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The fact that only women know kitchens are outdated. The taboo has now decreased to a great extent. This article will clarify all your doubts about gas cooktops, and today, we will tell you about the best gas stove in India in 2021 & 2022.

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There are many essential things to know before you buy a cooktop. These points are crucial if you want to buy a good cooktop. After that, we will tell you about the best cooktops. We request you to kindly buy from our affiliate links of products as this will help this channel without changing even a bit of the price for you. This is how we create unsponsored content with your help.

Points to keep in mind Before Purchasing Gas Stove/Gas Chulha/Cooktops:

Types of Cooktops:
Primarily there are two types of cooktops- 1. Stainless steel is the oldest kind of cooktop. These look simple. They don’t face any types of breakages. But people mostly buy the no- 2 types of cooktop, Glasstop. A toughened glass is placed on top of the cooktop. It has one issue- keeping hot utensils on the glass might break the glass. This is a major disadvantage. Otherwise, Glasstop looks premium and stylish. If you can avoid this situation, then it is a good cooktop.

The base of cooktops is mostly of steel, but the Glass cooktops it is powder-coated to give a glass look (mostly black) to make them look more stylish.

The three types of burners are-
1. Aluminium
2. Copper
3. Copper alloy.
The aluminium burner is heat efficient, and the copper burner is energy & time efficient. Prefer copper or copper alloy burners.

There is a minor difference in the cost of manual and ignition cooktops.

The number of burners:
How many burners’ cooktop is apt for you? You have to decide the no. of burners you need. For simultaneous cooking, more burners are required. But for small and slow cooking, you don’t need more burners. For a 90cm chimney, a four-burner cooktop is best. The width of the chimney must match that of the cooktop.

Drip Tray:
The most important part of a cooktop is the drip tray. Food (in any form) usually gets splashed on the drip tray. The drip tray is made of stainless steel. It is non-removable on most cooktops. But having a removable drip tray is suitable for perfect cleaning.

Cooktop Nozzle:
All cooktops are both LPG and PNG compatible. All cooktops are, by default, LPG compatible, but for PNG, a nozzle must be changed by a professional technician. We recommend you go for the technician of the brand whose cooktop you buy. Extra payment is worth it as the work will be of assurance and quality.

best gas stoves brand in india – best gas cooktop in india

COOKTOPS LIST: Top 5 Gas Stove Brands in India

1. SUNFLAME 2 BURNER COOKTOP – best gas stove in India 2021-22

Our first pick in 2 burner models is Sunflame GT pride with two brass burners (1 medium & 1 small). It comes with manual ignition, Euro-coated pan support, and 6mm toughened glass. 6mm toughened glass is prone to breakage if hot pans are kept on it, but it is not mandatory that it’ll break. We recommend it after a complete quality check. It has stainless steel drip tray. It is ISI marked. The best thing is its 360° nozzle which can be plugged into the cylinder and kept on any side of the cooktop. All you have to do is just plug in and rotate. It has two years warranty and costs ₹2550 right now. Prices are subject to change.


The first pro is its 360° nozzle, and the 2nd pro is its large size compared to other brands. This will be helpful when you keep large utensils on it.


the drip tray is non-removable. It is not a big con, but you must know.

2. BLOWHOT 3 BURNER COOKTOP – best gas stove in India 2021-22

Next is a 3-burner gas stove with good burner placement (1 small, one medium &  large). It comes with manual ignition, but let’s see if it is the best. It has a tri-pin coated burner and Indian Flame adaptability (though it doesn’t seem like that). Blowhot claim of heavy vessel support is true as its tray is good & large. It has a stainless steel frame and toughened glass top. Gas knobs have a unique design. It has two years warranty and costs ₹5500.


Its Indian flame looks Italian (good). It looks beautiful with a good knobs design. The distance between the burners is appropriate.


it has a brass-coated iron burner (not proper brass). This is not really a big disadvantage. Though, you must know. It is slightly expensive at ₹5500. It would have been worth ₹4500-₹5000. Its price never changes.

3. ELICA 3 BURNER COOKTOP – best gas stove in india 2021-22 | 3-burner gas stove

The next model we recommend is Elica Vetro with three burners. It has one small and two medium burners with manual ignition. There is a 6mm toughened glass top. Elica’s claim of a rust resistance base is true as it is made of good material. The drip tray is of stainless steel. All three burners are of tri-pin burner design. It has two years warranty and costs ₹3500 right now. Pros- it is a fantastic cooktop & it is hard to find faults in Elica cooktops.


the quality and distance between burners are appropriate.


its drip tray is non-removable. This is common in all cooktops.

4. PRESTIGE IRIS 3 BURNER COOKTOP – best gas stove in India 2021-22 | 3-burner gas stove

This is of our best picks in 3 burners. Our next pick for the best gas stove is the Prestige Iris 3-burner gas stove. It has two medium and one small Indian burner with manual ignition. The best thing is its spill-proof design with a black toughened glass top. Its tri-pin brass burner is good. Its body is powder-coated. It is an ISI-marked Indian flame cooktop. Prestige gives two years warranty. It costs ₹3400. How did Prestige give such a good price?


the quality of all three burners is good. The distance is apt to keep utensils comfortable.


the cooktop’s size is small. The corner burners are on extreme corners. The overall size of the cooktop is small. 

5. GLEN 4 BURNER COOKTOP – best gas stove in india 2021-22

One of the best recommendations in the four burners category is Glen 4 burner cooktop. It has four burners- 2 large & 2 small (manual ignition). These four brass burners are placed upon a 6mm toughened glass top. It has a steel drip tray and powder-coated rust-resistant body (good). The pan support is sturdy. It has a 360° revolving nozzle. It is ISI marked. Right now it costs ₹5200.  Glen gives two years warranty.


the 360° revolving nozzle is amazing. The space between burners is good.


the overall size is slightly small. It has two large & 2 small but no medium burner.

6. PREETHI 4 BURNER COOKTOP – best gas stove in india 2021-22

The Preeti 4 Indian burner (1 small, two medium & 1 large) cooktop comes with Manual Ignition. It is the best as it has an 8mm thick thermally toughened glass top and a 100% brass burner. It has a lighter holder along with extendable legs. The gas knobs have a night glow feature (something is better than nothing). The best feature is Ant Guard Jet. The Ant guard net will protect the cooktop from Ants. It is Preeti’s patent-pending technology. They have filed the patent but are still waiting for approval. This is fantastic technology.

Preeti gives five years warranty on glass & burners, two years comprehensive warranty, and lifetime free service. This is the best warranty package.


the 8mm glass top is amazing. No brand offers more than a 6mm glass top. It has a removable drip tray (which can be removed and washed), which no other brand offers. The Ant Guard Jet is a fantastic technology.


it is slightly heavily priced at ₹7800. This is the best cooktop if it fits your budget and needs (2 small, one medium, and one large burner).



















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