it is loud enough as it reached 100dB on the decibel meter.
  • It is a mono system & not stereo.
  • A stereo system requires at least a 7ft distance between towers.
  • It is a heavy system that weighs more than 14Kg.
  • It can’t be carried and this is not the right system for outdoor parties.

2. Obage HT-144– Best Home Theater

This Obage HT-144 is as sturdy and solid it appears as 12mm MDF wood has been used which is fantastic as it improves the audio quality. Talking about looks, Subwoofer and air vents are in the front along with a control panel and some connectivity options. In the speaker, channels are 1 speaker and 1 tweeter with amazing built quality. On the back are connectivity options; and bass, treble, and volume controls.

It has 1 mid-range speaker (4 inches 8 ohms), and 1 paper cone tweeter in every channel (2.5 inches 8 ohms). Their output is 20W per satellite. There is 1 subwoofer 60W of 6.5 inches and 4 ohms. The total output of the system is 100W.

 Obage claims its frequency range is between 40Hz-17KHz. Its separation is more than equal to 42dB. Its SNR is 80dB. Obage HT-144 weighs 12Kg (quite heavy) due to 12mm wood. Obage HT-144 has 1 optical port (a welcome surprise because no other Obage model has it), an AUX port, USB, SD card slot, and FM. It supports Bluetooth version 5.0.

Obage HT-144
Obage HT-144
Output100W RMS
Specs4 Inch 8Ω Mid Range 2 Speakers;
2.5 Inch 8Ω x 2 Paper Cone Tweeters;
20W per Satellite;
6.5 Inch 4Ω 60W Subwoofer;
Frequency range: 40Hz – 17kHz;
Separation ≥42dB;
SNR 80dB
Weight12 Kg
ConnectivityOptical Port;
SD Card;
Bluetooth 5.0;
Price₹ 6,500
Best Home Theater

Pros & Cons –

best ac in india 2022 Pros

  • You get gold plated (which is amazing) AUX to AUX cable, AUX to RCA cable, and RCA to RCA cable.

thumbs down Cons

  • It has the same remote control as all other Obage systems.
  • Sadly there are no batteries.
  • The built quality of the remote is average. It is not a fully functional remote control, which is a disappointment.
  • Bass and treble controls are missing.

3. Panasonic HT-21– Best Home Theater

The best Home Theater system in India under ₹7,000 are Panasonic HT21. It has a subwoofer unit (wood and plastic) and tall wall-style speakers (plastic). Tall wall speakers can be wall-mounted. On the front is an LED light but no display. On the top is a circular jog dial to +/- volume, bass, or treble. Connectivity options are on the side and back with an on/off switch.

On the box are RCA to RCA, AUX to AUX, and remote control. Overall its build is not that good but it looks fine. It lacks a display. It has 4 full-range drivers of 3 inches with 12.5W output per tower.

Best home theater system in India under 10000
Panasonic HT-21
Total Output65w
Price₹ 6,900
Best Home Theater

It has 1 subwoofer of 6.5 inches. Its SNR is 80dB. Its frequency response is 40Hz-20KHz. The separation is more than equal to 45dB and the impedance is 8 ohms. The total output is 65W. It weighs 11 kg and has AUX, RCA, USB, and Bluetooth 4.2. The sound stage is 1.8m.

Pros & Cons –

best ac in india 2022 Pros

  • Panasonic has a heavy bass audio signature.
  • It has everything that a heavy bass system must have. Heavy bass starts from 5%-6% volume. The bass doesn’t rise with the same proportion as volume which is good.
  • No compromise is done between mids and highs.
  • This system is good for music specially Punjabi and Hardrock songs. 
  • Its separation is good.
  • All the instruments will be audible separately. Keep the bass on 75% on all volumes for a fantastic performance.

thumbs down Cons

  • It distorts at maximum volume and bass. Though, distortion is less.  
  • Kawali listeners should avoid it due to its high Bhoomi sound.
  • Its remote is pathetic.
  • The equalizer button doesn’t perform any function. Equalizer’s work is to control bass and treble which can’t be done with a remote. For that, you need to click the mode button on the subwoofer and then rotate the jog dial to adjust these. It can’t be controlled via remote. Remote is to change modes, control volume, and of course, power it on/off.

4. Philips 8000B- Best Home Theater

The best Home Theater in India under RS 9,000 is Philips 8000B with 5 speaker channels made of good plastic. They don’t shake on high volume. They can be wall-mounted. The subwoofer is good with a good circular display. Tactile Control buttons are given around it. This 8-inch system is heavy which is good as it would not shake on more output.

In the box, there is RCA to RCA and a small remote control which can be lost easily. On the side are a USB and SD card reader. Rest connectivity options are on the back of the Subwoofer. Its built quality is above average.

Best home theater system in India under 10000
Philips SPA8000B
Total Output120W
SNR60 dB
Price₹ 9,500
Best Home Theater

The design is fantastic and it has 5 full-range speakers of 3 inches 4 ohms with 15W per satellite output. The 45W subwoofer is 8 inches 4 ohms. The total output is 120W. The frequency range is 20Hz to 20KHz. The separation is more than equal to 35dB. The SNR is 60dB and it weighs 9.8 Kg. It has a USB, SD card, AUX, and Bluetooth 4.1. The sound stage can’t be told. The wire length is 4.7 m each. 

Pros & Cons –

best ac in india 2022 Pros

  • You will be astonished by its bass, mid and treble. This 5.1 system, a significant mention in Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022 really outperforms.
  • Don’t expect channel separation from this budget home theatre system. Audio separation (audio of different instruments) will be clearly audible with a slightly heavy bass sound signature.
  • The sound stage is 4.7m due to the 4.7m wire length.
  • Place the surround channels just above ear level for virtual sound effects. Only systems above ₹2 Lakh have Surround sound. This system gives virtual surround sound.
  • Everything including the Heavy bass sound signature is tuned to perfection.
  • It has good mids and highs. It has good mids and highs.
  • Bass and treble can be controlled and it is really good.

thumbs down Cons

  • Earlier it was fine but now Philips has downgraded the quality of rubber below the subwoofer and speakers.
  • On shiny places, it will leave black stains.

5. F&D T60X– Best Home Theater

F&D T60X has 2 tower-style wood speakers. On the front is the piano Black finish and in rest other places, it is matte paint. It looks premium. On the front are 2 speakers and 2 tweeters. On the side is a subwoofer which is currently completely merged inside. All connectivity options are given on side of the active tower speaker. There are 2 Mic controls for Karaoke. These Mic(s) can be regulated separately. Input options can be accessed with these buttons.

The remaining connectivity options are on the back of this tower along with an input option to connect the passive tower. An LCD display on the volume of the front display and on/input options. On the back of the passive tower is the input option to connect to the active tower. Rest it is kept clean.

Best home theater system in India under 10000
F&D T60X
Total Output110W
SNR70 dB
Price₹ 14,000

There is RCA to RCA, RCA to AUX, connecting wires, and remote control in the box. This is not a fully functional remote control but its built quality is good. It comes with batteries. You also get a plastic microphone of average built quality. It is wireless and battery-operated (2AA cells). It would be best if you bought them separately.

Mike’s performance is just average. The Karaoke option in this 110W system is more than sufficient. It has 4 full-range speakers of 4 inches, 2 tweeters of 1 inch, and 2 subwoofers of 8 inches. The output of each tower is 55W which totals 110W. The SNR is 70dB. Its separation is greater than equal to 45dB. Its frequency response is from 20Hz to 20KHz (fantastic). It weighs 18.5 Kg. It has AUX, USB, optical port, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2 mics. It has a Karaoke feature with a free mic.

Pros & Cons –

best ac in india 2022 Pros

  • This system, one of the best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022 is loud with brilliant audio quality.
  • The bass is good even on lower volumes.
  • No compromise has been made in mids and highs.
  • This system is perfect for house parties. Everybody will feel on a dance floor at small house parties.
  • Its karaoke is awesome.

thumbs down Cons

  • FM’s reception is not that amazing.

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